You know, I am so so bored of posting super serious content. From my view on the general election to that self care thing which was basically a car crash. Jokes. I love posting that sort of stuff.

But I still cannot wait for it to get a little warmer, so I can begin actually going to places again and seeing and doing stuff. Okay, probably not festivals as no one likes me and I don’t have the money anyway. But like some scenic hike, or some beach or some place that I haven’t visited before. Yeah that would be nice. A nice account of my travels.

But for the time being, you lot are stuck with more boring stuff. Like politics, my boring life and how to untie your shoes. Ok, maybe not that. But you get the general guist?

So with only one day left in January, what have I actually achieved. Not much to be honest. Ok, so I have kept up with school work more or less, learned a new piece on guitar which I play pretty badly and set up an instergram account to aid this blog. And how many followers do I have? 57. Wow, what an incredible achievement. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to post more often at more sensible times, and engage a bit more with people. Then more people would see the link to this. But oh well.

I suppose you can only do so much, and really what you achieve doesn’t matter., Its about how happy you are, and how happy you make other people. But looking at it from a self care perspective I haven’t really done that great. I can’t even say that I have had a good sleep or anything, as I have either been taking an hour to sleep (or maybe less, but it feels like an hour: ought to time it really), or I have been waking up at 5 o clock in the bloody morning. UGH. However in some ways so far it hasn’t been too bad. I have managed to stress less. Or at least try. I have come to accept that I am worth just as much as anyone else, regardless of what grades I am getting, or how many friends I have. And you all should believe the same. I am calming my ass down when it comes to grades. Ok, so I still want to get certain grades to enable to do my course of choice at uni. Nevertheless some universities have very high requirements, whilst others aren’t as high. So i no longer aim too go to one with the top standards. I don’t ned to be putting that amount of stress on myself (inserts calm face).

But what I am hating about myself is that I am so bloody introverted. It iss a problem at times. I wont go into it, but its like part of me enjoys being alone naaturally. But I also like being around people from time to time, and i dont know if its my nature of being an introvert preventing me from doing so, or whether it is more of an anxiety. Fat fucking thumbs up…

One more exciting news, that probably won’t come to anything,I am running as a candidate as a member of youth parliament and I’ve chosen to campaign on mental health, protecting the environment and more funding for youth services. Now whether I get in or not, I feel that it will be an engaging and cool experience. I will do a post soon setting out my goals on whether I were to get elected.

Argh, so much to do and so little time and even less time actually doing what I should be rather than procrastinating. Not great.

Anyway this was a pretty spontaneous self reflection post, aswhen I began writing I was aiming to do this about a different topic. I will still aim to do that. But I realised I had more to say than I’d initially thought, so there you go!

Victoria x

Published by Personally_Political

Hello! This is a mainly a blog containing posts concerning social, political and economic issues, although the commentary is mainly based on opinion. My name is Victoria, and I am the creator and currently the only contributor to this blog, and I am 19 years old and studying PPE at Swansea. Also, I am currently looking for writers for here, content creators on Instagram and designers. However the role would be very flexible according to what you would like to do. Therefore, if you or anyone you know would be interested in getting involved, then please don't hesitate to contact me at vickyyrose.02@gmail.com

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