Were They Right to Cancel Exams?

Sigh, Sixth form and school. The subject that anyone who would have been due to take A levels or GCSEs this summer would want to back away from. However this is pretty hard to avoid as exams have been cancelled for the second time in a row, just a couple of weeks after they were given the go ahead, and once again we are having to resort to online learning… Which I hope you realise that circumstances can make this hard for a large number of people, therefore surely cancelling exams is the only option which makes sense…

Advantages of cancelling exams

So a few days before Boris vaguely implied that exams wouldn’t be going ahead, I noticed a petition to cancel exams circulating around my social media. This is understandable due to the extent to which home learning has been a huge disruption, therefore having to do exams as normal would cause huge and unnecessary amounts of stress… Furthermore this is going to affect people’s mental health, and in some cases badly. Especially considering the influence covid has already had.

But I’m, aware there will be some people who may still dismiss this argument, arguing instead that the only reason why we want exams cancelled is because we cannot be bothered to do them. Nevertheless as an A level student, I can say for a fact that none of us are lazy! However there will be people at home who have the burden of additional responsibilities, who may be facing difficult/toxic family situations or maybe just have shit WiFi. But this still can make all the difference. Meaning that some students wouldn’t be able to perform as well in exams as they would have done without the disruptions, therefore it is probably best to leave it to the teacher’s discretion.

Disadvantages of Cancelling exams

So we would hope that teachers would have a rough idea on the student’s capacities, however it is impossible that a teacher is always going to predict students correctly. And especially concerning A levels, the difference between one grade can be really important! Yet it has been proven that on average those from BAME groups and those from low socioeconomic backgrounds are most likely to have their grades under-predicted, due to internal bias, therefore they are most likely to do better in exams in comparison.

Furthermore often making sense of exam technique can be just as much of, if not more of a task than actually learning and understanding the content. Although some people tend to grasp it faster than others. Therefore people who would usually improve in the last few months leading up to exam season, are likely to feel let down. Not to mention that many people who will revise for the real exam are less likely to revise for mocks, especially if these were taken back in year 12 or 10!

So Should Exams Be cancelled?

There is obviously no “perfect” solution to what is happening, and I know that there will be students who will lose out regardless of what happens. Although I would say the best option would be to cancel exams, just to take off some of the stress and so there are fewer people who receive really inaccurate grades, due to not being in school. But if you are a worrried student reading this, itt is important to realise that all of this is beyond your control, and to not beat yourself up if you do get lower grades than what you were hoping for. Also if you feel it would be best to do something like retaking a year, then there shouldn’t be any shame in doing so.

Finally I think this has highlighted some of the issues with the education system in “normal circumstances”. Because surely grades given based on what happened in the first year of the course, shouldn’t determine what university anyone should go to.

Can you Be Gay if Ya Look Straight?

Any queer gals here who claim to have no interest or involvement in gay culture, however for some reason they aren’t able to sit correctly, they wear the most bizarre dangly earrings, and they have some female singer’s bum on display in their bedrooms?

Because we all know that it is a lot more than this. Basically LBGT+ people in the UK have only recently been given the same legal rights as everyone else. Meanwhile we know that there are countries where to this day they don’t have any of these rights still, while even in the UK just because there are equal rights, there is still so much prejudice apparent. Therefore it is only natural really that LGBT+ people are going to want to group together having things in common with one another.

The History of Gay Culture

It was toward the end of the 1800s when “drag balls” began emerging, then by the mid-1920s, at the height of the Prohibition era, they were attracting as many as 7,000 people. Meanwhile gay men had established a presence in Harlem and the bohemian mecca of Greenwich Village, New York whilst the city’s first lesbian enclaves appeared  in Harlem and the Village. Meanwhile New York may have been the epicenter of the so-called “Pansy Craze,” where gay, lesbian and trans people often dominated nightspots. There was a backlash however to this culture in the 1930s during the Great depression. Then in 1969 came a turning point for gay liberation, when  “patrons of the popular Stonewall Inn in New York’s Greenwich Village fought back against ongoing police raids of their neighborhood bar.” The Gay liberation movement continued throughout the 1970s, causing an emergence of political organisations who were often at conflict with one another. gay and lesbian church and synagogue congregations, meanwhile many LGBT+ celebrities used their voices to campaign for gay rights. Obviously I haven’t included everything as there is so much to it and of course it would vary in different areas.

