Could Donald Trump Still win???

Hellooo from England- yes we are going into lockdown again but unless you happen to live under a fat rock then you will know that the presidential election is coming up shortly. And you may even be aware that many Americans have already voted.

If you know a little more about what is going on in America then you may well think that Trump is not going to get re-elected. For a start he has “handled” the covid crisis in a terrible way, he isn’t even a proper politician and Biden is well ahead in the opinion polls anyhow.

Though I cannot be the only person with some deep gut feeling that Trump might just win again… Because judging from last time, it is quite likely again that Trump and his team have something extra up their sleeve! On top of the action he has been taking recently, in trying to swing the result his way…

The Dodgy Emails:

So remember back in 2016, 11 days before the election the FBI announced it was examining newely discovered emails sent of received by Hillary Clinton. This was after she had set up her own email system, which enabled her to become the  “sole arbiter of what should and shouldn’t be provided to the government, made public via freedom of information requests or turned over to interested parties.” Subsequently an FDI investigation found that she used “numerous personal devices” while in office and relied on several email servers. While it was decided that she should not face criminal charges, the disturbance caused by this so soon before the election, caused a lot of uproar at the time. Potentially deterring voters from voting for Clinton, due to the lack of trust. As Trump described Clinton as a “liar”, “dishonest” and “untrustworthy”. Furthermore Trump and his supporters were obsessed with the emails sent by Clinton, drawing further attention to this. This was to the degree that Trump supporters were shouting “lock her up” three years into his premiership. Therefore it could have been quite possible that the announcement could have been encouraged by Trump’s team, in order to swing the election. While there is still time for something like this to happen in this current election- so watch this space…

Fewer Ballots

So as you know the Trump campaign have been doing everything they can do swing votes in their favour or rather reduce the number of votes in Biden’s favour. For instance Trump has already falsely claimed that it is illegal to count mail in ballots after election day, stating “It would be very, very proper and very nice if a winner were declared on Nov. 3, instead of counting ballots for two weeks, which is totally inappropriate, and I don’t believe that’s by our laws. I don’t believe that.” Meanwhile Trump has been constantly attacking postal voting, for being very susceptible to fraud, having blocked funding in some cases. While democrats are more likely to vote by post compared to republicians. Moreover some remote polling stations have been removed, making it more difficult for some of the public to vote. This has especially been focused in swing states, meaning that it is likely that votes for democrats have been targeted.

Unfair electoral System

It is actually true that Clinton won the popular vote by over a million, however because of how the electoral system works- where a weight is given to the outcome per state- it meant that Trump still managed to win the result. This year, the case of this looks less likely with it looking like most of the swing states are strongly in Biden’s favour this year. Alongside with Trump’s tactics in increasing the difficulty for some to vote, it could be possible that the electoral system may work in favour of Trump yet again. Although it is important to recognise that Trump has been one of just 5 presidents to win, while not gaining the majority popular vote.

Is it too soon for a “Happy Ending”

What I mean is that is it already time for America to elect a less right wing leader, or has America (and other countries) not become fed up enough of racism, sexism and fascism and don’t quite desire change yet? Because we have seen similar trends in other countries, such as the UK with Brexit and the rise (and fall to be fair) of UKIP/Brexit party, the popularity of the RN in France and I don’t even want to mention what is happening in Poland at the moment.

What’s more frightening is that Trump is frantically worried about an outcome which leaves him as no longer president. Therefore he will do whatever he can to change this. He has already mentioned that if he doesn’t win the election, he will take it to court, although he has also suggested he may choose to leave the country!

Therefore while there is potential for Trump to win, hopefully this year it is too late for any major changes to occur, and we can all hope that Trump doesn’t get reelected.

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8 thoughts on “Could Donald Trump Still win???

  1. ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇

    ◇ Donald Trump is a Rarity EveryOne, an Honest Politician which is why He Gets Voted On by The Honest; a fly landed on Bidens head, Trump will Continue Clearing Out The Swamp and The DisHonest WILL!!! Continue to Be Destructively Critical of Trump while Failing to Turn Inwards and take a Good, Long Hard Look in Their Mirrors

    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇


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  2. I really hope Trump gets voted out, but the suspense is hard to bear. I feel like this could be the decline of democracy, certainly in the US, but maybe even further afield, if he stays for 4 more years. It feels like the majority of Americans want him gone, and it’s sad that there is a possibility that it won’t matter. I feel like this is what we get for not actively defending democratic values. Also, not excited for another lockdown here in the UK

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  3. I did not watch the news feed this morning . Scares me. Majority of us at work are Bidens because saw and experience what COVID19 has done to people & our country first hand. I hope & pray tomorrow if not Friday, a reborn unified better America will greet us all.

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