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Collage image representing gentrification of Depop and similar online thrift stores like Vinted, and other issues with sustainable fashion

What They Don’t Tell You About Sustainable Fashion

We would all love to make more sustainable choices wouldn’t we? But come on, it isn’t really easy. For a start, buying from these so called sustainable brands, is rather expensive. But you would think that buying second hand clothing would be a bit better…

Collage image showing conventionally attractive women, according to western beauty standards. Glam aesthetic.

Pretty Privilege

Why is it that some people seem to get by in life so easily. Is it their talent, their personality? Oh wait; Looks…

Read on to find out more about the halo effect, the bimbo effect and more!

Collage image showing escapism, especially internet escapism. Aesthetic photos, smiley face.

Internet Escapism

2020 was a pretty crappy year, and so far, 2021 hasn’t been much better. So it is not at all surprising that people are engaging in different behaviors in order to escape some of this. And the internet is the perfect place for this to thrive…


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