Sir Kier Starmer to win landslide victory as new Labour leader

Admist everything else which is going on, last Saturday, Sir Kier Starmer was elected as new Labour leader, with a landslide majority. He won a landslide majority of 56.2% of the votes after the first round, whilst Angela Rayner won deputy leadership. This included party members, “registered supporters” and members of trade unions and socialist societies affiliated to Labour. This means members of these trade unions could vote for a leader without being personally associated to the party in any way. Starmer also received the backing of a number of unions including the UK’s biggest; Unison, as well as the “Usdar Shop Woman’s union” and “Sera”- a union campaigning for environmental protection to name a few. He was also the first candidate to receive the support of two major trade unions, making him the first candidate to be part of the final race.

Keir Starmer won the party handsomely. Now he must start ...
Photo from the Guardian showing Kier Starmer’s leadership victory

So it is clear that many Labour stakeholders support him, and see him as being the right person for the job, however what are the reasons for this? What will he bring to his party, his supporters and the country? And what are his core beliefs?

So prior to the leadership campaign we had seen Jeremy Corbyn resign after two general election defeats, the latter seeing Labour lose 59 seats leaving them with just 203 seats in Parliament , making it their worst defeat since the 1930s. This left the labour party and support feeling resentful towards the leader, Jeremy Corbyn, leaving him with no choice but to resign…

This was partly as a result of a very ambitious and far left manifesto to what a large amount of the electorate would have deemed too “unrealistic” and “extreme”. As well Corbyn’s view on Brexit was less certain compared with the Prime Minister Boris Johnson thus the polls suggested most voters wanted a clear pathway. Furthermore there were some concerns about apparent anti-Semitism within the party, as well as past links Corbyn may have had with “extreme groups”. This led to the electorate seeing the Conservative party as the more palatable option.

Image result for jeremy corbyn manifesto 2019
Jeremy Corbyn pictured at the launch of Labour’s 2019 manifesto

As well as all this leaving many voters confuzzled, Corbyn’s leadership hadn’t healed the split within the party. History tells us that prior to Corbyn’s rather surprising leadership victory in 2015, his role within the party was considerably different, as a rather distinctive backbench rebel. Since 1997, according to an article from the Mail written in 2015, Corbyn had rebelled more than 500 times against his own party, being more times than which Cameron has voted against Labour. Therefore his leadership would have been controversial within the party, causing Labour to be an ever more divided party thus a weaker institution to hold the government to account.

See the source image
Jeremy Corbyn pictured in the 1980’s as a backbench rebel MP

So how does Kier differ? Well it is certainly clear that he is ambitious to re-unite his party. Being seen as much more of a “moderate” : he stated that he wanted the Labour MP’s who were as outsiders under Corbyn’s leadership to be re-united within the party, but without alienating the far left within the party. Meanwhile, after his victory, during the Andrew Marr show that his front bench will be “balanced”, representing various views held within the party and the electorate. Meanwhile when asked if he would include some “Blairites” within the shadow cabinet, he stated he wants to remove any labelling within the party. Now he has already begun to reshuffle the shadow cabinet, with the only Jon Ashwood remaining so far as shadow health secretary. Meanwhile Emily Thornberry who also contended for the leadership before dropping out is also expected to stay within there, with a different role. So where next?

Image result for john mcdonnell labour mp
John McDonnell, Labour MP speaking at the 2017 Labour conference,, now having lost his front place in the shadow cabinet

Starmer also said he will not be leading his party to “look back” or “badger people by the past”, but instead said that “We’re going forward to the future, focusing on how we win the 2024 general election”. So with the clear aim of uniting the party, as well as possibly edging the party away from the far left, it leaves his supporters and many Labour supporters hopeful that this movement will give the Labour party a greater chance of winning the next general election. But how likely will this be? Starma may well need to aspire to how Tony Blair, Harold Wilson, Clement Atlee and Ramsey McDonald managed to win one or more general elections for the party- being the only four Labour leaders who have done so! Whilst the most recent, Tony Blair, was known for his more centerist views, undermining some of the core traditions, views and values within the party. Thus able to appeal to a more diverse and inclusive electorate, tired of the prolonged period of Conservative dominance, under Thatcher, then Later John Major. Whilst many traditional supporters we hostile to him and his policies, seeing him as more of a Tory than a true Labour man! So what does Stama have up his sleeve that will swing so many of the electorate?

Image result for tony Blair spitting image
Tony Blair,, off spitting image- 1980/90s political cartoon and comedy TV show

So his hope for party unity is a start. At least voters should have a clear image of who they are voting for, while hopefully, while united, Labour will act as a louder voice of appeal. However where does he stand on this “political spectrum” and how might this strengthen his appeal? The official UK parliament website shows that he is dedicated to voting with his party in the majority of cases. Whilst “we work for you”, another website showcasing voting history, shows that he has supported greater public ownership of transport, supports greater protection of the environment and has voted for stricter controls on tax avoidance. Meanwhile despite coming from London working as a barrister prior to becoming an MP, he was brought up in a working class home, attending grammar school and being the first member of his household to go to university.

See the source image
Kier Starmer as a barrister, before he became an MP

However his ambition to bring all factions of the party together is a concern with some, especially some of the more “hard-line” associates with the party. The fact that he has already removed a number of the hard-liners from the front bench and that he previously accused the leadership of “turning on whistle-blowers within the party” and that the “formal officials should receive an apology and financial settlement”. Therefore although Starma holds traditionally left wing views, some Labour supporters can’t help being concerned about how well the far left side of Labour will be represented in this new “era” for the party”

But other supporters, and voters are relieved at his leadership, believing that in time he will mend some of the ruptures within the party and reunite it as a forceful opposition once again. He had already pledged to toughen party rules on antisemitism, also firmly stating in a speech pre recorded before his confirmation as party leader that he will “tear out the poison (antisemitism) by the roots”. Furthermore saying he has “seen the grief it has brought to many Jewish communities”. This way, hopefully in time we may see the Jewish communities upset by the eledged anti-Semitism, restoring their faith once again within the party”.

Image result for jewish labour supporters
Photograph of members of the “Jewish labour movement”, a group who recently dropped out of supporting Labour

So what are his visions for the future? He has already announced on Andrew Marr how in opposition he will be willing to support the government when necessary, such as in times like this, whilst also “asking those difficult questions” including “a grilling on key (current) issues like testing and protective equipment for NHS staff”. Whilst writing in the Sunday times, Sir Kier said that “there will be many times when I will fundamentally disagree with the Prime Minister however there will also be times when Labour can- and must- engage constructively with the government.” Also adding that now is one of the times when they must engage while expressing that Johnson had made “serious mistakes” with regards to testing patients and fundamental NHS equipment. Meanwhile Starmer stated he is against “political point scoring.” This possibly leaves many of hopeful that he will provide a strong and effective opposition, able to increase the effectiveness of the government.

