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Wellness Culture

It seems so amazing doesn’t it? The thought of finally knowing how to put the groggy world we are currently living in on hold when we need to, and instead spend time reconnecting with nature and all of the things which we usually unfortunately miss. However there is a rather significant catch…

Image relating to internalised homophobia, including LGBT+ and pride related photos

Internalised Homophobia

We are all aware of what homophobia is. And it can sometimes be easy for those who are heterosexual to assume that all of the work has been done in certain countries, nevertheless this ignorance becomes apparent when we consider the significant difficulties that LGBT+ people still encounter to this day. And it really does need to be addressed.

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Body Neutrality

So all of us by now should have heard about body positivity. Nonetheless, those of us who are more invested in it than some may well be aware of some of the major flaws which lie within this movement. Plus to anyone, in all fairness, loving the appearance of your body so much can seem rather illogical and at times, a little counter productive. This way, it surely makes sense to focus more on what the body can do internally, and perhaps show it some real love.

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