How it Looks Now

So now there is still a strong bound within LGBT culture. As an example, this year (2020) when pride marches were cancelled, there were still many virtual pride events. And while gay culture nowadays probably isn’t dominated by drag queens (although of course they still exist), there are still events which do seem to attract predominately LGBT+ people, while there are many features which are largely associated with gay culture. These may include fan bases at particular concerts, or could even simply about not being able to sit straight, wearing slightly odd earrings or not being able to dress appropriately for the weather! And though this may seem rather unimportant, these things do bond people together.

What we do Have in Common

So anyone today could quite easily say this is all as a result of a long cultural development. Because come on, LGBT+ culture is very much alive today, therefore LGBT+ people are naturally going to be influenced by it. However in-spite of all the progress that has been made in showing that LGBT+ people are the same as everyone else, could it be true that some may actually be inclined to act in a certain way, and therefore exhibit certain characteristics?

However the sense of togetherness within the LGBT+ culture is probably more important, especially considering how recent some of the movements toward equality have been, and when thinking about it, even somewhere like the UK there is still a long way to go before things can be perfectly equal.

Should it Still Be?

We know there are some, lets say gay people who you many would immediately know were gay. However there are others who you just wouldn’t guess. But of course, they are both really united in the same way. The cultural importance of LGBT+ cannot be underestimated, as many are still marginilised and most I would say are still trying to find the confidence to “come out”. Therefore the sense of community LGBT+ culture has to offfer cannot be underestimated. Nevertheless at the end of the day, it is up to every individual to decide how much they want to partake in it.

Personal Update

Hello! So here is another personal update, on the grounds that they are easier to write than the other kinds of posts which I do, and because I actually do have something relevant to say.

So in recent weeks I haven’t been my best (at the time of writing this) but as I am writing this it is very near the end of 2020, therefore this year I really want to work on myself. Yes I know that not every day is going to be perfect, but I feel that to some degree if you are successful in changing your mindset, then it can make a good difference. Which of course is currently a work in progress, as it stands, but this too is perfectly ok.

Anyway on a lighter note, next year I really want to experiment with my style a bit more. Because in the past I have always been restricted by money (and still am but aren’t we all), but as well as that I have always been worried about what people are going to think about me. In that I fear, and sort of know that there will always be a few who will think that I am not “good” enough to be dressing in a nice way, or that what I am wearing is going to be drawing too much attention to myself. But like mentioned before, life is too short to wear boring clothing, and while there will be some people judging, there will also be people admiring. And as long as you are happy, then it doesn’t matter.

Alright so I am finishing this off mid January, and I would say things have changed a little. On a positive note I have received 4 university offers, and one offering much lower grades. Although things generally have changed so much again, with the current sorta strict lockdown the UK is in, and having to resort to online education, not working etc; I am just trying to stay positive while not ignoring any negative feelings if that makes sense.

On a not so positive note however, I am having to self isolate for 5 days. I know that we are in a lockdown as it stands, but it means that I cannot go for walks or go to ASDA (which is extremely sad, don’t judge but of course it is for the greater good).

Finally I am feeling pretty optimistic about this year ahead of us, although of course there are likely to be difficulties and hardships faced too. And while Jan and Feb may be really difficult, we don’t have too long left, so just hang on in there then it should be ok 🙂

“Chavs” and “Roadmen”- Really?

We are in 2021 now, and it would be nice to think that things could have become a little better, in regards to understanding one another. But if anything, sometimes I think that this has reverted, as there seems to be more stick going around than ever before.

The Chavs

For a start, the phrase chav is basically rooted in classism, Because the kinds of people we associate with it, tend to be from lower income, working class backgrounds. This is because the lifestyle they lead tends to be of a lower cost; think that the price of eating McDonald’s is less than eating in an expensive restaurant.

Now you may contest that actually the stereotype of a chav is a joke which no one is going to take seriously. However a yougov survey conducted in 2006, showed that 70% of TV industry professionals believed that Little Britain’s Vicky Pollard, was an accurate reflection of white working-class youth. Many other TV programs have also portrayed the classic chav, making many middle class viewers see a “chav” in a bad light. Meanwhile we all know that many of those behind TV are going to be of a higher class, such as David Walliams who starred on Little Britain.