Image result for boris johonson 2020
Boris Johnson, last seen Thursday night applauding NHS workers, before unfortunately being admitted to hospital last night due to experiencing continued Coronavirus symptoms

In addition he holds the view that after this pandemic, it is “inevitable that richer people and corporations” will be needing to be taxed more to begin the gradual process of economic recovery. He also stated it would be “unthinkable” to use rigid austerity in hope to settle the economy, like Cameron’s government did after the financial crisis seeing the state having to bail out the banks. He also revealed that the rich and powerful need to be charged more, and we will have to rethink the way our economy is run. This evokes hope that we might see a world one day where things are genuinely run in a better more fair way, if we and more importantly “the rich” are able to rethink the way our country and economy can work.

We also do not know how many more events we will experience as an electorate which will alter perspectives of parties as well as our own on fundamental issues regarding welfare, the economy and of course who should be taxed by how much. And it is also very uncertain how the public will have responded to Boris Johonson’s handling of the Coronavirus pandemic. Whether generally we will perceive his handling of it as being very weak and irresponsible, or whether we will generally be more sympathetic towards him and brush off his faults. Whilst it is likely to take a long time for the Labour party to become fixed, and to exhale in a general election. Nevertheless with a new leader of the opposition, with strong desires to unite the party; it can at least be hoped that the opposition will become a stronger force in holding the government to account, therefore hopefully reducing the extent off some of the defects within our current government, in the near future.

And a round of applause for all of our top workers (before time)

So last Thursday, amidst the corona virus pandemic, we saw individuals, communities and the Nation come together to honour and congratulate the sheer dedication, immense hard work and the continuous gratitude of all of our NHS workers. All of course from their own homes…

It would have been impossible not to hear anything as households from London to Glasgow and from Bournemouth to Blackpool gathered outside their front doors, on top of their balconies or behind their flat window to clap, cheer or even drum: showing appreciation to all our wonderful NHS workers.

Blackpool tower features a heart, to give thanks

In addition it was not just “the people” showing their support. Blue lights shone upon key monuments across our country, from Wembley Stadium, Belfast’s City hall and even the Kelpies- a metal horse in Falkirk. And if that isn’t enough, even Boris Johnson and the Chancellor of the exchequer stood outside Downing street, of course a good two metres apart, giving their round of applause. However how did this all come apart, and since when did the young and the old and the rich and poor gain so much respect for our wonderful workers?

So it began as “#lightupblue”: a campaign to pay tribute to the NHS staff via exactly what it says on the tin, lighting up initially landmarks of entertainment, while organised by members of the entertainment and events industry. However this campaign spread pretty fast, as organisers used the internet as the platform to promote this cause, thus attracting many people at home to share and spread the message. Therefore it got around the country pretty fast. Meanwhile by Thursday, even the Royal Family Re-tweeted their support for the campaign, now known as #clapforcarers: saying that they were “enormously thankful” for the NHS workers. Prior to this event, we had also seen countries also on lockdown including Spain and Italy, paying similar tributes to their own healthcare staff. This way, we are not the first, nevertheless the huge success of this campaign shows the extent of the Nation’s support for the critical workers: especially during a time of crisis where we face no choice but to spend the time at home, with our households and sided with our neighbours.

However beforehand, when we were glued within the chaos of our increasingly busy day to day lives, we were in the habit of forgetting about how valuable our workers really are. The middle class in general are in the habit of often rolling their eyes at nurses, midwifes and carers. Meanwhile the pay doesn’t equal a 5th of what some of our so called top workers get, like top rate bankers and solicitors. Yet during a time like this, who is it who is needed at first hand to help save lives! And to keep everyone else afloat. …

It has only been a few days where we have been hearing the news referring to these people as our “key workers”, and although at all times these people are crucial to us all, it is only when we are trapped in our homes admits this frightening pandemic, that we as a society realise how critical these workers are. As it feels that finally we are beginning to see these people as commendable, deserving and essential members of society, who are the force to keeping the boat afloat.

Nevertheless it will be leaving one to question whether we will continue to recognise their just deserts and thus whether the state will begin to reward them accordingly. Once we have dispersed back into our busy lives, it may mean we may be likely to forget about all of our true key workers. Furthermore, will our government really be willing to increase expenditure at a genuine thanks.

It has been proven that many of our NHS workers are willing to work on their own merit, rather than in seeking any rewards. This can be seen as over half a million people have signed up, putting themselves out as front line staff to help with the staffing shortages. These range from students, who weren’t even yet fully qualified, to retired workers. Proving to us, the genuine dedication and community spirit of all: past, present and future front line staff. However due to their willing nature to work regardless of pay, it means that there is less pressure on the government to increase their wages. Though an alternative viewpoint could be that their pay does need to be increased, to attract more people to train as workers, to help resolve the staffing shortage. Though as desirable as a huge pay rise would be, at least as a gesture, no amount of money can match their values to society.

Regardless of your views on how larger pay rise NHS staff and other key workers should receive, following this pandemic, where high austerity is likely; this has so far shown to be a wakeup call to all of us. Making us realise that it is not those hunched up in a bank or office, those owners of huge corporations or even those researching into the next space craft, who are the most valuable to society. And it would be foolish to only thank the highly paid doctors and experts on this, when in-fact a huge amount of the force is on nurses, carers and any other key workers working flat out, day to day, to help us!

Corona virus- and self-employment

Edit- Hi,, so it looks like another corona virus thing has been added onto here. Haha. This is actually part of a post for Doorstep-News, however I am publishing it as I don’t actually know how to send a link otherwise. Looking good :/

So it is pretty awkward at the moment. It goes without saying that no one knows what is going to happen, or how it will effect them. But I guess at least workers on an employment contract who currently are not working, will receive 80% of their usual salaries by the government, whilst the country is on sort of lockdown… Whilst the wonderful key workers, including nurses, social workerss and those working in supermarkets, or anyone contributing to the food production line are still carrying on. Whilst many doing immense amounts of overtime.

But if you are self employed it is a bit of a grey area. My Dad, being a self employed accountant, is still going to work at the moment. And not working at home partly due to the isolated environment in his office. However I don’t see why it is not impossible for him to “work from home”, although it would involve carrying things to and from his office. Meaning really less self isolation. So maybe that would just be counterintuitive. And his businesses, like many, is very small…

Since lockdown, the only people who Boris has explicitly said are able to travel to and from work, are key workers; mentioned above, and people who work in banks :/ But there’s been no mention of people who are self employed yet, though it has been strongly advised previously anyone who is able to work from home should do so!

