“It’s been the forth year in a row now- where I have been on the brink of dialling “Childline” as no one has got me an Easter Egg”

Ok, so apart from everything else that is going on right now, we are actually approaching a weekend right now. And not only any weekend- but it is the Bank holiday Easter weekend. Already I am sure that many of us are however ignorant of this. As each day currently feels the same. Unless of course you are a key worker, or looking after children full time- THEN YOU ARE AMAZING!!!
But for the rest of us, we only have to peek outside one of our windows, or easier still listen to the weather forecast- in order to persist with the logic of fact: that Easter may be approaching is barely imaginable. For a start there isn’t any water falling from the sky, someone with a regular temperature regulation can set outside without requiring one of these heavy coats, and there’s none of these…um, the chubby British tourists who gather in clumps supplying sea-gulls with endless supplies of chips, and believing they can get a tan by laying down in the cold for 10 minutes.

Yet occasionally I have no choice but to set foot into Tesco. And as always, their shelves are piled with Easter eggs. From the cheap cadburys ones where you can literally get 2 for less than £2, those golden bunnies with that pretty ribbon with the bell around their necks which I would almost treasure when I was much younger, to those rather expensive thortons ones costing as much as £15 pound each due to their authentic brand, or more importantly still, because some genius thought to imprint a unicorn on some off them…

Unicorn Easter Egg | Chocolate Eggs | Thorntons
Rather adorable looking unicorn, featuring on one of this year’s editions of the Thortons Easter eggs (source, Thorntons website)

Only today actually I was by myself in Tesco and quew reached beyond the alcohol aisle to where all of the Easter goodies were, so I had all of the chocolate to be tempted by as well as the obvious! And like all years, I was rather impressed with the numbers of options available to us, which even led my to buying something! (off my Dad’s care of course!). But knowing that he wouldn’t object, I also found myself thinking once again, why don’t people actually buy me Easter eggs now. Ok, there is an blatently obvious reason at the moment. But we saw the same thing occur last year, and the year before. And as sad as it sounds, I felt a little neglected. How come all my friends were being brought Easter eggs (well I would just assume so wouldn’t I, doesn’t mean it’s really the case), plus when they’re on sale, surly it would be a little friendly gesture just to buy me one.

Ok, so when did I last have one? Last year I think. So lets be honest, I am exaggerating when I say no one will buy me one. I received one from parents, and I know that if I ask I basically get. Aha I’m actually so spoilt eek… Nevertheless, it came in a giant cardboard box. then when I opened it, a third of that box was dedicated to one of those tiny chocolate bars (for god’s sake, I don’t bloody remember what it was, but you should know what I’m on about), then the rest of the box was home to a rather small chocolate egg wrapped in foil. Then after working your way through all this packaging, to finally get to the beautiful product, you would notice how considerably thin the chocolate was. Only then I realised that there was a very good reason, for the considerably generous prices of these eggs. then of course it would say that it contains something like 4 portions, but a quarter of an egg would be almost the equilivant to one square, yes one square of chocolate! While when I was younger I would question why on earth some kids got something like 8 eggs, and I would label them as spoiled. but with these cheap things that is simply not the case.

But until a couple of years ago, the thought of the amount of packaging they would come in, wouldn’t even occur to me as being a problem. But now, being enlightened of “woke” culture aimed at all the internet cool kidz like me, I actually realise the horrendous amount of packaging used is seriously problematic. And I know it isn’t ONLY Easter eggs, try ordering a cheap necklace off amazon! Nonetheless, I think it is pretty safe to say that Easter eggs are one of the worst things with regards to packaging. So lets be fair, I know that usually they aren’t coated in the evil plastic, but lets face it. The manufacturing of cardboard and paper use up humongous amounts of energy, heat, water therefore the act of making them isn’t exactly environmental stewardship!

Cadbury Mini Eggs Chocolate Easter Egg Bag Pouch Box Ideal Gifts
The height of the egg is about half the height of the box! (source, premium website)

And like I was told long ago! “It is far better to buy a £1 big bar of chocolate than a £1 Easter egg box”. And it’s true though. When you buy an Easter egg, you are not only paying for the chocolate, you are paying for the packaging and the larky which comes with it. It’s a very pesky exercise. Children inevitably get hyped up over buying an Egg, as it’s in order to celebrate a once in a year event, then they just get even more attracted by the vivid packaging in which it comes in. Then if it is a little chick or bunny, then it is a bonus! It’s kind of parallel to when you used to get more excited about that fridget little toy which came out of those “happy meals” from “maccys”, than the actual food…

So here are two very legitimate reasons for people’s objections to these Easter eggs, firstly due to environmental concerns, then due to the costs in comparison to what you would pay for perr gram of solid chocolate. in-fact three reasons, if you include objection to the way capitalism is so brilliant at selling you rubbish that you don’t want.

