Corona virus- and self-employment

Edit- Hi,, so it looks like another corona virus thing has been added onto here. Haha. This is actually part of a post for Doorstep-News, however I am publishing it as I don’t actually know how to send a link otherwise. Looking good :/

So it is pretty awkward at the moment. It goes without saying that no one knows what is going to happen, or how it will effect them. But I guess at least workers on an employment contract who currently are not working, will receive 80% of their usual salaries by the government, whilst the country is on sort of lockdown… Whilst the wonderful key workers, including nurses, social workerss and those working in supermarkets, or anyone contributing to the food production line are still carrying on. Whilst many doing immense amounts of overtime.

But if you are self employed it is a bit of a grey area. My Dad, being a self employed accountant, is still going to work at the moment. And not working at home partly due to the isolated environment in his office. However I don’t see why it is not impossible for him to “work from home”, although it would involve carrying things to and from his office. Meaning really less self isolation. So maybe that would just be counterintuitive. And his businesses, like many, is very small…

Since lockdown, the only people who Boris has explicitly said are able to travel to and from work, are key workers; mentioned above, and people who work in banks :/ But there’s been no mention of people who are self employed yet, though it has been strongly advised previously anyone who is able to work from home should do so!

Meanwhile, just yesterday night, Sunak outlined the help that self employed people will receive, in due course. However the matchmade help to these people compared to those employees, may not be so simple as it sounds. To start with, in order to claim this 80%, rough annual income allowance, you cannot be a recently established business. Instead you have to have submitted at least a years worth of figures showing expenses and revenue, in order to claim for this. Also those who are self employed, but are part of a limited company: are uncertain to whether they will be able to get any help at all. There’s the possibility of grants from local authorities for small businesses, for instance, however no one really if or when this money will come. Meanwhile it is all still a bit of a grey area within the gig economy, as demand for takeaways fall drastically. Moreover anyone who is self employed, who is entitled to the standard allowance, will not be receiving any financial support for three months: likely to leave many small business owners out of pocket…

For the many who are self employed, remembering that this includes those in the gig economy, these current stingy allowances, are going to have a catastrophic effect on many self employed workers, and on the country. According to the ONS, self employed people make up 15% of our workforce. Therefore only time will tell whether lots of these small companies will survive, and whether the government will need to step in further, to help those whos jobs may be lost forever, and those in the dodgy old “gig economy”.

So for the time being, it looks like although work is slowed, there is still work for my Dad to be able to do (payment is another subject entirely), but we don’t know for much longer..

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