Meanwhile, just yesterday night, Sunak outlined the help that self employed people will receive, in due course. However the matchmade help to these people compared to those employees, may not be so simple as it sounds. To start with, in order to claim this 80%, rough annual income allowance, you cannot be a recently established business. Instead you have to have submitted at least a years worth of figures showing expenses and revenue, in order to claim for this. Also those who are self employed, but are part of a limited company: are uncertain to whether they will be able to get any help at all. There’s the possibility of grants from local authorities for small businesses, for instance, however no one really if or when this money will come. Meanwhile it is all still a bit of a grey area within the gig economy, as demand for takeaways fall drastically. Moreover anyone who is self employed, who is entitled to the standard allowance, will not be receiving any financial support for three months: likely to leave many small business owners out of pocket…

For the many who are self employed, remembering that this includes those in the gig economy, these current stingy allowances, are going to have a catastrophic effect on many self employed workers, and on the country. According to the ONS, self employed people make up 15% of our workforce. Therefore only time will tell whether lots of these small companies will survive, and whether the government will need to step in further, to help those whos jobs may be lost forever, and those in the dodgy old “gig economy”.

So for the time being, it looks like although work is slowed, there is still work for my Dad to be able to do (payment is another subject entirely), but we don’t know for much longer..

How to not be a dickhead during the Corona virus?


Okay, so if a virus that is potentially going to cause so much damage before enough is found out about it, and before a vaccine is formed is not bad enough- the way that people are reacting to it just makes things that bit worse, doesn’t it?

So first I want to say the easiest ways in which to act in a good manner, in order to mitigate this situation worsening for some people. Everyone really.

1. DONT buy more toilet paper, food or cleaning products that what you need.

So it’s now a well known fact that there have been certain people, buying enough toilet paper to fill up the loos in pizza express for a week. Yet they’re only buying it for themselves, and their average sized family. And it is so not necessary!

But more importantly, it is such a selfish act. When there is huge demand for a product, it often means the price is likely to rise, meaning only more well off people can afford it. Whilst there’s no actual tension on the supply of it currently, meaning that if no one was actually buying more of it than usual, there would be sufficient supplies of it for everyone- as usual. Whoo, A level economics. Or just common snse.

Meanwhile if you do find yourself in the situation where you have run out, and you are unable to get any then there are plenty of alternatives available. Take an old, or ccurrent newspaper such as the Sun or the Mail. Or failing that, an old football shirt with Chelsea on it or something.

2. Stop constantly complaining.

So the whole world is going through it. Everyone is facing huge inconveniences one way or another. And especially if you are on lockdown, one thing that is worse than dealing with your own troubles, is listening to some grump complaining CONSTANTLY. Of course, its fine to complain from time to time. It is of course extremely worrying, and inconvenient. However whilst many of us are trying to be more positive, we don’t want that ruined.

And put things into perspective. What’s worse, you not being able to go to some party, or go to the park for say a month or even a few moths, or having thousands of people die? Yeah exactly. And think on the bright side. This is hellish. However there have also been record low levels of pollution in china, Dolphins have been spotted in the canals in Venice whilst some penguin has been filmed wandering around some sea-life place gazing in at the fish, since it was shut to the public

3. Try to help people the best you can.

So youmight well be thinking, how on earth am I able to help people, when I am stuck indoors myself. well here n few ways.You can simply check on people: close family, older relatives or friends to ask how they are getting on. And if somebody is by themselves, then its especially a good idea to ring up and ask after them. A shortish conversation can genuinely really brighten up someone’ day.

Whilst with anybody; friends or relatives, it is so important to let them know that someone is there for them. As they may be having fears that you may not guess. Meanwhile check up on those who are introverted as well, as although you think they may require less social interaction to stay sane, which is true we still need to be able to know there is someone out there who cares.

As people can be having a hell of a time with family during “lockdown” and in a time like this we all need each others support to remain positive.

Also lots of areas in the UK have ways in which you can help your wider community. These range from filling required jobs like in a care home, to just ringing up more vulnerable people. The amount of commitment to this therefore hugely varies, however one tiny little thing can go a very long way.

4. Remember it’s not just “old people” who can become very ill

For God’s sake. People have invisible disibilities. They are a thing. People from any age can struggle with something like astma, heart conditions or anything making them more vulnerable. Therefore It’s important not to be like “oh well, we will be fine because we are young” or whatever, because for all you know, who you are interacting with (hopefully online) may have some condition making them more vulnerable. Also many people sstruggle with mental health conditions, making this pandemic even more terrifying and overwhelming. So just be apprecriative.

Meanwhile people may well be living with people who are assholes, or just bloody awkward. It can be extremely unpleasant for people in these situations, so just be coinsiderate. As although these people won’t be affected in exactly the same way, it can still be tough!

5. Actually listen to advice

So it is not that hard! Like to stay 2 metres apart from someone else, and not sit in huge groups or meet friends. At the end of the day, health professionals are giving us this advise in our own interest. And even if you think that you are not at risk from becoming very ill, remember you can still be a carrier. And the more people carrying this disease, the more people then who are at greater risk.

Ok… So this is no where near as concise as what I had written before to be honest, but things are moving so quickly. I just want to post this and move on. So yeah.. Just try and be positive, and be considerate.

Stay safe

Lil Update

Hiya, so here I am. Having not written anything for what seems like donkeys years whilst I was planning on writing about something a bit more light hearted compared to what I have written before . However considering how all of us are in a terrifying period of uncertainty – and without saying the word- you don’t even know whether they’ll be any stocks of loo roll, or beer apart from one……..

Bad joke! But anyways, I will very soon post something to do with that. As like everyone is taking about it and it is inevitably so so significant to everybody.

However I have got some other ideas for what content to upload on here. And it won’t all be on dead serious political issues, or moans about school or endless pages of waffle. (Well I will try my best with the latter).

However I just believe it is so important to keep a light on, if you like, during these unstable, and dark times for many of us. Therefore I want to make a conscious effort to post much more frequently, about totally different and varying issues. Because not only do I have much more time on my hands so that I am actually able to upload more often, I also believe it is so important for all of us to remember what else this life has in for us, and what good this planet does offer us….

So I have some ideas anyways. To anyone reading this- stay safe and well. And try to stay calm, think of the positive and help others through this time the best you can.


You know, I am so so bored of posting super serious content. From my view on the general election to that self care thing which was basically a car crash. Jokes. I love posting that sort of stuff.

