Here is yet another Update!

Hiya, So I’m not going to waffle on this time. But I just thought I would say that I am going to attempt to move some of my content onto relevant pages. This will include content that may go a little adrift from the theme I am generally going to stick to throughout my main posts.

However I don’t quite know how to work this thing yet, and I don’t even ask if I am capable of following instructions….

But on here I aim for my posts to be relevant to myself in some way, without being obsessive if that makes sense. So they will basically have a slightly more personal niche to them, but will obviously be related to more important topical issues, whether that’s more to do with news or general lifestyle.

Meanwhile, for the time being I am going to post other content onto either, news and opinion, travel or lifestyle. However I may expand these pages in the near future, I will just see what happens as it is very early days to be fair…

Bye for now! 😉

Published by victoriarose002

Hiya, I am an 18 year old blogger from the UK. I generally post about topics surrounding social, cultural and political commentary although I also aim to write some personal posts too... I am currently studying A levels, and as well as writing I like music, complaining and going to cool places. I encourage any comments, constructive criticism or any blog post suggestions. While don't hesitate to contact me at for anything blog related :)

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