The media’s projection of the “chav”, probably hasn’t done anything help the public’s perspective. Because let’s face it, a lot of us are in the habit of pointing our finger at someone, just for standing outside McDonald’s wearing a hoodie, or at a young parent in a supermarket. When you however think about it, it is almost snobbish, as you are looking down on the way those people are living. This creates further barriers in society enabling people to look down on each other, when we should really be working to remove them.

Now in his defense, David Walliams did state that the characters made in Little Britain were for people to laugh with, rather than at. Being very relatable to many. And to some degree this is true, as it was (sort of) a representation of Britain at the time. And the same could be said for the term “chav”: as it is a joke. Moreover at the end of the day presenting yourself as a “chav” is a personal choice, so using the term in a derogatory way is not a direct insult on class. However we do need to be more aware of what we mean by the phrase chav, and as many of the dare I say symptoms of it cannot be helped, then we should be more sensitive toward it.

The Roadmen

Earlier on this year you may have been unfamiliar with the term “roadman”, and you would have probably guessed that it resembled something similar to a chav, which is true, well sort of… The subculture originally emerged in London, among generally working class and people of colour. It was associated with grime music, street style and often sport. Over time as the culture expanded, it provoked interest among the middle classes, with many wanting to copy the slang. However it also led to many seeing Roadmen under a bad light, provoking fear among many who speculate that they are likely to be possessing drugs, carrying out crimes and are likely tot be violent…

Once again much of this is going to be rooted in classism, however I would also say that it is part of internal racism due to how many automatically associate poc with violence. This way it is important for us all to question our judgments when coming across people who may be different to us, and ask ourselves if we are coming to a fair conclusion.

In the end, it would be silly to argue that everyone who mutters the phase “chav” or “roadman” is simply making a comment on our culture, because both off the phases are to some degree are rooted in observations of those behaviors, which are caused by no fault of their own. In some ways it is alright to comment on our culture. This way it is important for us all to question our judgments when coming across people who may be different to us. While we should try to get a better understanding of different groups of people and pay attention to our internal prejudices before askingourselves if we are coming to a fair conclusion.

Is Cottage Core Racist

Anyone else noticed quite a few seemingly new aesthetics arising, in the last year or so? One of these being cottagecore. I mean what is there not to love about the flowy dresses, craftsmanship and rural landscapes, far away from the hectic lifestyle which we are all to familiar with. But there’s actually a darker side to this, which we are probably not aware of. And it’s important to consider this before asking ourselves the question of “does it matter?”

All About CottageCore

Cottagecore is an aesthetic which focuses on traditional agricultural life. The fashion resembles the bygone era, not relating to a particular time frame, but rather to a time “long ago.” Activities enjoyed include baking bread, embroidery and gardening; to name a few. Think flowers, the countryside, picnics, Jane Austen Movies, Cottages (oh the irony) and possibly a special kind of mushroom…

Understanding Cottagecore

It shouldn’t seem strange that people are dreaming of this rather old fashioned, simplified life, when we contrast this to the hectic lives most of us live today. While the pandemic has probably exasperated the desire to escape. It’s speculated that cottagecore is as a response against capitalism, as the life focuses far less on the fuel which capitalism provides to us. And while cottagecore certainly wouldn’t be described as a “political movement”, modern cottagecore promotes leftist and progressive views. For instance, those who have recently taken to the aesthetic are likely not to be too keen on capitalism, while it is known for the expansive LGBT+ community within it. However there’s another branch of cottagecore, often known as the “tradwife“, who seeks to reclaim traditional values which seem to have been lost within the 21st century. Often rejecting feminism, seeking out cottagecore to reclaim the traditional, conservative housewife, aesthetic.

The Problems Within This…

For a start, the contrasts between the two main branches are likely to cause conflict, and may be upsetting toward the modern fans of it. Meanwhile some cottage core imagery has been utilized by far right groups, such as eco facists, who believe that immigration and multiculturalism has led to the environmental exploitation of the lands, and the only way to resolve this is to deport anyone who isn’t ingenious. However I certainly don’t recall accidentally coming across any right wing cottagecore content myself. But there are issues with how the aesthetic may have came about. So cottagecore of course resembles rural life and in-spite of what Eco-Fascists claim, the Americans and the Australians actually took over the rural indeginious land, encouraging white settlers to move into the apparently “large empty space”, during Colonialism. And while cottagecore actually reflects European agricultural land, the nostalgic desire for these past traditions, has meant white supremacist propaganda has become a problem within cottagecore.

