Answering a few Questions

Hiya, so I am amazed to find that I have been nominated for “blog of the year 2020”? by and I would like to say thankyou 🙂 And for this I have been asked to answer a few questions. Now to be brutally honest,. I have left this so late. As I basically had a lot on my plate, intended to answer these, then lost them.

But I have managed to delete a few (out of nearly 2000) photographs off my phone, and while doing so, I found the screenshot of the question. So, lets get started!

1. Where do most visits from your blog come from

Now my visits predominately come from the UK, however I am surprised to see that there are a good number of people who visit from all over the world. So I would like to say hello and thankyou to anyone who visits this page, whether you live in the same home as me, or whether you are a complete stranger and we are separated by thousands of miles of land and sea, yet connected by this world wide web 🙂

2. What is your favourite sport?

Oh yes, running!! Running late, running away from my problems and running into things. Now I wouldn’t comment on whether it is enjoyable, but it is the only sport that I am good at. In a matter of fact, I reckon I would make it into the Olympics if there was a triathlon including these three incredible factions of one sport.

Ok, actually I do like one or two sports so I will go with swimming. Especially in the sea. It is relaxing, it is not boring due to the changes and variation in atmosphere and there’s fewer people!

3. What has been a special moment for you so far in 2020?

Oh God. I don’t actually have an answer to this one, because things this year have been pretty grim. Though obviously we are all hopefully learning some valuable lessons from this! I guess seeing some of the kindness and sense of community within society because of this. As it gives you hope that things can change, and humans might collectively be really good, generous loving beings.

4. What is your favourite quote

Well I am not sure, as I am never much good at remembering these. However I think “wake up every morning and tell yourself that you’re a bad ass bitch from hell, and that no one can fuck with you” (mentally or physically) by Kate Nash is one that sticks.

As you need to remember who you are and remember how important it is to be strong 🙂 Don’t let anybody mess with ya! Oh and Kate Nash is an incredible artist, in-fact one of my all time favourites, so if you get a moment- then check out her music!

5. What is/was your favourite class when still at school?

Well I am kind of still in school, or at least 6th form. It is hard to say what my favourite class is (or was if it is a subject which I have dropped) as there are some aspects within each lesson I do which I really enjoy, and I guess some aspects which I don’t find so compelling.

I will say that voting behaviour and general political science in politics is very interesting (though I always do shit in the essay, but probs because I overcomplicate them so much then go off on a tangent) while behavioural economics is fascinating. Though I have only just begun learning about it!

6. Anything you had wished you had learned earlier?

Hell yes. Probably many things, however mainly I wish I could have learned to not be afraid of myself or embarrassed by myself. It has definitely prevented me from mixing with people who I would have liked to have known more, or has stopped me from attending clubs which I probably would have enjoyed. Not to mention making social contact.

I know now that I am who I am, and there are many others who feel marginiaised because their characteristics aren’t exactly conventional, but there are so many who are in this box, and so many of us who are probably hiding it. Therefore i think that no one should be embarrassed of themselves or be trying to hide themselves, and instead just embrace it. Makes life far less of a strain and far more enjoyable.

If I am honest, my brain is still automatically working in this way, but at least I know now what I should be doing, so I hope that gradually things will improve for good.

7. Which politician would you never vote for, supposing you could never vote for him or her?

Well, in the UK politicians literally drop like flies. So unless there’s some immense disaster in parliament, it will be a few more years until I actually get to vote in a general election :((

Therefore come then, Boris may well choose to retire or step down- especially if things carry on as they are. So instead, I would say that I could never vote for the conservative party. As I know what their aims are: opposing increased welfare to those who need it most, shutting the doors which could lead to a stronger international community and provoking the public into fear of change. The way I see it anyway, they are opposed to any forward change or sense of equality.

And while I wouldn’t exactly call myself a die hard socialist, the last few months more than anything have proven that our society needs to change. Mainly the attitudes towards various groups of people and how the way some occupations are perceived as far more deserving of high pay than others. While some of the lowest paid workers, work harder than most of us…

So come 2023…Vote!

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2 thoughts on “Answering a few Questions

  1. deleting pictures really does turn up lots of gold. kindof how cleaning rooms just like gives ya dollars and change! it’s like a thank you from the room itself! and wow sucks that Parliament has such a chaotically disorganized situation rn. I hate voting tho because I feel no one running is either going to be someone I care for or the person I want to win definitely won’t because of course why would they. they’re good. and gov doesn’t like good. gov likes crooked.

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