But I still cannot wait for it to get a little warmer, so I can begin actually going to places again and seeing and doing stuff. Okay, probably not festivals as no one likes me and I don’t have the money anyway. But like some scenic hike, or some beach or some place that I haven’t visited before. Yeah that would be nice. A nice account of my travels.

But for the time being, you lot are stuck with more boring stuff. Like politics, my boring life and how to untie your shoes. Ok, maybe not that. But you get the general guist?

So with only one day left in January, what have I actually achieved. Not much to be honest. Ok, so I have kept up with school work more or less, learned a new piece on guitar which I play pretty badly and set up an instergram account to aid this blog. And how many followers do I have? 57. Wow, what an incredible achievement. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to post more often at more sensible times, and engage a bit more with people. Then more people would see the link to this. But oh well.

I suppose you can only do so much, and really what you achieve doesn’t matter., Its about how happy you are, and how happy you make other people. But looking at it from a self care perspective I haven’t really done that great. I can’t even say that I have had a good sleep or anything, as I have either been taking an hour to sleep (or maybe less, but it feels like an hour: ought to time it really), or I have been waking up at 5 o clock in the bloody morning. UGH. However in some ways so far it hasn’t been too bad. I have managed to stress less. Or at least try. I have come to accept that I am worth just as much as anyone else, regardless of what grades I am getting, or how many friends I have. And you all should believe the same. I am calming my ass down when it comes to grades. Ok, so I still want to get certain grades to enable to do my course of choice at uni. Nevertheless some universities have very high requirements, whilst others aren’t as high. So i no longer aim too go to one with the top standards. I don’t ned to be putting that amount of stress on myself (inserts calm face).

But what I am hating about myself is that I am so bloody introverted. It iss a problem at times. I wont go into it, but its like part of me enjoys being alone naaturally. But I also like being around people from time to time, and i dont know if its my nature of being an introvert preventing me from doing so, or whether it is more of an anxiety. Fat fucking thumbs up…

One more exciting news, that probably won’t come to anything,I am running as a candidate as a member of youth parliament and I’ve chosen to campaign on mental health, protecting the environment and more funding for youth services. Now whether I get in or not, I feel that it will be an engaging and cool experience. I will do a post soon setting out my goals on whether I were to get elected.

Argh, so much to do and so little time and even less time actually doing what I should be rather than procrastinating. Not great.

Anyway this was a pretty spontaneous self reflection post, aswhen I began writing I was aiming to do this about a different topic. I will still aim to do that. But I realised I had more to say than I’d initially thought, so there you go!

Victoria x

Experimenting with different types of self care for a week

So up until recently, I had a bit of a negative attitude surrounding self care; not so much surrounding the whole concept of it but surrounding the thought of myself actually attempting to take part. And as the time progressed, I would just associate it more and more with gals taking long hot baths, with about £25 worth of products just inside the water, surrounded by scented candles. And I would think to myself, who on earth has time for all of this? And what does it really achieve. Okay, so it is fun to have a bath and that, but what is it going to achieve long term, or even any other time spent outside of the bath. Nevertheless, as I gradually became more educated on self care, mainly thanks to uplifting mental health posts on Instagram, popping up on my recommended, I began to realise that self care is a lot more than just taking some prolonged soak. In fact the little things which you may not subconsciously do, or not do, make up just as large chunk of self care, than the rest of it. Really little acts, which can make a huge difference, such as saying no to something if it is likely to drain you, allowing yourself time to relax, or even removing negative people from your lives and trying to replace negative thoughts with more positive ones. And I personally think that self care, is a lot about knowing your limits, and not abusing them and therefore yourself. Knowing and acting upon when you know that you need a break, preventing drainage, and giving yourself a break when you need it.
Although I do think that it stimulates different people in different ways, and some may find one thing effective, and another totally useless and vice

And before I carry on; IT IS NOT SELFISH. In fact, as well as meaning that you will in theory feel less tired, more positive and more in touch with your own emotions, it should enable you to be in the correct mindset to have a more positive effect on other people.

Although I do think it effects different people in different ways,, and one method of self care for one person may be very effective, and another for the same person may be completely useless and vice versa. Being no expert, reading up a little about self care myself made me surprised to see not only the infinite options of it out there, but also that it had been split into different types. Some suiting one type of person more than another, however I’m sure that a lot of people hugely benefit from a combination of these. I discovered that most people break it into six different categories, in which I am going to try out one mechanism for each day. However on the Suday (tomorrow eek), I am going attempt to do one that may effect possibly 5 out of six of these, being tidying my room…

Sunday: So today was mmy first day of “self care”, and I stuck to what I said I would, which was tidying/sorting my room out. Although a couple of unsurprising things about this experience surprised me. The first being the amount of time it seems to take. So I expected to be cleaning/tidying for an hour maximum, to make my room adequately tidy again. But once I began sorting through things, I realised that there was much more to “sort through” than I had initially thought. So I started out with the floor, and it was absolutely atrocious. Not like I got round to hoovering or anything, but the amount of stuff that had accumulated on the floor was just terrible.

After the pain of thinking I’d get stuck underneath my bed, finding out of date chocolate (very sad), not to mention my back hurting, it seemed like the right time to sort through a box, which I had first packed when I first moved in, nearly two years ago. I discovered all sorts of shit I’d either forgotten about, or thought that I’d lost forever. So I ended up chucking a load away of what I now consider to be rubbish, to make room for stuff that was previously scattered around. Then afterwards I only came to find a load of stuff that I hadn’t placed anywhere, lying on my bed and in-fact my room didn’t seem to look much better at all. Or maybe it did, as it was looking pretty aweful beforehand. But hey, least I got rid of some rubbish. Admitidally I will still have to finish it up tonight, like only spending 10 mminutes or so.

What I’m curious about though, is whether having a slightly not so messy space will make me feel more at ease when I am getting ready to sleep, and when I’m in my room generally.

They do say that a tidy room equals a tidy mind (or something like that). But I wonder how true it is.. It makes good sense to me that if you are in a tidy place, you won’t feel as stress. less clutter in the room, maybe relates to less clutter in your mind too?

So let’s see how the rest of this week goes. With less of a messy room, and the first week every where I incorporate self care into my routine at all. Let alone every day!

Monday: So today I decided to do a creative form of self care, whereI made a little quote on a poser to go up on my bedroom wall. It involved a lot of painting, resulting in me never actually finishing what I was making, but oh well. I am still determined to dfinish it, because it has bveen ages since I have put anything new up on my bedroom, let alone anything created bymyself. Now this didn’t feel the most accomplishing, maybe because of the fact that painting isn’t exactly my forte, so what I have done of it so far doesn’t exactly look amazing . But nevertheless I did find it very relaxing, and in a way I felt like I had achieved something. It was a nice way to spend part of this evening, rather than rushing up and about doing one thing after another, or practising a hobby which just seems like work sometimes. So it was nice to take a break from what I usually do and focus on something else, and I now genuinely feel more relaxed because of it (or maybe the rum and coke also helped, but we won’t mention that one aha).