How This Could be Tackled?

Saying this, if you are attracted to the aesthetic for what it resembles now, then should some of the speculated origins not be forgotten about? Because as it is now almost owned by a progressive group of people and enjoyed for different reasons, the origins shouldn’t matter… However that doesn’t mean we should ignore them, as it is important to acknowledge it to ensure that it can be as inclusive as possible. One way of doing this would be by promoting the modern values this holds, and following a diverse range of cottagecore influencers.

Now of course we cannot do anything to remove history, but it is true that many of us, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender etc; sometimes just long to escape to the country. Therefore whilst this shows that it is crucial to be attentive toward the issues surrounding racism, and work toward overcoming them; it doesn’t directly mean that cottagecore as an aesthetic should be removed. Instead we should enjoy it for what it is to us now.

Finally I just want to mention that it has been quite difficult to write this post, therefore please correct me if you feel I have left something out or if I haven’t expressed something in the best way.

Can a Boob Job Ever Be Justified?

Should we embrace our “natural beauty”, or to change to something which yourself and others may prefer. Some of this hot debate revolves around the idea of getting plastic surgery, and as a prime example; boob jobs… Of course there are people who feel very strongly on either side, but in case you are very much against it; then should we really be as judgmental?

“But it’s Bloody Expensive”

Yes, it is true that if you come from a normal, working background; then unless you save up for a number of years, then chances are you won’t be able to afford it. Because costing between $3,500 and $7,000, they are sort of exclusive to very wealthy people. However surely if one chooses to save up for a long period of time, then they really do have a good reason for wanting it done, and this should be respected.

Superficial Competition

We would all love a world where all women, all people, and all bodies are seen to be equal of worth, and we can all appreciate the diversity. However this currently isn’t possible, and all the time we see people putting themselves down when comparing themselves to others. Hence breast implants may make some feel slightly better, but in the long run is it not just going to make the unhealthy state of competitions worse? Leading to some feeling they have something in advantage of others? However we can be truly supportive and accepting of what each person chooses.

Should we Now try to Feel More Confident Within Ourselves

Leading on, it’s unlikely to make someone feel truly confident within themselves, as changing who you are superficially isn’t going to fix any deep insecurities. This way people may feel confident externally for a few months or so, but is this really going to make people feel better internally? The only way to go above that would be by actually putting the work in to accept ourselves. However it is true that some feel they want a change for a long period, which could enable them to become more confident within themselves.

It is too Risky

So there are a lot of dangers which come with boob jobs such as scarring and infection, therefore it could be contested that because the job isn’t healthy, it isn’t natural for people to have them. Furthermore it is even possible that boob jobs in the long term could make the person’s breasts look “worse” rather than “better.” However if someone decides to go along with it knowing of the risks, then usually it is going to be something the person really wants, and perhaps more can be done to ensure they are conducted as safely as possible.

A big BUT…. (no it’s not what you think it is…)

If someone is uncomfortable with their appearance, and they want to change it, then why should we judge? Being overly critical about this is only going to create a more toxic culture, therefore is it not best to appreciate all shapes and sizes, be it natural or not? Because at the end of the day they are OUR bodies, and just like dying hair, having tattoos or piercings; it is our choice on how we should express our bodies! Therefore why is there such a problem when a boob job is something which would make us feel better about ourselves? And while it could be argued that it seems like giving in, we are not going to be able to get rid of mainstream beauty standards overnight, therefore for the time being we should allow anyone to do what they choose to make themselves feel more confident.

Mystery Blogger Award

Hii, so a thank you to Areian for nominating me for the “Mystery Blogger Award.” So if you would like to read some waffle about myself, then carry on reading😉


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Mystery Blogger Award logo, answering questions and facts about myself

Three Things About Myself:

  • I am (almost) obsessed with Kate Nash and Marina (or Marina and the Diamonds, but she recently changed her stage name to Marina)
  • I am an A Level student, say no more😂
  • I once dropped my phone in the sea!

