Is it ok if the music we Listen to is Shit?

Think about who you were at school back when you were 14. Were you one of the many jamming along to all of the mainstream music and booming out the lyrics at the top of your voice? Or were you someone who would gravitate toward the corner of the room, clutching your own MP3 player, earplugs in, despising the noise in the background? Maybe you liked those emo bands! 21 Pilots, MCR or Panic! Or maybe classic rock, indie, or grunge! In that case it is rather likely that at the time you would have detested the mainstream stuff, believing it is very overrated and that it simply was not worth listening to. And so you don’t have to say it yourself, chances are you still do…

It is far more authentic, and far more skill, work and creativity which goes into it, compared to the usual 4 chord EDM stuff which we hear on the radio. However if you enjoy what’s on the radio, should you really feel guilty?

By Force or by Choice?

It could be contested that the poor range of music is forced upon us because it is simply what the radio feeds us. This is kind of true. The radio basically plays music which is catchy and recognisable, enabling the average listener to get know and hopefully like the song fast. Subsequently they will continue to listen to the radio station, while they are more likely to purchase from the artist (really the record company). So it all boils down to money…

A little more complex

But we cannot come to the conclusion that most listeners only listen to mainstream music. The average person spends about 18 hours a week listening to music, and some people of course will spend much longer. It is almost certain that anyone spending this much time or longer is not going to be constantly listening to the radio. Which suggests that most people have a much greater diversity in music taste than it may seem.

A Change in Trend

From this hopefully you will have established that we all have different tastes, yet why has the mainstream obsession changed from RocknRoll in the 60s, rock in the 70s and 80s, grunge in the 90s to whatever it is now. Well things change all the time, styles, ways of life, food, you name it! New ideas which have emerged have explained the evolution of music. Combining this with new technology and you really get a new domain to explore. Which explains why things have changed so drastically!

Is it even that bad?

Now I am no expert on music, but it is quite clear that the general dynamic of music is changing, at least to a certain degree. As rather than the sound being produced by organic instruments, it is done by a rather clever computer (and many smart producers). Admittedly I enjoy listening to this kind of music, and this type of music most certainly is being utilized outside of the mainstream. Therefore it may be time to admit that the change in music is exciting, and not all of these songs are produced lazily. Onto the lyrics, yes a lot of modern popular songs seem to be about “sex, sex, sex”. But come on! It is not like this became a new phenomenon in 2000. Therefore not all of the music we are fed may be brilliant, yet not all modern can be labelled as rubbish. Meanwhile surely there is no harm in unwinding by listening to something less deep but more fun.

To sum up, there is maybe less reason to be ashamed of our new established favorite kind of music than what we may think. More skill may go into computer music than we may think, and I would argue that judging from our nostalgic love for old music; guitars, pianos and violins aren’t going to go anywhere too soon. Meanwhile surely allowing ourselves unwind by listening to a fun, and not too emotionally intensifying song should be allowed. Although saying this, it is equally important to bear in mind that the main objective of the mainstream music industry, is unfortunately, to make money. Therefore it is important to ensure that continue to enable ourselves to enjoy a wide range of less well known music, whatever type of music that may be.

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19 thoughts on “Is it ok if the music we Listen to is Shit?

  1. This is an interesting post, and something that has been on my mind lately which I am still forming my opinions about. Since before about March this year, I listened to very little music and, I am ashamed to admit, had a naive bordering on snobbish perception. To rectify this, I downloaded spotify, and have been loving every minute of my musical journey ever since.

    I don’t really listen to the radio, so I can’t relate to that experience, but I have found that there is a decent amount of diversity in the pop genre (as there is in most genres). I don’t feel that they are all worthless by any stretch. I don’t feel that songs need to be profound to be good, in the same way that films or books don’t need to be profound to be good. I feel pop especially reflects the attitudes of society at that time, and so can be even more interesting if viewed through that lens.

    I guess to summarize, I think everyone should be entitled to enjoy whatever music they want without judgement. However, I think listening to a wide range is no bad thing.

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    1. Thankyou for the comment, and as a lover of pop music I can definitely say that there is a great amount of diversity. It is quite easy to develop the attitude that all modern or pop music is bad, just because mainstream music may not sound brilliant to everyone- but then there is a reason for why it exists. While it certainly doesn’t have to be profound to be good.

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  2. I have a subscription to Apple Music. I pick and choose my songs and they are a combination of old hits and songs I grew up listening plus some handpicked new tracks. Yes, music these days is mostly garbage but there are gems to be found if you look for them. Then again it depends on what a person likes. Plus it’s a vicious circle : we listen to music that’s available, they think it’s what people like to listen because of the number of downloads and they continue to make more.

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    1. What you have described is very accurate, meanwhile I generally use spotify or you tube, then that way I can listen to music tailored to what I like. There is some great modern music out there too, but the mainstream stuff isn’t generally brilliant.

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  3. If it makes you happy that’s all you can ask for. I’m like most, have my old faves, try to pick up on newer stuff that works for me, on occasion stumble over an overlooked gem. I believe music makes a mood, can change a mood and does makes our lives richer. It’s like food. Sometimes you might want something deep and heavy, sometimes some takeaway and completely forgettable fare that you enjoy for the moment. Sometimes we crave a Michelin 5 star feast, sometimes a handful of cheap’n’cheerful M’n’Ms are perfect.
    Music is there for us to enjoy. So why not enjoy it, for what it is and how it makes us feel. Thanks, etc

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    1. Definitely agree, therefore there’s nothing wrong with less emotional music, while there certainly is a place as well for deep music. Sadly it is a bit of a money making business though- but that is sort of inevitible.

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  4. Somebody out therelistens to 36 hours per week to make up for my zero. I listen to talk radio sometimes, but since I got audible it is nothing but books. All kibds of books. I listen while walking in the park now that I cannot go to the gym. I originally got a stereo bluetooth because my earbuds tended to pull my phone off the treadmill holder. For a while Alexa was my music, but she sits in a shoebox in the closet where I am safe from google spying on me. Radio? Ha! A neighbor has automated christmas lights with a sign 97.1 FM; I stopped to ask him if he remembers portable pocket sized radio receivers. Who has radio now? He said I was supposed to be in my car. I tokd him my doctor says 20,000 steps per day or I am a goner – couch potato is now illegal for me. I know there is internet radio, but have no time to try it. I try to be in places where internet doesnt exist. Rumor says humans lived in nature thousands of years ago. Or was that last week? I dont remember.

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