Pretty Privilege

We all know that it is Pretty women who seem to receive the male gaze. However is there another privilege associated with this? Such as the bimbo and helo effect, and why this is in society?

Opinion: Return of the Primary schools, or Return of the Primary Risk?

It seems to be a hot topic among many parents at the moment, about whether 5-11 year olds should be returning to schools or not. With many parents stressing that at the moment; it would be an unsafe and unnatural environment. Just looking at the picture of the children in France, separated off by theContinue reading “Opinion: Return of the Primary schools, or Return of the Primary Risk?”

“Looks like Schools may be going back- but is that really sensible?

Okay, so according to the news we are apparently reaching the peak of this pandemic. So surly that’s a good sign… Although for the time being, I personally think and hope that the strict rules of the lockdown will stay in place for at least a few more weeks. Which it would make entire senseContinue reading ““Looks like Schools may be going back- but is that really sensible?”


You know, I am so so bored of posting super serious content. From my view on the general election to that self care thing which was basically a car crash. Jokes. I love posting that sort of stuff. But I still cannot wait for it to get a little warmer, so I can begin actuallyContinue reading “Update”

Experimenting with different types of self care for a week

So up until recently, I had a bit of a negative attitude surrounding self care; not so much surrounding the whole concept of it but surrounding the thought of myself actually attempting to take part. And as the time progressed, I would just associate it more and more with gals taking long hot baths, withContinue reading “Experimenting with different types of self care for a week”

How to overcome the fear of negativity from people

Ok, so this is a bit of a more personal topic, and a rather vague title so I apologise, but I have a feeling that this will be relevant to many people. Not only myself. But it came to me too write about this, thinking about the way I felt promoting this, and potentially havingContinue reading “How to overcome the fear of negativity from people”

How I’m currently surviving my A levels

Ayy! So,, its already nearly the 7th and doom and gloom of January and winter will be creeping away from us, and before we know it, it will be spring! Ok, not going to wish my life away. But most of us are probably now past and over the excitement of new year and technicallyContinue reading “How I’m currently surviving my A levels”

2020- New year, new decade- my “resolutions”

Okay, so we are at that very strange time off the year, the very start of the year. Infact decade. So Christmas is over, and even the strange time at the end of December after it is over, when nobody knows what to do themselves. And there’s those of us who do not know whatContinue reading “2020- New year, new decade- my “resolutions””