How to not be a dickhead during the Corona virus?


Okay, so if a virus that is potentially going to cause so much damage before enough is found out about it, and before a vaccine is formed is not bad enough- the way that people are reacting to it just makes things that bit worse, doesn’t it?

So first I want to say the easiest ways in which to act in a good manner, in order to mitigate this situation worsening for some people. Everyone really.

1. DONT buy more toilet paper, food or cleaning products that what you need.

So it’s now a well known fact that there have been certain people, buying enough toilet paper to fill up the loos in pizza express for a week. Yet they’re only buying it for themselves, and their average sized family. And it is so not necessary!

But more importantly, it is such a selfish act. When there is huge demand for a product, it often means the price is likely to rise, meaning only more well off people can afford it. Whilst there’s no actual tension on the supply of it currently, meaning that if no one was actually buying more of it than usual, there would be sufficient supplies of it for everyone- as usual. Whoo, A level economics. Or just common snse.

Meanwhile if you do find yourself in the situation where you have run out, and you are unable to get any then there are plenty of alternatives available. Take an old, or ccurrent newspaper such as the Sun or the Mail. Or failing that, an old football shirt with Chelsea on it or something.

2. Stop constantly complaining.

So the whole world is going through it. Everyone is facing huge inconveniences one way or another. And especially if you are on lockdown, one thing that is worse than dealing with your own troubles, is listening to some grump complaining CONSTANTLY. Of course, its fine to complain from time to time. It is of course extremely worrying, and inconvenient. However whilst many of us are trying to be more positive, we don’t want that ruined.

And put things into perspective. What’s worse, you not being able to go to some party, or go to the park for say a month or even a few moths, or having thousands of people die? Yeah exactly. And think on the bright side. This is hellish. However there have also been record low levels of pollution in china, Dolphins have been spotted in the canals in Venice whilst some penguin has been filmed wandering around some sea-life place gazing in at the fish, since it was shut to the public

3. Try to help people the best you can.

So youmight well be thinking, how on earth am I able to help people, when I am stuck indoors myself. well here n few ways.You can simply check on people: close family, older relatives or friends to ask how they are getting on. And if somebody is by themselves, then its especially a good idea to ring up and ask after them. A shortish conversation can genuinely really brighten up someone’ day.

Whilst with anybody; friends or relatives, it is so important to let them know that someone is there for them. As they may be having fears that you may not guess. Meanwhile check up on those who are introverted as well, as although you think they may require less social interaction to stay sane, which is true we still need to be able to know there is someone out there who cares.

As people can be having a hell of a time with family during “lockdown” and in a time like this we all need each others support to remain positive.

Also lots of areas in the UK have ways in which you can help your wider community. These range from filling required jobs like in a care home, to just ringing up more vulnerable people. The amount of commitment to this therefore hugely varies, however one tiny little thing can go a very long way.

4. Remember it’s not just “old people” who can become very ill

For God’s sake. People have invisible disibilities. They are a thing. People from any age can struggle with something like astma, heart conditions or anything making them more vulnerable. Therefore It’s important not to be like “oh well, we will be fine because we are young” or whatever, because for all you know, who you are interacting with (hopefully online) may have some condition making them more vulnerable. Also many people sstruggle with mental health conditions, making this pandemic even more terrifying and overwhelming. So just be apprecriative.

Meanwhile people may well be living with people who are assholes, or just bloody awkward. It can be extremely unpleasant for people in these situations, so just be coinsiderate. As although these people won’t be affected in exactly the same way, it can still be tough!

5. Actually listen to advice

So it is not that hard! Like to stay 2 metres apart from someone else, and not sit in huge groups or meet friends. At the end of the day, health professionals are giving us this advise in our own interest. And even if you think that you are not at risk from becoming very ill, remember you can still be a carrier. And the more people carrying this disease, the more people then who are at greater risk.

Ok… So this is no where near as concise as what I had written before to be honest, but things are moving so quickly. I just want to post this and move on. So yeah.. Just try and be positive, and be considerate.

Stay safe

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