But here is the real tea that you have been waiting for! Religion…

So to begin with, my family and myself are not Christian. And obviously anyone with an ounce of background information regarding this rainy and chocolaty holiday should be able to tell that the origins to all this actually belongs to Christianity. It is infact probably the most important event on the Christian calander. Yes, even more important than christmas! So really should all of us Brits, who don’t necessarily go to church or believe in God really be indulging ourselves in all of this chocolate?

Ok, so a bit like Christmas, Easter has become more than just an event valuable to Christians. Instead it has become almost of value to our culture, and it is not just like that here in the UK. Therefore what is wrong with all of us eating a tonne of chocolate, and disposing on our nearest public beach? (in normal circumstances). However there is rather more than a subtle difference between celebrating a holiday whilst acknowlding its traditions and letting the current way we celebrate undermine the value it has to some people! Now I really will start sounding like an old fashion, misery here, but I do wonder is the reason behind changing the name from “Easter eggs” to “Eggs” on a considerable amount of packaging really necessary in order not to offend people of a different religion? Or rather, is it simply an insult?

Nestlé Medium Easter Eggs Collection (122g-140g): Amazon.co.uk ...
I’m sorry, but spot the word Easter. You’ll be looking for a while (source, Amazon)

Now quite honestly I wouldn’t have even noticed if it hasn’t been pointed out to me, which in a way, that in itself just shows how little some of us actually associate Easter, being as a religious significance. But coming to think of it, it seems crazy that something which comes out once a year (though to be fair they’re aperient in shops for more like a third of a year), in order to celebrate a religious event, shouldn’t be labelled including this despite having initially always been labelled as Easter. So in a way, the rise of Easter eggs has really been down to the rise of a “global culture”, partly aspiring to become more “Americanised” emphasising on the big. Hence the obsessive packaging in which these chocolate eggs come in. To which it has reached the point that people from all walks of life have become heavily attracted to this product, leading to them having to be target at appealing to all consumers. Not only Christians. But I still do not see why people cannot enjoy something celebrating a tradition they may not be entirely a part of. Rather than this having to be adapted for their liking.

Though I suppose that all cultures have mixed and will continue to mix, meaning most people are open to a huge mixture of traditions. In which i do not have a problem with. Nevertheless I just personally feel that it would be best if everyone was able to enjoy all these variations of culture, whilst having some knowledge of it’s roots. In-fact i am sure that British people are one of the worst offenders when it comes to this, without necessarily realising.

The global reach of US Popular Culture - Taieb Oussayfi - Medium
An image implying the extent of which American culture is dominant in our World. Or is it just consumerism at its finest? (source, Medium.com)

So now I do understand why my parents have always been rather hostile to purchasing vast amounts of Easter eggs. Furthermore, if I’m brutally honest- I’m kind of the same. for a start the packaging is a complete waste of money, and an insult to desirable environmental sustainability. Whilst fuelled by consumerism, there isn’t really the need for consideration for these reasons neither consideration for the need to ensure that traditions behind these aren’t undervalued. So I need not explain why I had no real reason to go to childline. When these these “eggs” or whatever are genuinly overestimated. Although I suppose that they do hold a pleasent symbolic value. It is only natural to be excited as a child to be recieving a novelty item like an Easter egg, even if it is worth so little. Whilst after all Easter, like other holidays in our calander, are usually positive celebrations, which aren’t yet completly surrounding symbolism.

Like you may say that the concept of an “Easter bunny” is nothing except ridiculous. Yet none of us object to the idea of a Santa Clause existing do we?

I suppose really it is about finding a balance. I personally feel that twisting traditions in over a long period of time, isn’t necessarily harmful. As long as we are reminded to consider the tradition and origins of the events. This way a little bit of consumerism is ok here and there, but not to the extent where we are all stressing and obsessinng over this factor, rather than the traditional andd cultural relevance.

Therefore I do get rather cheesed off with the enormous amounts of packaging that goes into the final product of an “Egg”, and I do really think that they should be referred to still as “Easter eggs”, as that is what they celebrate. However many miles chocolate eggs may be from the traditional intention behind easter…

I also think the concept of associating springtime with Easter ok, letting kids go on Easter egg hunts is ok, and having children or yourself paint eggs is pretty adorable. And if I and when I were to have children, I would probably insist on there being an Easter bunny, who lay down chocolate eggs the night before Easter morning. Partly so that I can get involved, but also so that it may help them to see the world in a better light. Likewise with the concept of a Santa. Nevertheless I will of course educate them to make them realise the importance of it to Chrisitians, and I would probably want them briefed on the Easter story. As that is what it is all about.

Easter in the United States - Partnership International
Some rather pretty painted eggs (source, Partnership international)

And in the event that anyone is interested to whether I brought anything from Tesco (aside from necessaties, duh), I actually did… Now it was not an egg, or even a traditional easter bunny. But it was some strangly shaped thing (probably a rabbit), that was just wrapped in foil, therefore didn’t come in one of these stupid cardboard boxes.

And whilst usually I would just think “yey chocolate”, having written this rather waffly and wishy washy post about, well Easter eggs, I shall consider the current and traditional implications and meaning behind this event. In-spite of everything else going on!

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