Tuesday: So I was intending to do something different for each day of the week. However when it came to it, I was so eager to finish off the painting, that that is all that I had time for. When it was finally finished, I did feel like I had accomplished something, that was of my own. And even though it looked absolutely rubbish, because I had come up with the idea, I was still pleased with it. Also I was proud of the fact I had something to show for it, unlike on a day to day basis. Where we do work, and it is just another dry piece of paper consisting of a messy ensemble of words. But more so, I found doing it was relaxing, which I suppose is one of the main purposes of self care.

For me, when it comes to creating something, I am much less likely to become distracted as I am so eager to not just finish it, but continue with it and watch the project evolve (sorry, this sounds soo clique). As well, as I don’t do it as often as I would like to, I find it a good break from something that I usually do. And I think that for everyone, it is good to be able to step outside your comfort zone from time to time.

Wednesday: Reading before bed

So for a prolonged period of time, I had done next to no reading. Probably thinking that I didn’t have the time. As I was far too busy trying to revise what a mole is, even though it is highly highly unlikely that I am never going to need this knowledge in any potential career path that I may be considering perusing. And then come summer, for some reason I didn’t have much chance then obviously as soon as I begun my A levels there would be no way that I could even dream of having the time. Yet I still found myself sitting on my bed like a lemon, after say 10ish, aimlessly scrolling through my instergram and looking at my snapchat just to admire people who I thought were 100 times prettier than myself and lived much better lives. Anyway, back on track.

So I decided that it would be cool if I could try spending 20-30 minutes reading instead. And it wasn’t bad. I found the book engaging, and still now I am reading it and hope to continue reading more books this year. Furthermore I found that it took my mind off other things, so that when I went to bed, it didn’t take me quite so long to get to sleep. Probably because my head was still stuck in a different world (well not literally) so I wasn’t so focused on my own worries. Another thing, I felt so much more tired than looking at my phone did. Probably because there isn’t this dazzling light which shines out of a book.

I don’t even know if I am making any sense now, so I am going to move on.

Thursday: Yoga; I tried it for like 5 seconds :/ Ok, well more like 5 minutes but still. Now to be brutally honest, I don’t think it did anything for me. however obviously it would be worth trying as I know it can have a very calming effect on some people. Especially if you take yourself seriously when you do it, and actually believe that it might do something.

Though at the same time, if your sad and you then try yoga, it aint gonna solve all your problems!

Friday: Writing/journaling. Ok so not this, but something different. For my birthday a friend goot me a letter writing kit, where you basically write letters to yourself, to be opened at future dates. And I had had it for about a month, but I hadn’t written a single letter. So I thought it would be a good time to actually do one. I quite enjoyed it, though it didn’t really destress me as I wasn’t venting. But its a cool, creative and very reflective thing to do. I think journaling and writing can be a great method of self care, to give yourself time to reflect on the bigger picture rather than just what is happening at the moment. Also venting on paper, for me is great.

Saturday: Going for walk

So this sounds pretty basic. But if you go to a place that you like, then I think it can genuinely feel very refreshing. I went to the beach (as usual to be honest when I go for walks) and regardless of the number of times I go there, I find visiting it nice and refreshing. I’m not sure whether it’s engaging with mature or what, but it is nice to go just to give yourself a break and look at the real world I guess. Also it can be beneficial going by yourself to clear your own thoughts, or going with somebody else like a close friend or a member of family where you end up talking about things that you wouldn’t usually talk about if you were just at home, or school or wherever.

The flattering sunset must have helped as well, considering that I was there mid afternoon time (where in the winter, yup its already getting dark). So yeah, I guess that was pretty good.

So I am going to conclude this in the most honest way that I can. So I ffound that the self care techniques definitely were effective to some extent, but admitidally I didn’t practise a technique every single day. So where I said about this lasting for a week; well it didn’t. The reason being is that after day 3, I unfortunately found myself too busy to be incorporating self care into my daily routine. Ok, so I could have still done it, but it would have made it very late going to bed, plus I was just too tired for it. I feel that’s because I was trying to forge it, rather than 100% doing it for myself and doing something that I genuinely wanted.

This way, I’ve found that for me, it is best not to try to superficially forge self care as a structured part of my day to day routine. Instead it is better for me to be able to do it when it suits me best. But not forgetting to do it. This way, I am still looking after myself however I am not trying to make something that should be relaxing, stressful because of how busy I am. But yet again, you might think that surly it is more important to put yourself before a immense list ofdaily tasks.

Therefore I believe it depends on the person yo are and your needs. For some people, structuring self care into your routine is vital, say if you are in the strong habit of never finding time for yourself, and especially if this is causing you to struggle with mental health. Also for anyone who has had a rough time, and may find it difficult to care and look after themselves. This way, having this as part of your daily routing, should hopefully remind yourself hopw important it is to look after yourself. However if you find that generally you manage to take a break from time to time, and you’re managing then that may not be necessarily. But keep taking breaks, it is so so important. And finally, self care is most certainly not just about taking long baths and doing yoga. Sometimes its just being able to say no, be close with genuine people who appreciate you and not those who have a more toxic effect, and to not be too hard on yourself.

How to overcome the fear of negativity from people

Ok, so this is a bit of a more personal topic, and a rather vague title so I apologise, but I have a feeling that this will be relevant to many people. Not only myself. But it came to me too write about this, thinking about the way I felt promoting this, and potentially having other people reading this (hopefully aha). As if this starts reaching more, there’s bound to be people who don’t like or apprecriate the content. And that’s fine! I feel with anything that anyone puts out for others to see, whether that’s art, music, food; you name it. But it is only natural that somebody is likely to hate it, and somebody else is likely to love it. I am sure that it’s not only me who is rather petrified when it comes to informing others what we have created, with the anxiety that in-fact everybody is going to hate it!

However for a lot of us, this anxiety doesn’t just occur when we are showing what we have created. It can be much more common, and feel like a constant obstacle, needing to be tackled again and again every day. The worry can crop up whenever trying to communicate with people, thinking that there’s no way that I will ever be good enough for them to consider associating themselves with me. In the past, thinking through every word that has been said by myself and the person, critically thinking that what I have said is wrong, and they’ll think ill of me because of that. Or likewise, me analysing every word they come out with, twisting them in order to convince myself that they dislike me. Then worst of all, being worried in the present moment, making myself sound like even more of a moron.. Which only results in trying to avoid as many people as possible 😦

It is exuasting! I know that each individual, is affected by a fear of negativity in different ways, however being in a place where I have had this much worse, however I am still trying to overcome a lot of self doubt, I want share some personal tips on what I do to reduce this fear. And to realise the negativity is either irrelevant/untrue, or that you can use it in a productive way.

