Christmas Catastrophe

From the moment of writing this entry, it is about seven weeks until Christmas. Four of these will be during our second lockdown, our second time of being made to stay away from coronavirus. There is speculation that this “wave” may be worse than the first, potentially meaning there will be a need for a lockdown extension. Or yet another lockdown. Meaning Christmas may not be Christmas at all, as will either be unable to see family and friends, or we will be worried…

Yet this may well not be the case, because it is quite possible that the purpose of this lockdown is to enable Christmas to go ahead… So great- we might be OK! But even so we all know that Christmas is going to be very different, and far more stressful than it has been in the past; as if the usual hustle and bustle isn’t enough! And this time round everyone is going to be desperate to meet with people they may have not been able to see in months. It is likely to be more emotional as people will finally be able to see those who they have missed for so long, while let’s face it, there will still be restrictions in place. Of course there will be people who are going to take the restrictions more liberally whatever happens, while we will all try our best to have a good Christmas, without it being too lonely or illegal.

Rule of 6

One of the biggest dilemmas I reckon will be relating to how many people individuals and families choose to see at a time. Because legally we know that something similar to the rule of 6 will be in place, even if it is loosened for a few days. Therefore everyone is going to be concerned to the extent to which they follow these rules in place. Because although what we hear on TV about the fear of leaving out family members we don’t like too much at Christmas sounds rather dramatic, it is a genuine problem that so many families face- and could genuinely generate significant conflict.

A Sudden Change

Furthermore as I am writing this I am sat on a seemingly isolated bus, apparently situated in the middle of our town center. It has barely gone half past four, yet the night is already drawing in. There’s a few people there and about’s, but really it is pretty lifeless. Compare this to an average day in December. Usually the towns are packed out full of Students, Grandparents and excited children alongside slightly less excited parents. Elaborate decorations lie in every corner; from bold Christmas trees to slightly shitty Santa’s (sorry kids!). And while not everyone is going to be happy, at least everyone is embracing the Christmas Spirit to some degree. Which is something we could all do with a little extra of this year. Therefore judging from the way the streets look at the moment, if Christmas is going to go ahead, then there will be a drastic change in a short period of time. What’s worrying about this, is that considering the strong reason for why things are so strict at the moment; should things really be relaxed to almost the opposite so that people can enjoy Christmas? Even if you agree on this, there are going to be many people who may not. While some may even question whether Christmas is really worth all of this trouble, and may just prefer it if potential relaxations over the Christmas period could just be swapped with a slightly less strict lock down year round.

No Money?

Yawn, this does sound like a really petty reason, but we all know it is sort of true. That this year more so than ever, we are anxious about the economic situation awaiting us, once the festive season is over. Although from a personal point of view, as I am young people aren’t going to expect me to have money anyway, so if I accidentally “forget”, then all is understood😵

Although I don’t think anyone will envy families with multiple kids at the moment to buy presents for, because most will fear that kids will be deeply disappointed if they don’t receive many presents. While we know this is going to take a toll on those who do end up purchasing presents, meaning there will be further stresses, so either way you cannot really win…

But why is this all so strongly based on materialism? Should Christmas not be about sharing time and enjoying money with loved ones, rather than an opportunity to receive material produce, and give material produce that you aren’t even sure people are going to like? Therefore consumerism and materialism shouldn’t come into it! I know that sidelined from Christmas, economic hardship is still going to be a massive issue. Which may prevent people from enjoying Christmas, due to extra worries. Nonetheless this shouldn’t be something that removes all of the enjoyment out of Christmas, and thinking of it this way it certainly shouldn’t be something that we should be stressed about in relation to Christmas…

So Should we Celebrate

During “normal” years Christmas is used as a time to reflect upon the previous year that has passed, however I would imagine this year has been a year that most people want to forget. While what is there to celebrate? This can make Christmas seem rather naff. But seriously I am sure everyone reading this has experienced difficult years before any bloody pandemic came along. This way, although this is the first time when things have been visually disparate, we have all experienced a mentally challenging Christmas. And while this further differs in that this is something the whole Nation is going through, there is no moral reason as to why people shouldn’t be allowed to celebrate.

Again not everyone’s Christmas stays the same throughout their lives either, while this year many people are going to have to adapt in how many people they see at a time etc. Finally I know not everyone celebrates Christmas massively, or at all; but it is still important to find a moment to reflect and get some enjoyment out of- whatever the situation. Therefore Christmas time doesn’t have to be catastrophic.: and it can still be enjoyed without being glossy or big.

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6 thoughts on “Christmas Catastrophe

  1. ♡ I love my family but I don’t like them very much; this dumb virus thingy is a great excuse to excuse myself from any family festivities


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  2. I appreciate your musings, I do not think the Christmas season will be like any recent Christmas seasons but maybe will have more opportunities to reflect on what is important to us and be sure to maximally enjoy future Christmases. 🌲🎄🌲🎄🌲

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      1. ♡ I Hate Being a Party Pooper; but Optimists ARE ALWAYS!!! DisAppointed while Pessimists ARE ALWAYS!!! Very Pleasantly Surprised like Eyore



  3. Christmas certainly is going to be weird this year, but I’m hoping that it’ll help us refocus on the relationships that are truly important to us. Fingers crossed that the new year brings improvement on the COVID situation.

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