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Images relating to aesthetic and fashion style currently popular with Gen Z, Y2K

My Problem With Y2K Fashion

We All love fashion, and we all love a bit of nostalgia. Especially cute, twinkly Y2K, in which many of us can even remember before It made a recent come back. But like the majority of fashion trends,Y2K has its problems…

Image showing pictures relating to Traumacore, a form of art popular with Gen Z and younger millennials, especially on the internet


It is always hard going through something. Yet it is especially difficult when people go through such adversity at such a young age, alone. Therefore, to many it may make sense that people may wish to express their pains through artistic outlooks, while others would contest this would be damaging. Read more to see if firstly trauma-core is something which should not necessarily be discouraged, and to see whether in-spite of the positive elements it may have, whether it has gone too far.

Image relating to diet culture, including pictures concerning healthy eating and weight loss

Why Diet Culture is so Damaging

Why do we all happen to hate our bodies? Is it because we are maybe getting a bit podgy, is it because diet culture just happens to suck the life out of us, or even a bit of both. Nonetheless, most of us are probably fine, and diet culture is not the way to help those who may need to lose weight for health… Please click on the post to find out more…

“Wake up every morning and tell yourself you’re a badass bitch from hell, and that no one can fuck with you”

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