1. Ignore those who don’t really know you

So who knows your true character better; yourself or somebody who has barely anything to do with your life and has happened to call you- I don’t know, a pig or something. It is pretty obvious. When someone who doesn’t know you well is unkind, or you think that they have negative feelings about you, stop and think to yourself;; why would they have these feelings. Often they don’t mean what they say, and they would not want you to feel attacked personally. But if they would, then they must have other reason to behave in that way, as it would be impossible to truly strongly dislike someone that you barely know. Perhaps they’re having issues of their own, or maybe they are too good at displaying their grudges. But just remember that it is not your problem. From experience,, training your mind to think this way, certainly doesn’t happen overnight, and it can be quite tiring, but not as tiring as having to worry about what strangers think.

2. Still take words with a fat pinch of salt

So does the person really mean what they say. Wonder to yourself, why are they being so critical. Perhaps they may marginally dislike you, but sadly people exaggerate what thy mean, and say things they don’t even mean thanks to human nature. So if somebody doesn’t genuinely mean what they say, then why be so upset about it. Why let it get you down? Remember that if the person is saying something and you don’t understand why they are saying it, chances are the person is angry with the world rather than urself So there is not really anything you can do to resolve this. Instead be prepared to realise when someone is being unpleasant for reasons that don’t actually apply to you

3. Use the criticism in a more productive way

So if you receive this negativity or critism form somebody who actually knows you well, and you can actually see why they’re saying what they are saying, then think t yourself, how can I improve myself. I know it can be very challenging to interpret critism as something you can use in order to improve yourself especially is it is said in a nasty way from someone who you don’t like yourself.

4. Ask yourself- Is it all actually in the head

If you feel like the negativity is really getting to you, and really it is a massive concern, perhaps you are thinking worse of it than what it really is. And that is bloody difficult too, and knackering. But with recognising that some of this may be in your own head, may mean you can take the correct steps from here to improve yourself. As sometimes, just that recognition, can help in at least make you realise deep down that you should feel far less worried and negative about yourself, than what you actually feel. And I know this is a million times easier said than done,, but knowing that it is anxiety can maybe help you begin to take the first steps in healing and overcoming fears of people responding to you in a negative way.

5. Finally remember you are your amazing self, and whatever you do, unfortunately there’s going to be at least someone who doesn’t seem to approve.

This way, I suppose its the case of remembering that you are unique, and its best to be yourself, even knowing that you may get a little hate for it. Because you only live this life once, so don’t let someones negativity influence the decisions you take, or making you sso anxious you choose not to do something you would otherwise have loved to do. Being yourself, especially if you feel like a slipper on a pile of shoes, can be especially difficult. As it means you may well have differences with other people, and some may choose to be hostile to this. Nevertheless you are yourself for a reason, and only people who truly know you and yourself know how amazing you are.

So this is it, for the time being. I may choose to make a similar post to this at some other point in time. But I hope that you have enjoyed this one, and that it has possibly been remotely helpful. Also, I apologise for the spelling mistakes, especially if it appears that there’s half of the word missing. Basically if I make a mistake and then come to correct it, often for every new letter I add, it deletes the one in front.

UGH- So annoying!

Victoria X

How I’m currently surviving my A levels

Ayy! So,, its already nearly the 7th and doom and gloom of January and winter will be creeping away from us, and before we know it, it will be spring! Ok, not going to wish my life away. But most of us are probably now past and over the excitement of new year and technically we should have all taken our Christmas trees down by now, therefore all there is to look forward to (apart from spring), is a brand new, long, stressful period of work. Whether that’s studying or like work work. Well I have had my “first day back” already; not as much of an event as it was back in primary school to be fair. But even so, I admittedly felt marginally optimistic when I first woke up, despite being before 7. However as soon as I had ventured as far as my locker this morning, I just really felt like I didn’t want to be there. Well, I’m alright now at least, now it has sunk in. Anyway what I am going to be saying about today, is how I am coping with my own A levels so far. So I shall be sharing my personal experience, with the hope of giving some of you, whether you’re studying for A levels or not, some helpful study tips. As lets face it, I am only in year 12 luckily, but if I don’t take this year seriously,, come year 13, I’m going to be a little bit screwed.

Anyway the tips are as follows:

1. Remember that everything counts

So it can be alright overlooking the A levels for a while, and trying to forget that there’s content that you’ve been taught which you don’t understand and that you are getting like 3 grades below your desired grade for university, however if that happens for too long, eventually we would be in a situation where it would be next to impossible in order to catch up. Then come the end of the course, you’ll either be faced with so much stress that it would be impossible to imagine, or that you couldn’t even hope to achieve what you initially wanted. Therefore I personally count each little test, or assessed piece of homework equally important. And generally, if there is something I don’t understand I will try to get it straight in my head. Now even though its not the most easy or convenient option at this moment in time, it is much better to be working on getting the best now rather than in however many months time. Now for instance, with the exam technique, I very often get that wrong, especially in economics. For example I do one piece on god knows what, productivity or something, and I understood most of the theory but come to the actual sheet- I must have got an E or something. She didn’t give me a grade but it was grim.. Therefore I would rather practise the technique properly now, listening for advice and following the written guidelines, rather than not worry about it for the time being. As with most things A level related, theey don’t happen overnight. So I would rather aim to gradually improve rather than staying the same then just hoping that all of a sudden I will get it. And it does feel like effort, changing the way you write, however realistically it wont take you much longer to do the work, and infact in the long rrun you will probably end up doing it quicker, being much more confident with how to lay it out. The same applies with end of unit tests, as revising at the time is obviously more effort than not, but I would MMUCH RATHER have a stronger understanding of each topic having previously revised, so come A levels, revising each topic shouldn’t be as overwhelming.

