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Hello, so this is where I share recent updates etc about my own life, just in case anyone is interested

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Personal Update- November 2020

Oh and here are a couple of old things I wrote for this page, back in April 2020 when I had no idea what to do with this blog…

Little introduction about this page– Oh and please scroll for recent blog posts 🙂

Hii, so here is the introduction about lifestyle and wellbeing. I know, I write the most imagainitive openings. But wellbeing is so so important, therefore this is why I include it on this blog.

Now if you delve into enough posts, you may even be able to read some personal things about me, so watch this space.

You look at young children, who to begin with cry at the smallest inconvience,, immediately drawing attention to themselves. then the stronger, more mature elder will comfort them, whilst enabling them out of that situation. Whilst as they get a bit older, they may come unstuck in a game they would be having with their companions. Maybe they feel they’re being left out, or they are upset about themselves as they feel they are not so good at the game. Perhaps they can’t catch a ball quite so well, or they can’t run as fast (anybody else?). But then once again, they will crave comfort, and they will either be nurtured following an order for everyone to play nicely, or they will be reminded of what they are good at.

Nevertheless there reaches a stage where we become more independently minded, self-serving and possibly even slightly arrogant.  Once we reach our teenage stage.  Where we most likely want to embrace our newly established independence. This may possibly involve going to one's initiative, close friend or even google- to get through the tunnel previously surpressing up.  And that is perfectly natural.  Nonetheless, for many there becomes a point where we may stop going to a friend, stop using the internet or even turning to ourselves.  Reluctant to acknowledge our problems, while instead letting them amount.
Now I think this can be quite dangerous, as we steer away from our genuine nature and character, and glue on a mask of eledigedly the "best version of ourselves".  However how can this person be you, when you aren't even working on, accepting, or considering the what is going on in your head?  So I think it is fine to conceal certain elements of yourself to people you have looser connections with, but when it gets to the point of being ashamed to admit anything less conventional about yourself, or any concerns or possible flaws to close friends and yourself, it can create a toxic environment.  Meaning that people surrounding yourself can buy into that, and feel the need to also discuise their own nature, and instead comply with the conventional "rules".  Leading to everyone being afraid to embrace their own, beautiful nature.

Thus I want to use this page as a platform to advocate the need for there to be more freedom felt within us, in order to express what we fear others may not want to see. And to fight the superficial side of society.

There is nothing bloody “wrong with you”! What is wrong is about what has come about nature, to have a hateful feeling towards this rather than embrace differences!

(Note from mee)- If you have read all of this=, congratulations. I have blabbered so much, and will probs edit and shorten at some point…

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