Hey, so I have decided I am going to give a better idea on what I’m likely to be putting on here and when, rather than spontaneously uploading random content with no particular timing routine or structure.

Therefore I have decided that every other Monday I shall upload a post to do with mental and emotional health. I think that we all have our own experiences with mental health, whether living with a diagnosed condition or not. I feel like a lot of us still feel isolated, despite there being so many of us going through similar experiences. However we are still feeling the need to suppress our feelings.

Furthermore I believe around my sort of age, we tend to feel most vulnerable so it is important we share our feelings more frequently, to hopefully help everybody.

So the other thing I wanted to do was to do a “rant of the week”; on alternate Mondays to when I post about mental health. This is basically because I enjoy a good moan, and I feel there are plenty of topics to choose from.

So I will also upload other varying content including and life updates or topics (personal), or travel experiences. Hopefully I will be going to Wales after GCSE’s and I’m also doing NCS. I hope to blog about them both…

Wish me luck.
Anybody reading this, take care

Victoria x

Introduction Post

Right so hi.

I’ve decided to do this short post just to introduce my self to anybody who could possibly be reading this just so you know a little more about myself and the “purpose?” of this blog?

Also to motivate me to actually post on this now considering that by the time I’ve finished writing this I shall have a post on here.

So lets (finally) get to the point. So I 16 years old, living in the UK and I am currently taking my GCSE’s (deep sigh). As well as writing I am into music and play two instruments (at a rather low ability) as well as sing. In fact I even attempt to write some of my own stuff which I will occasionally upload onto my youtube channel (“Vicky Rose”; check me out!). Furthermore I am into Kate Nash, Marina and smaller bands like Colour me Wednesday. There are other groups and artists I listen to as well. I love going to concerts and wish that I was able to go more often.

So I suppose the main reason I am starting this blog is because I’m considering going into Journalism as a career path. Like I’m not certain but it sounds interesting and there is lots of variety with what you can do. Therefore this blog will basically enable me to practise producing content which makes sense.

Here I will probably post a variety of content; from opinionated rants, strange stories and possibly music reviews. As well if I have been anywhere nice I shall write up about that too.

Now realistically i’m not expecting this blog to become big or anything, but if I somehow manage to get a few people to read this then it would be nice to get a few comments going, and possibly discussions about something if I have written about an issue.

So I already have a fan account on Instagram and I am thinking about getting a photography account. For the time being I think I will stick to opinion polls for what I write about. My aim will be to post about every week or so.

So thankyou for reading! Don’t want to bore you too much so that shall be it for now.

Victoria 🙂

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