Pretty Privilege

We all know that it is Pretty women who seem to receive the male gaze. However is there another privilege associated with this? Such as the bimbo and helo effect, and why this is in society?

Are Influencers Really That Bad??

Sick of seeing these annoying so called influencers; trying to sell us stuff on instagram, pinterest and now TikTok? Not only me then. I mean they are so basic, unlike these gorgeous models. But perhaps they are also influencing us in a more positive way as well.

Understanding “Pro Ana”- Part 1

Read post to gain an understanding of the history of the “pro Ana” movement, from how it originated, to where it is now.

Personal Update- 22/11/20

Read my Personal Update where I discuss what is going on in my personal life including with Sixth Form and A-Levels, Driving Lessons, and Work. While I give a brief overview on how I personally feel about current affairs; including the way Donald Trump is still refusing to accept Joe Biden has won, Coronavirus vaccines and Brexit.

“Positivity on the Internet”- Does Anyone Actually Need it?

Guess what people, I have some really super positive news for you. YOU YES YOU!! “Everything you need will Come to you at the perfect time”, “Every day is a chance to change your life“, “Happy Monday, it is going to be an awesome week”. Enough? Alright it is actually ok to feel that theseContinue reading ““Positivity on the Internet”- Does Anyone Actually Need it?”

Politics on TikTok??

Yes Tiktok! it does seem to be this way. Therefore it is about time that there is a platform where people (generally young) can voice their political views freely without being prosecuted for it. Because we can look at these videos knowing some will be of a similar view point to our own, therefore this can enable our values to strengthen much more. Now whatever standpoint you have, there are going to be some videos you agree with, and others you don’t agree with. But least we can all have a laugh, and hopefully learn…

Opinion: Return of the Primary schools, or Return of the Primary Risk?

It seems to be a hot topic among many parents at the moment, about whether 5-11 year olds should be returning to schools or not. With many parents stressing that at the moment; it would be an unsafe and unnatural environment. Just looking at the picture of the children in France, separated off by theContinue reading “Opinion: Return of the Primary schools, or Return of the Primary Risk?”

Should I buy a “Wosh stuffed toy”, a HIIT sports mini trampoline, an earring making kit or more clothes during these months of Lockdown?

Who already misses going to town and buying a load of rubbish they don’t actually need? Unfortunately definitely me. I miss going into Primark and buying yet another pair of feeble earrings which will most likely break after wearing them once, I miss managing to accidently spot these adorable plush avocados tempting us all inContinue reading “Should I buy a “Wosh stuffed toy”, a HIIT sports mini trampoline, an earring making kit or more clothes during these months of Lockdown?”


You know, I am so so bored of posting super serious content. From my view on the general election to that self care thing which was basically a car crash. Jokes. I love posting that sort of stuff. But I still cannot wait for it to get a little warmer, so I can begin actuallyContinue reading “Update”