What 2021 Has Taught me, and my New Years Resolutions

No, I do not have too much faith in New Year’s resolutions either, because often we think we are going to keep them, then we find it becomes too much, or even circumstances change making it practically impossible (2020 anyone). Therefore, at least from my experience, it is better to make resolutions which are not quite as specific, so that they can evolve according to the circumstances that we are in. Nonetheless, I know that for many, more specific goals are a lot easier to follow, so if that works for you then stick to it (not that you would want to listen to someone who has just turned 19 and has no clue what they are doing from one day to the next, let alone with their lives). 

But anyway. Overall, for me 2021 has been a pretty decent year. Of course, there have been rather a few ups and downs as with life, and I have not exactly managed to make a million pounds, travel the world, or meet the love of my life! But I do feel that I have grown as a person and found out quite a bit about myself and have had some interesting experiences. From having to take “mini exams” because of covid, working at that terrible kitchen job with an even worse head chef (yuck), then of course beginning university. And while I am a little sad that 2021 is over, I am looking forward to what 2022 might bring! So here are my New Year’s resolutions for 2022. 

  1. Be more healthy 

This is something which I reckon that everyone tires of hearing about. Because every fucking January, gyms will put out their membership discounts, exploiting poor plebs like us to sign up, only for us to go about three times before we find that we do not have the time or the energy to persist. Gym wear companies, also, are good at making us all feel groggy, as everyone who models them appears to have a perfectly toned body, making people think that they also would have that ideal if they worked for it. Then you hear people who go to the gym, who say they do it purely out of health, rather than appearance. Many think that these people are lying, many are lying.  

Personally, I have more than one reason for choosing to go to the gym frequently and cutting down on “junk food.” One being, that I do genuinely want to be healthier, mentally, and physically. Because believe it or not exercise does help me a lot with focusing on work, meanwhile it relieves so much mental stress. Furthermore, I have also found that I sometimes struggle with emotional eating, and I do not want this to become a problem. However, I do admit that part of the reason, is because I do want to appear slimmer, and while it is important to try to not let beauty standards consume us, at least it is a healthy habit and it sometimes we do need to do things which make us feel better about ourselves, even if these are a bit shallow. 

2. Work on confidence 

I think this is something which I have tried to do for a few years now, and although I have come a long way, it is definitely something which I still need to work on! I would also say this goes to anyone who struggles with this, because having confidence not only works wonders for yourself, but it is good for those around you! Concerning myself, I have found that in the past year I have become far better at appearing more confident, although I know that I still struggle internally. 

3. Get my Sh*t Together at university 

Whilst I am not one of those students with whom my lectures would not recognise because I never show up, at the same time, I feel that I have not worked as hard as I could have. This is perfectly ok, considering it is only the first term, and I reckon most feel the same way, however I do not want this to become a habit. 

4. Join a couple of societies at university 

During the first term I joined the surfing society with a friend, which was fun, but going back in January it is going to be freezing cold and I would therefore like to do something else. Because I found that in the first term, I did not have the confidence to join anything alone, but at the end of the day, this is such a good way to meet like-minded people and get the most out of Swansea.  

5. Work on the shitty side to myself 

We all do have our flaws, and regardless of how much anyone works on themselves, this will always be the case. Nonetheless, I believe that the more we can families ourselves with our flaws, the more likely it is that we will be able to work on these, and as a result, become a better person. And if we are in a fortunate position where we can make positive changes, then it is important to do so! 

6. Be More Consistent on this Blog! 

This year, I sadly kind of stopped this blog for much longer than I had hoped. Yet I do really enjoy blogging, and while I know this is not too important, I found that after I came back, my numbers had gone down. Now while I am not going to have as much time for this blog compared to what I had last year, I would like to dedicate at least some time each week to blogging. Plus, the Christmas holidays were a significant help. This way, I will aim to make the most of my other holidays to write prewrite posts etc (although there currently is not a reading week in my course).  

7. Read More 

This is something which I reckon again I state I want to do each year, then I find myself not having the time etc. But often the real reason is because I am often put off by the thought of picking up a book, as opposed to aimlessly scrolling through social media. Also, I have found that this year I have been watching more Netflix, which is fine and is not a complete waste of time like some may contest, but I have found that I do genuinely prefer reading overall, plus, let’s face it, it is more productive. Therefore, even if it is half an hour every other day, before going to sleep, the time does add up. 

8. Travel (hopefully) 

Much of this is going to be very dependent on the situation with covid, but the last time I went abroad, I was literally 13. During the summer, I do hope to travel abroad a little, probably working rather than volunteering which I know sounds a little bad, but A) I will probably be broke and B) it is rather off-putting when I hear about projects where a group of volunteers construct some building, only for it to be knocked down immediately afterwards, enabling some middle aged white man in a suit to profit. 

So finally, we are at the end of the list. I do hope that all of you have a great New Year’s Eve, and that 2022 will include some new, exciting experiences, and hopefully covid will not dominate it. Don’t get too drunk, and hopefully see you (most of you not in person lol) in the new year! 

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