About Me

Hiya, so on this blog most of my posts are going to be surrounding social, political and cultural commentary while I aim to post at least once a week- but hopefully more often.

So I began this blog back in 2019, but I hadn’t given it much thought until last march as we went into lockdown. I decided to begin blogging as I guess I have always enjoyed writing (though when I was younger I didn’t admit it), while I have always been quite opinionated so having a blog has given me a good platform to express what I think. I have managed to keep this up because I have found writing really satisfying, while I am really enjoying learning more about my blog topics, and of course about the process of blogging (although I have barely scratched the surface). Furthermore, as for many other bloggers I think, it has been a really positive distraction from the whole covid situation. Also I really love reading what other bloggers, writing about a range of topics, have to say 🙂

So let’s now move onto the boring bit where waffle on about myself. So I am currently studying politics, economics and geography for A levels, and am hoping to go on and take PPE at uni (fingers crossed because I am currently waiting on offers, and sometimes I think I am as thick as two fat planks)! Aside from blogging, I love music and style. I actually play the guitar (and don’t really practice enough) but more importantly I obsessively fan girl over Kate Nash, Marina and the Diamonds and so many other artists and bands. Yep I am still internally 14😂 Also I love going to cool places, but obviously haven’t been able to do much of that this year…

I am also learning how to drive, and I have a part time job. I am hoping to finally get my licence this year, providing I don’t have to do any parallel parking when I have the test.

Apologies for how messy (and boring) this is, but if you have managed to get to the bottom of this ramble, then I thought it may be worth posting my socials underneath. Oh and I am sure that i have forgotten to mention something here, but never mind…

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