Areian’s Questions

  • If you could go back in time, where would you go? Why?

Um this is a hard question because I feel in some ways things were much easier in the past, however thinking about it things are much better (although FAR from perfect) regarding equality matters now. I think at the moment I would possibly go back to the 1960s and live out in the countryside somewhere. Just because I feel life would be far more simple.

  • Where is your favorite place to hang out?

I would say the beach. Any beach near me, because it is a place so beautiful. And even while we have been in lockdown, it has been there. While there is plenty of space (apart from a few days in summer but we won’t go there).

  • What is your favorite mythical creature?

Um, I haven’t thought about this in the past but I suppose it would be dragons. They just appear so fierce, but in my opinion they are actually kinda cute. I don’t know if that’s just me… Anyway, they are supposed to be like giant snakes which can also fly and breath fire. Like how cool is that?

  • If you were a pair of socks, what kind would you be?

Probably fluffy socks. Simply because they are really comfortable and warm, and I mean who doesn’t like fluffy socks lol?

Fuzzy/Fluffy aesthetic socks.  Seriously, who wouldn't want a pair!
  • What is a song you could listen to over and over and not get tried of it?

Seriously there are so many to choose from. Although if I were to have to pick one, then I would possibly say “Ride” by Lana Del Rey. On the grounds that the monologue is included, but the lyrics and music just evoke so much thought and emotion. It is literally a work of art.

Who I Nominate 🙂

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My Questions

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  • What did/do you do to cope with lockdown
  • If you could be a bird, which one would you be
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  • Favorite thing to wear in the winter

My “Best” Post

“Is it ok if the Music we Listen to is Shit?”

Has Being “Alternative” Become More Expensive

Ugh, dressing stylish these days is so pricey. But most of us like to belong to something, even if we don’t like to admit it. In other words, if you wanted to belong to a certain “counterculture” in the past, then you probably wouldn’t have been required to fork out large amounts of money, however nowadays if you search up “alt”, you will be bombarded with clothing, home decro and more. Which is obviously going to come with a price tag.

The History of “Alternative”

Of course “alternative” has been around long before this, but we will begin with the Teddy Boys, who arose after WW2. After emerged the infamous rivals, “mods and rockers”. Mods generally united over music while rockers grouped together over their love for motorbikes. All 3 of these groups were predominantly working class . However by the mid 60s, Mods became more influenced by pop art, attracting a middle class base. This led to some of the originals feeling detached, forming new group which eventually became known as the “skinheads”.

So how Has Being Alternative Become More Expensive

Unlike a good number of “alt” groups in the past who would purchase their garments cheaply from thrift stores, only really replacing them when they were falling apart, nowadays there’s generally more focus on the style. Lets just take the recent E-Girl/E-Boy, were there’s significant focus on the style and aesthetic. As you can guess, keeping up with the style is likely to be pricey making it harder for people on lower incomes to be part of it. However those interested in this style, may also be interested in other “alt” styles; like grunge, indie, punk etc, so they are still able to listen to the music and be involved in general alternative culture. Yet the stylish aspect is now a big part, which those on lower incomes may lose out from.

The gentrification of Alternative fashion

Once upon a time buying from thrift/charity stores was often frowned upon and usually people would only shop from these places if they needed to. But now due to the rise of online stores like depop, and the increased focus on sustainably, there has been a significant rise in demand for purchasing second hand clothing. This in itself should be really positive, as it means less goes to waste, and there’s less exploitation of resources. However this hasn’t come without its problems. That’s because some sellers have brought up lodes of garments from charity stores, only to sell them on online stores at an inflated price. Not only this but low quality clothing from places like boohoo also get brought then get sold at a much higher price. Therefore depop becomes contaminated with high priced goods, making it much harder for people to source something affordable. Whilst the amount of stock found in the charity stores is reduced making it harder for those in search of clothing there to buy it.

But Why

It could be contested that the reason could simply be because consumerism is an even bigger force now than it was in the past. This means that “buying things” is going to be important to many, even if they belong to a kind of counterculture. Moreover I would argue that because of the rise of the internet, there is now far more room for targeted advertising, therefore more people who want to dress a certain way are going to be bombarded with adverts helping them on the way. As this continues, alternative people will naturally become more interested in looking a certain way, and buying more will become more common, because that is what has always been known.

