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Image representing different “Girl Bosses”, and the culture associated with this

Girl Boss Feminism

The term “Girl Boss” is likely to have drawn in many millennial feminists, however there is a good reason for why recently many have turned against it. As many will now ask whether this term is more about feminism, or really if it is more about capitalism.

Image representing productivity culture including number of steps done, different diaries and of course money!

Productivity Culture

It seems strange that not only are we expected to be working for the best part of the day, but when we are not working, then it is best to be engaging in yet another thing deemed to be productive. Bonus points if this can earn you a little extra money!

Image showing inappropriate clothing for children

My Problem with Children’s Fashion

Children are messy, silly and importantly young! So why on earth is there the need for them to be dressing like adults? Who knows… Yet when we delve further into this, we can see how inappropriate this all is.

“Wake up every morning and tell yourself you’re a badass bitch from hell, and that no one can fuck with you”

Kate Nash

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