Were They Right to Cancel Exams?

Sigh, Sixth form and school. The subject that anyone who would have been due to take A levels or GCSEs this summer would want to back away from. However this is pretty hard to avoid as exams have been cancelled for the second time in a row, just a couple of weeks after they wereContinue reading “Were They Right to Cancel Exams?”

Christmas Catastrophe

rom the moment of writing this entry, it is about seven weeks until Christmas. Four of these will be during our second lockdown, our second time of being made to stay away from coronavirus. There is speculation that this “wave” may be worse than the first, potentially meaning there will be a need for a lockdown extension. Or yet another lockdown. Meaning Christmas may not be Christmas at all, as will either be unable to see family and friends, or we will be worried…

Series post: the Decline of Britain’s Working Class- Deindustrialization

Introduction So this is a series post about the demoralization of Britain’s Working Class; relating to deindustrialization, class politics and social mobility which all play significant roles in the decline of Britain’s working class. But before we get to grasps with how this has happened, lets take a quick look at how the working classContinue reading “Series post: the Decline of Britain’s Working Class- Deindustrialization”

Black lives really do matter and we all have the right to protest; peacefully + to LEARN:

Hiya, so what I am writing about has been on mine, well all of our minds really, in the past couple of weeks. I wasn’t actually thinking of writing about this however as we have seen, many things have taken off in the last couple of days, and there really have been a huge rangeContinue reading “Black lives really do matter and we all have the right to protest; peacefully + to LEARN:”

5G exposed: Should we let it happen?

A global pandemic is the worst thing ever for most of us Brits. Regardlesss of where we work, how old we are or where abouts in the UK we live. As we have happened to be the 2nd most hard hit (at least according to official statistics), only behind the USA, whom have a muchContinue reading “5G exposed: Should we let it happen?”

News we may have missed during this pandemic

About a week or so ago, I was startled after watching a video that appeared to be showing dolphins bobbing about in my local seas. I found myself having to play it back at least twice, and then checking its source before I was fully convinced that this was in my area, in spite ofContinue reading “News we may have missed during this pandemic”

April, March, Feburary……Then VEGAN-uary

Edit- Heyy, I’m just reading this back to myself, and to be self critical, I haven’t made it that engaging, and I don’t really know what to change to make it more so either! I would still however recommend giving it a read though, as it is about an interesting topic, and it’ll help youContinue reading “April, March, Feburary……Then VEGAN-uary”

Is the Lockdown re-tying us together again as a community

I know that I am one who prefers to be left alone. Rembering when I was a child, which wasn’t that long ago, where I used to feel at slight unease with knowing most people who lived along my drive, and that the lady who always delivered the “bridge” or community magazine seemingly somehow managedContinue reading “Is the Lockdown re-tying us together again as a community”