So to what degree is this actually true

So we have seen there is now far more focus on the visual aesthetic meaning there is more focus on things which obviously involve expenses . However the idea that alternative is now purely based upon looks, is far from the truth, as sure those who are “truly alternative” would agree on. But work does need to be done to ensure everyone can feel included, regardless of wealth.

New Years Message

Hi, so as you can probably tell this is going to be another of my personal posts. But it is that time again to make reflections on the past year, and as 2020 has been an interesting year- let’s see how this goes…

So I will start off by stating something that I imagine most 2020 new year posts will include. In that 2020 has been a difficult year for us all, and has prevented so many of us from doing the things we wish to have done. I think as well it has been hard for those who were already facing difficulties, and if that’s you, then I really do hope 2021 can be better💗

However there have been a few good things about this year, both personally and potentially politically, as ironic as the latter sounds! It has allowed many of us to take the time to slow down, take care of ourselves and engage in things which we wouldn’t have otherwise had time for. Also I think that having experienced a pandemic has drawn our attention to the importance of looking out for one another, and has made some realise that there needs to be a more caring, equal society. Which just might possibly end up influencing politics here and further afield… In time :/

So at the end of last year I wrote a very similar post where I wrote about my goals for this year. And I don’t actually feel like reading over it right now, but as you can probably guess I haven’t achieved all of what I had wanted to. However one which I have made good progress toward is allowing myself more food freedom. I am guessing this is going to sound pathetic to a lot of you, but seriously life is far better when we can eat without feeling unnecessarily guilty about it! Oh and while we are there, there is absolutely no shame in gaining weight over lockdown! Furthermore I’m actually pleased with how far this blog has come, and even though I don’t have lodes of followers, I am genuinely so grateful towards those who take the time to read my posts 🙂

Anyway, enough said about 2020. Looking at the covid situation at the moment, the start of 2021 will probably still be grim. However I am hopeful that come spring and summer, things will start looking up. As the vaccines definitely provide good hope. I know there will still be numerous difficulties we will endure, as a backlog from what has happened this year, it is equally important to recognise that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

In a personal way, in some ways I feel really positive about going into 2021, although I feel there will be difficulties at the same time… It will be my last year of school meaning I have my A levels to look forward to (fat sigh). Obviously if I don’t pass them, I’m basically bummed, and as pathetic as this sounds, I really want an A in politics. Which sounds silly considering my standpoint on grades, plus this time next year am I actually going to care? There are other goals I have in mind too.

On a personal level I only have 1 main goal which is to have more trust in building relationships with others. Because at the moment I often fear I’m intruding, or that people won’t like me. So yeah, that is really problematic, but the least I want to do next year is to begin working on it!

But it’s also important not to fixate on goals too much, because of course things can change. Therefore I hope 2021 can be a year where we can all grow, and enjoy ourselves as much as possible💙

18 Things I Have Learned Before Turning 18

Hi, I have seen quite a few bloggers writing a posts featuring X things I have learned before turning X etc, so I thought that as I am turning 18 in a few days, it thought I would like to be able to do this myself.

1. You’re Stronger Than You Think You Are

When we go through something difficult, it can often make us feel weak or vulnerable, which by the way is completely normal . But we are made to stand our ground and almost fight through our emotions. And once it is over we learn so much from it, and we subsequently grow into a stronger person.

2. Perfectionism is a waste

Actually this hasn’t been too difficult for me to learn, because if you know me in real life then you may realise I am a pretty messy person. While even if you have read a good chunk of my blog, you may have noticed that often my posts feature a good number of spelling mistakes! But even so, it can still be so easy to fall into the trap where we believe that we are “not good enough”, simply because it is a long way from “perfect.” And I feel that this happens to so many amazing, talented people. But in reality I wouldn’t say “perfect” necessarily exists, because we are unique therefore will produce different things which are unique, and of equal value.

3. Stop Underestimating Our Self Worth

Sadly whoever you are, the world teaches you to feel like you are not good enough; whether that’s at school relating to grades, how much money we are earning or even the way we look. This can be so toxic, yet it is important still to strive toward making peace with, and actually liking ourselves. Which is a win win, as it should also enable us to be more supportive of one another.

