The Basic Issues of Fast Fashion

Introduction Hiya, well back at the end of February, I made myself a small commitment. In that I wasn’t going to buy anything from Primark during the whole of March; or actually any of these fast fashion outlets, why do we always target Primark eh? At the time this seemed like a pretty good target,Continue reading “The Basic Issues of Fast Fashion”

How to take care of your Mental health during “quarantine”

Hii, So I was questioning whether to bother doing a blog post concerning mental health during quarantine or not, if I’m honest. As I feel there is only so much to say and suggest concerning mental health, as it will inevitably be affected during quarantine, and there isn’t exactly a solution. I like to avoidContinue reading “How to take care of your Mental health during “quarantine””

How I’m currently surviving my A levels

Ayy! So,, its already nearly the 7th and doom and gloom of January and winter will be creeping away from us, and before we know it, it will be spring! Ok, not going to wish my life away. But most of us are probably now past and over the excitement of new year and technicallyContinue reading “How I’m currently surviving my A levels”