2. WORKING during my study periods

Oh my Lord. honestly coming into year 12 and deciding that I would work during all of my frees (apart from the occasional 5th period where I may choose to go home a little bit early), has probably been the best decision that I have made relating to education. So studying for 4 A levels leaves me with about 9 hours of free time at school, where I can either choose to work, or not. And if I didn’t work at al during these, I would be using up an extra 9 hours in my free time. Meaning I would either be staying up to ridiculous times some nights, or I would literally have barely and free time or time to relax. But instead I spend rather little time (currently) studying at home. Furthermore, for me, I find that I am better focused if I am studying at school, as there’s fewer distractions and knowing that I am at school, puts me in the correct mindset to just get on with things rather than spending god knows how long procrastionating. However I know some people find studying at home more beneficial, so maybe it would be better to go home during study periods, or come into school later if you have no periods first thing, if the school allows. Annoyingly it does not for me, because they always make you register, but I think it is possible to make arrangements if you live a long way for example.

3. Ask my teachers for help if there’s anything I’m not sure on

Ok, so this is more of a personal tip for you guys, rather than something I frequently do myself, unfortunately. However I usually find when I do ask for help, I find myself closer to understanding what has been taught, rather than if I don’t. However I know that it can sometimes be difficult to ask the teacher for help in class, even in a small class, due to fears of being laughed at eg (although it’s literally fine, nobody should make fun of anyone for not understanding at this stage, and if they do it is their problem as they seriously need to grow up). So instead of asking a teacher, you could ask other people in your class, and even if they do’t fully understand, sometimes just having that discussion can enable you to figure more things out between yourselves, and have a stronger understanding of the topic afterwards. Also you could ask older friends/siblings who have previously taken the subject for help, or even parents if they have. As sometimes being taught something in a different way, or just going over something, can really make the difference.

4. Having a few nice clothes and/or some items of funky stationery

So you may be thinking, how on earth could this possibly make any sort of difference to my results. And I agree, directly it makes no difference. However it’s motivation. For me, having a nice outfit to wear, can put me in a better mindset for the day, having that extra boost of confidence. And that confidence boost, will obviously put you into a better mindset about yourself so in turn you should give you motivation work related. Stationery can have that similar effect, as just picking out a funky pen, can just give you that boost of essential positivity needed to kickstart the piece of work.

Therefore I think that sometimes the little things really can count. And its good to look at these, rather than just worrying about the big picture constantly, or having no reason to do anything but hate every hour of the A level course.

5. Try my best to enjoy the subjects and lessons

So leading on from me thinking that it’s bad to hate everything regarding A level subjects, for gods sake, try your best to actually have an interest and possibly even get some enjoyment out of these subjects. Okay, so I guess it is a bit late to swap them about now, but hopefully you chose options that you’re interested in.

However I know I sometimes look at learning as more of a chore, than finding interesting stuff out and enjoying it. But then I remember, I have chosen these subjects as I was interested in them, so it’s important to get the best out of all four. So it is easier said than done, but I try to do this by firstly focusing any sort of further reading on the parts of the subjects that interest me most. So I know that all subtopics within the subject are equally important, but if I were to do some further reading, which ”m planning to do, I would most definitely do it on something that I find genuinely interesting, obviously relating to the subject. This would make me remember why I have chosen the subject, and would enable me to get the best out of the subject and would obviously mean that I gain an even greater understanding. Otherwise what is the point of reading up on a part of the subject that you find more dull, unless it is essential. It will just mean you will view the subject in a darker light. I also try to remember how the subject relates to the outer world. So I mainly do humanities, so it is rather easy, but even with something like science. It isn’t just a load of equations on a piece of paper, it’s equations relating to something really cool, probably dominant in the world we are living in- which I would have no understanding on what so ever! But even when I do physical geography, sometimes all this borderline science stuff baffles me, but then I remember that these processes all actually shape the physical world we are living in. I can literally be seen and is changing all the time, and that is pretty cool.

6. Making revision notes as I go (or at least trying my best to do so)

Yeah, so I know it’s a bit boring but I’m trying my best to do this. Lets say i’m kind of half way anyways. But I think it is important to keep up to date with them, and continuously make notes throughout sixth-form, not just when mocks then the real things are approaching. And that is because, come test I want to be able to have notes that make sense and which I can use, rather than having to panic, rush up some notes then barely have any time to revise afterwards. And although it may seem time consuming doing it at the moment, it is better to use a bit of your free time now, rather than waiting until say may half term and being unable to go out at all due to the overload of work facing you. Not to mention being extra tired when coming back to do them.

7 Don’t stress too much

So although its obviously important to work hard, and obviously stress during a levevs can’t really be avoided, it is also important not to get overstressed. That is part of the reason why I prefer to break down my work lo0ad, rather than leaving a large amount to do in rather little time. However even if that happens. What is the use in getting overly stressed out? You b

8. Look to the future for motivation but remember that “when there’s a will there’s a way”

So even though it is important to look ahead to the future and to set yourself goals, in order to retain motivation to work; as well as being able to see the big picture, rather than just feeling like you’re aimlessly, and tirelessly working, it’s simply impractical and unhealthy to take this too far.  Therefore I think it is important to be aware that I’m not necessarily going to get the grades required to end up where I desire.  Instead it is cool to have a few back up plans, and not necessarily have your “dream plan” set in stone, because circumstances can change, although it is still good to have a good idea on your first choice of what to do.  Therefore I currently have a couple of short term back up plans, one being a university with slightly lower grade requirements for my current choice of course (which lets face it, it’s genuinely much more likely I will get these grades rather than the grades for the first choice),, an alternative choice of course that yet again has slightly lower grade requirements, and an apprentice.  Yet if all that fails, i will decide to migrate to some failing seaside town and play music on the streets.  So yeah, I think it is important to have these, so if something fails then it’s not the end of the world, as I have many things to “fall back on”.  Plus it relieves a lot of the current stress, knowing that there’s more than 1 way of getting where I want to go to. 

Also I don’t have my eyes set on one specific career, however I do have a pretty good idea of what I think that I would like to do, though I’m not really sure.  The plus side of this, is that especially if a certain career requires certain grades, you won’t feel so baffled if you feel you can’t achieve these for one reason or another.  Plus like I said, circumstances can change, so feeling comfortable with a range of options is better really.

Now finally, and most in my case most importantly, the worst thing that you can do is compare yourself to other people.  Whether that is your grades, time spent revising or whatever.  At this stage, it’s so important to accept that everyone is going to go down different paths, so to put yourself down due to what someone else gets is literally unnecessary.  As what they get is totally irrelevant, to  what you need and what you want to do.  Furthermore, what’s even worse, is to literally compare your grades to someone else, to make yourself believe that you are not good enough.  Now I was guilty as hell of this, back when I was studying for GCSEs, noticing the numerous amounts of people getting grades higher than my own, and then claiming that they had done “no work”.  I actually felt awful at times because of this.  But my grades turned out alright.  But funnily enough, nowadays this kind of thing doesn’t bother me anywhere near as much.  Something strange must have happened over the summer, making me finally realise that everyone is different, and it is better to be happy with yourself, whilst being happy and supportive of others, whether they get higher or lower grades.  As we are all in the same boat at the end of the day.  Nevertheless I still find myself occasionally having to stop myself from looking at somebody else’s test paper to see how their score compares with my own.