4. Be Nice to Others

Really a tiny act of kindness can make someone’s day. This can include donating to charity, giving money to a homeless person or checking in on someone. It is something I will continue to work on as I feel it can be easy to have so many good intentions without necessarily enacting on them all the time.

5. Appreciate the Small Things

Think about walks by the sea with your (or someone else’s) dog. Silly looking earrings, wandering around with close friends or even chocolate! These are the little things which can vary from person to person, but life would be pretty bland without them! However, it can be so easy to put these things to one side, thinking that “bigger” things like money are far more important. But at the end of the day, it is the things which make you happy, which often are the little things, which count!

6. Don’t Expect to be Liked by Everyone

Even if you are the loveliest person, not everyone is going to like you. Often this can only be down to some unexplained grudge, or because someone has got the wrong impression of you; but whatever the reason, it is going to happen.

7. Life is too Short to Wear Boring Clothes

My goodness, there really is so much cool clothing out there, which so many would long to wear. But what holds us back (apart from money/lack of), is the fear of being judged by others. Although in reality far fewer people are going to be judging than what you think, and honestly there will be far more people admiring you. Meanwhile I find that what I wear on a day can make some difference to my confidence! So why miss out?

8. Never Underestimate Good Friendship

So I am exposing myself a bit here, but in the last few months especially I’ve been struggling a bit with anxiety making it really hard for me to be myself around people who I don’t know that well. However when I am around really close friends, it is amazing how much you can wind down. As well as that whatever you do, they are always there for you. Honestly it is priceless.

9. Things can Change Drastically

This is something we have all been shown this year, yet it can certainly be the case too within our personal lives. So I guess it is something we need to try to accept, adapt to and make the most of.

10. It is Good to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone, even if it goes horribly Wrong

It can be extremely difficult, and I admit that in some circumstances you may regret it. However this is the only way we are going to learn some things, which should lead us on to be less afraid of making the right decisions in the future.

11. Working hard may be Important, but it isn’t Everything

Yes, if you work hard then you are more likely to achieve certain things. But there is a strong distinction between working hard toward something that you are passionate about, and overworking to the point that you miss out on other important things in life, and you become kind of ill. Therefore if you want to work hard in order to achieve whatever, then go for it. But I would suggest not to go over the top when possible.

12. Mental Health Matters

Whatever people may say, mental health actually is as important as physical health. Sadly mental health is too often overlooked and sidelined, but seriously if something doesn’t feel right, you deserve help for it!

13. Everyone is Beautiful (yes really!)

Thanks to traditional beauty standards, everyone is made to feel as if they are not worthy. However beauty is so subjective, and for every time someone finds something ugly, someone else will find it beautiful! Therefore you cannot measure your own beauty against traditional beauty standards!

14. Never be too Quick to Judge Someone

I know that naturally this does happen, but it is important to do our best to repeal these urges. Simply because you are not going to know a person’s character or story just by spending 5 minutes with them, and while they may seem unpleasant or weak, you don’t know what they are facing for them to seem like that.

15. It is Ok to admit we are Unsure of Things

It is fine to not know something, because the point in life is to learn new things, rather than feel stuck in the same place. Therefore to admit we don’t know something doesn’t make us thick, but it is an important learning curve

16. You Cannot Measure Intelligence/Self Worth etc

There are bleak attempts to do such thing, such as with exam grading (yawn), the sort of job someone has and whatever else. But what utter bullshit. There are different types of intelligence, talent, positive traits and much more.

17. There is Still So Much to Learn

So many may take the guess that as you get older you feel as if you know more, but in mine, and in many other people’s cases, this is certainly far from the truth. Instead it feels that the more we learn about certain things, the more we feel there is to learn about them, as it kind of becomes new territory in our minds. And likewise there are still so many life lessons to learn.

18. There is so Much of the World to Explore

The world can definitely feel like a dark place at times, but there is also so much for us to see, do and appreciate. Obviously I haven’t even began to scratch the surface, but the first step is in realising it is there. Therefore I only hope to see as much of it as I can in following years (providing covid is less of a thing, and that i can have money).

Finally obviously I haven’t mentioned everything, but I feel these are the main points💜🌊

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