UK Obesity Plans aren’t going to Work (and Instead will be Counterproductive)

Recently we have been told that being overweight or obese is not good for you, and we have learned about yet another risk associated with this. Which is of course a greater chance of experiencing coronavirus symptoms on a more severe level. Therefore most of us would recognise that this is a problem which needsContinue reading “UK Obesity Plans aren’t going to Work (and Instead will be Counterproductive)”

Monthly Moan: Stop Abusing Retail Workers!!

So this post is pretty much self explanatory; in that it is simply not ok to be rude to anybody who is simply trying to do their job! These are people who are running up and down aisles just so you have a choice of foods, cleaning the high-street so that you can be inContinue reading “Monthly Moan: Stop Abusing Retail Workers!!”

Little Update

Hi hope that you are all ok. Now as I am writing this at the beginning of the “summer holidays”, I decided it would be a good time to do another off my updatey posts, where I basically ramble on about my life and probably moan about a few things, and not do very muchContinue reading “Little Update”

Things we all should have learned from LOCKDOWN

Read about what I feel I have learned personally from the prolonged experience of being in lockdown, and the crisis wholly. Meanwhile I feel many others may have a similar kind of perspective.

We need to put an end to modern Slavery!

In the last few weeks we have seen lockdown restrictions lifting all over England, where transmission rates are at least LOWER than before (though the extent varies depending on where you are). However we have also seen spikes of this in certain areas of the England, for varying reasons including population density, and crowded livingContinue reading “We need to put an end to modern Slavery!”

Opinion: Are signing petitions a waste of time?

Hiya, well I was pondering on what to say next really. In the last few days and weeks, there has been so much news everywhere, from international affairs, tragedies of what has been happening in other countries aswell as stuff which has been going on in the bloody UK. Now then, with all these issuesContinue reading “Opinion: Are signing petitions a waste of time?”

What the Cluck

What the Cluck? What could this all be about? Maybe an independent butcher who works for Tesco, my growing excitement which arose when KFC reopened, or some spontaneous trip to a farm where I came across a load of chickens. Wrong! Though ironically all three of these points are indirectly relevant to this. But insteadContinue reading “What the Cluck”

Monthly Moans: June

So on the radio this morning I heard there was a huge banner going above a football stadium stating “white lives matter” (I don’t know what team it was or in what country it was). Now OK, I can initially understand why people are arguing that all lives should matter, when people of all coloursContinue reading “Monthly Moans: June”

Answering a few Questions

Hiya, so I am amazed to find that I have been nominated for “blog of the year 2020”? by and I would like to say thankyou 🙂 And for this I have been asked to answer a few questions. Now to be brutally honest,. I have left this so late. As I basically hadContinue reading “Answering a few Questions”