Personal Update- 22/11/20

Hii, well it looks like I haven’t done one of these personal update posts in ages, so here we go I guess. Sorry I haven’t done one of these posts in a while, but I have been busy with sixth form, work (although I am currently furloughed) and well procrastinating I guess. While to be honest I have been debating whether I ought to carry making these more personal posts, or whether I should stick more firmly to a political kind of niche. And if I do carry on making these updates, then I would produce other more personal posts, so please let me know what you would like in the comments πŸ™‚

Well nothing too significant has happened between now and last time I posted an update, however I did manage to get a new job, a couple of months ago now? Time goes so fast haha. But the pay is decent, and I actually enjoy it.

I am aware that I have been spending less time on this blog in the last couple of months, basically because I have been busy, already said that but never mind. I am wanting to try to experiment more with using different social media platforms to promote my content, and to get back in to using Instagram. So incase anyone is interested, here is the link to my home page. Just scroll down to the bottom, then you should find my links.

Concerning sixth form, I am slightly less stressed about A-Levels than I was back in September, as I have basically accepted my predicted grades (they’re not even that bad tbf, and if you disagree with the view that grades don’t define you then you are welcome to fight me haha ) and I can still apply to uni. So it’s all fine. But next week I am hoping to send of my personal statement so hopefully then I can start to get offers, fingers crossed….

Whilst exams are still up in the air, as they say that exams will go ahead, but will they? It is a pain because it means that 100% effort basically needs to be put into ever “assessment” done. For now I would rather forget about “school” anyhow as I know I have so much work to do next week…

Please don’t even ask me about driving lessons, because once again they have been stopped for the time being due to covid. While I feel I am not making that much progress, but I now hoping to get (the cheapest and shittiest) second hand car, so I can actually get it insured and prractice on it whenever the fuck I want. Well not literally, but ya know.

Ok so enough about myself for now, but lets talk about what is going on in the real world. So Trump is still proving to us that he is a massive loser, there is speculation that there is going to be an extension to this lockdown, while the UK and Canada have agreed a post Brexit Trade deal. Ok, so it is not that exciting, but at least it is something. Oh and the vaccine, so there is hope.

So if I do carry on doing personal updates, I may well do one sometime in December, just as I will be turning 18 (yikes) and things may well have changed a little by then.

So bye for now, and hope you all have a good week πŸ™‚

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Hello! This is a mainly a blog containing posts concerning social, political and economic issues, although the commentary is mainly based on opinion. My name is Victoria, and I am the creator and currently the only contributor to this blog, and I am 19 years old and studying PPE at Swansea. Also, I am currently looking for writers for here, content creators on Instagram and designers. However the role would be very flexible according to what you would like to do. Therefore, if you or anyone you know would be interested in getting involved, then please don't hesitate to contact me at

18 thoughts on “Personal Update- 22/11/20

  1. COVID has really messed this year up. I hate the uncertainty of not knowing whether exams are going to get cancelled. I wish this government could just get its act together. It also keeps screwing up my ability to learn to drive. The car I learn how to drive in has just given up the ghost, so I currently have no way to practice as well.

    I’m also unsure how much to stick to ‘your niche’. I have a book blog, but sometimes post political or personal content on there, and have no idea if that is a good thing or not. My current philosophy is I’ll just write posts that I will enjoy writing, as that will hopefully produce higher quality content. I guess as a direct answer to your question, I liked this personal update, and would read similar content again.

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    1. Thankyou for reading this post. Yeah covid has really screwed up a lot, like I will be surprised if it ever stops at this rate. While the government have handled the whole thing really badly, and while I don’t envy them having to make these tough decisions, If they got their act together faster, rather than relying on the likes of Cummings, we would probably be in a better situation as a country,

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  2. I loved your life update. Politics is okay, and gives no lack of material to write about, but I like the occasional human side, as well, if that makes sense.
    Additionally, thank you for reading, following and liking my blogs!

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  3. I think the benefit of posting personal stuff is that it helps your readers know who you are, which can enhance the other topics you write about.

    The world has seriously turned upside drown. I’m Canadian, and while things are bad here too, it’s nothing like the disaster south of the border.

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    1. I think that is very true, it is always nice to read posts knowing something about the writer. And yeah in the US the whole situation sounds really grim, and I am in England where it isn’t great by all means, though I don’t think it is as bad as in the USA.

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  4. β™‘ Ask Jacinda Arden; just like The ALL BLACKS, SHE!!! has been there and done that like any great, supportive older sister


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  5. Hi Victoria
    I love the essays. Professionally, speaking, they’re far too long and riddled with silly spelling mistakes (did you invent the word “ameture” in your tag line as a joke?). But all the ideas are fresh and need stating, so keep going if you want to. Hone your writing, read the great journalists (Dickens, Orwell) and nail each topic to 750 words max. Sorry for pompous the sermon.

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    1. Thank you for the honest comment and I have been wondering about the length of my posts as well, and I do aim to cut them down (easier for me as well). While I am working on checking through the posts and lets just say it was a joke!


  6. Regarding the central thrust of your post: Yeah – more personal blogs. So many of us are pretending to be someone or something other than what we really are, it’s great to see someone being themself.

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  7. The content of your posts is excellent, well researched and written in a compelling style. Don’t take too much notice of the spelling and grammar police, you have improved and will improve further with experience.

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