“Positivity on the Internet”- Does Anyone Actually Need it?

Guess what people, I have some really super positive news for you. YOU YES YOU!! “Everything you need will Come to you at the perfect time”, “Every day is a chance to change your life“, “Happy Monday, it is going to be an awesome week”. Enough? Alright it is actually ok to feel that theseContinue reading ““Positivity on the Internet”- Does Anyone Actually Need it?”

Answering a few Questions

Hiya, so I am amazed to find that I have been nominated for “blog of the year 2020”? by https://dearkitty1.wordpress.com/ and I would like to say thankyou 🙂 And for this I have been asked to answer a few questions. Now to be brutally honest,. I have left this so late. As I basically hadContinue reading “Answering a few Questions”

20 of the Loveliest Mental Health Quotes

Hiii, so this year for Mental health awareness; I’m not just making one post about this, like I would usually aim to do so, but two! Yeah, call it a double whammy! But I think this is kind of appropriate, as I have more time on my hands than I would usually enabling myself toContinue reading “20 of the Loveliest Mental Health Quotes”

Lets remain creative, positive and hopeful- Just like the children of the world!

Reflecting on the talent and creativity oneself had during childhood, may cause one to laugh at themselves! I know I remember creating dance routines, when I was much younger, and I was absolutely horrific! Growing up, I also thought it would be a smart idea to make a business out of loom bands, make myContinue reading “Lets remain creative, positive and hopeful- Just like the children of the world!”