So before I leave this, one las thing I must stress is that in my strong ass opinion, all of us are equal ; whether that’s in talent, creativity or intelligence.  And is most does not look the same on everyone.  We are unique and that is what makes us so amazing. And nothing can measure this, certainly not grades.  There’s so many other factors, which no one could begin to try to measure, that makes each and every one off us as amazing as one another. 

Oh wow.  So I didn’t expect this to finish quite in the way it did, but I’m glad that it did.  It’s so important not to forget your self worth when in a stressful and competitive environment.  Anyway these are my personal guidelines on how to get through this period of time.  Now I hope that someone haas found this helpful; and for anyone doing A levels-

Good luck :))

Victoria x

2020- New year, new decade- my “resolutions”

Okay, so we are at that very strange time off the year, the very start of the year. Infact decade. So Christmas is over, and even the strange time at the end of December after it is over, when nobody knows what to do themselves. And there’s those of us who do not know what day of the week it is or what even is going on so they don’t achieve anything, meanwhile there’s people like myself who just about know but realise that not many people do so we just end up procrastinating, not really counting the last week or so as a valid period of time. But now the next year is upon us, and we all feel its about time to get moving with things. But how? A new year can bring all sorts, the positive, the negative and everything in between. And lots of us are basically trying to become the best versions of ourselves. But how do we do that. Some will spend a mammoth chunk of January in the gym as well as giving up any sort of food that tastes nice, thinking that going from a Christmas pudding to a pile of muscles will make the perfect person to conquer the year. Meanwhile others will buy a membership thingy, before deciding that in January the gym will be packed out, then come February all is forgotten. And then lots of us won’t bother at all, having a strong dislike of “giving up the good stuff” thinking that the point of life is to enjoy it, rather than taking some strict, dire and bleak attitude. So one can therefore emphasise with the view that these resolutions are pretty much hopeless, and unnecessary. Nevertheless I am going to take a different view this year, and onwards! Instead of sticking to some annoying, strict regime, or totally not bothering; I am going to take a different approach where I shall have resolutions which I am going to stick to! However I won’t exactly be working at them overnight. Or like now. I am going to move towards them in a slow and steady way, as the last thing I want is for them to be forged, and come the next month I will have forgotten all about them. So here is a list of my resolutions for this year, and well forever.

1. Have a warmer approach towards people; from family and close friends, allies and acquaintances and strangers. Like I know this sounds a bit clique however I genuinely think that If people were nicer the world would be a much nicer place. But wtf can me, you or anybody actually do? So it is rather likely we are already nice to friends and family generally. However sometimes people fall out, and the cause and effects of this can be awful. But think to yourself; do we really mean half of the unpleasant things we say. And is it really necessary to let issues stem from one minor occurrence. Now I’m not exactly perfect, I am pretty good at building up grudges against certain people, for pretty petty reasons. Like even if I don’t say anything, having unnecessary anger lets say towards certain people is rather unhealthy, and obviously once we open our mouths it becomes a lot worse… And it works a bit like that vise versa too. Sometimes I like someone, and want to say something positive, but my lazy, socially anxious, introverted ass tells me not to. Which isn’t good. Now regarding strangers it is much easier for me to make a difference in a way, not having to worry about the bricks needed to build a relationship. Therefore one tiny, nonpersonal act can make such a huge difference. That can be giving a homeless person a bit of change for a coffee, donating some noodles to a food bank, or volunteering for half an hour at a local charity shop. I am the queen of forgetting to do things, but I’m going to try not to and remember that doing one tiny thing to help can make a collosal difference to someone else.

2. Do more cool shit- and have the confidence to to so

So this is also something that I really want to do for new year. Now I think that too often, we are reluctant to put ourselves forward, thinking that we aren’t good enough, or not wanting to tread too far into the unknown. But that is rubbish. You are good enough! And the only way you can really find out if something is for you or not, is by trying. Logically thinking, you only get one life therefore if theres something you want to try, then bloody go for it! Therefore I want to do as much as I can this year, without the worry of “not being good enough” because I genuinely don’t want to have lived my life without having done different things enabling me to become a more experienced and well rounded person. As for me, in previous years, I haven’t had the self confidence to do everything that I have wanted to do. Therefore I’ve found myself having to catch up with a lot of it. But for anybody reading this, it is not too late. You have got a brand new year ahead of you and hopefully many many to come, so lets train ourselves to be more self confident and possibly pragmatic.

3. Be more happy inside my body, without the emotional exuastion of constantly comparing myself to others.

Okay, this too is rather misleading. But having struggled with body image in the past and worrying about whether I eat enough, too much or whatever, I want to continue going down the path of putting these thoughts behind and instead tuning into my body, at all times. Now generally I do this already, however I still often find myself comparing myself to others, and it is bloody emotionally exhausting. But at the end off the day, why should I worry about other people. No bodies are alike, therefore I should appreciate mine and treat it accordingly, rather than assuming it is wrong for me to be doing that because of how other people choose to treat theirs, if that makes sense. I might start doing a little bit more exercise too, not for the wrong reasons, but because I benefits the body in many ways and more importantly the mind. For me, I find that exercising can release a lot of nervous energy plus it enables me to be better focused. However I will still listen to my body, and try to know when enough is enough. As well I will try to eat slightly more healthily, but there is no way that I’m going to be cutting anything out (well apart from meat which I do anyways, but that’s a different ball game) Now by doing this, I am taking better care of myself and there’s many other ways to do this, apart this way. For you, taking better care of yourself may look totally different. But I think it is important for everyone to try to do more in order to look after themselves, as well as just others.

So here it is, my “happy new years message”, for what it is worth. But I do think that resolutions do not have to be made overnight but can instead take time. In fact, personally I think that aiming to start acting differently, or giving something up just like that overnight, is usually pretty useless as it just becomes so difficult to stick to. However if we see this as a long term aim, rather than some crazy, strict, hard to stick at obsession; I think that it is so much likely that we will achieve something in the long term. As opposed to something lasting a few weeks, then being forgotten about. So I do think that it’s best to see new years as being a time of reflection, and setting ourselves goals and challenges, and I think that this way we can slowly become a better version of ourselves and lead a better life. That’s in spite of the challenges and the ups and downs that the new year may also deliver.

So I do hope that everyone does have a good new year, and things run as smoothly as possible. So here’s to a new decade!

Victoria x

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