Personal (and Blog) Update

Hello, and happy new year! Sorry, I am pretty sure this is the third post now where I have wished everyone a happy new year, but new year does only occur once a year, so we may as well make the most of it while we can. 

So, I will begin with how I am getting on personally. It was nice to have a little break over Christmas, and Christmas, while uneventful, was good. Well, I mean nothing bad happened. Over the break, I have allowed myself to, well, have a break. Although this said I have spent a considerable amount of time drafting new posts. Meanwhile, I have done a (bit) of revision, whether it is enough is another question, but at least we are allowed to use notes when doing exams. Also, I am getting over that time of year where I feel groggy (it always happens toward the end of a year, possibly because of it getting darker etc.), so now I am in a decent place to return to university, and to go into 2022. I have not really been up to anything that exciting really, apart from meeting up with friends, while I will be going to London for a couple of days, as of writing this, tomorrow and Sunday. 

In the next few weeks, I am likely to be far busier because not only do I have exams, but there will be other commitments which I will have at Swansea. Plus it is likely I will be working more hours because apparently I am so good at losing things to the point where I must pay substantial amounts for replacements of items which most people would not lose (I am referring to my driving license, as it is the second time I lost it, meaning also that I did not get to do my driving test, so that is something else that will have to be paid for). I know that in the scheme of things, this is not that much money, but when you add retail therapy (much cheaper than professional therapy for sure), and the fact that my family have not told me about any fat money tree growing (plus I DO NOT want to be dependent on them), it would help if I was able to earn some more money. Meanwhile, part of me wants to save for a car, and while I know that this fucks up the environment, if I were able to drive myself to places, I would feel like a bad bitch. And again, this rests on whether I am ever able to get my license! 

Now, the actual reason for me writing this post is because I wanted to make you aware of the recent blog changes, which will be going forward into the new year. Firstly, you will have noticed that I have changed the name of this blog to Personally Political, just because it is more relevant to the general theme this blog has. Also, I have changed my cover photo, which I personally much prefer to the one I had before. Furthermore, I have made the decision to monetise the blog, meaning that it is possible that I may get a little bit of money because of adverts. Although I am not sure how that works yet, or whether I would be getting enough views to get any money at all. 

As well, I have (finally) decided on a posting schedule, in that I will post every Wednesday, and Saturday at 5:30 PM. By mentioning this here, I am now accountable. Again, I will keep up with the monthly updates, which I think I will post on the first day of each month. 

Finally, I am looking for other writers and graphic designers, because I am going to try and utilise social media a bit more, yet this is a lot of work to do alone. Also, I think that with this blog relating to social issues, it would be beneficial if the posts were written from a range of perspectives. It would be so nice to meet and mix with people around my age, with something in common. This position would be open to anyone, regardless of age, gender, where you live etc., therefore if this is something that you, or anyone who you know may be interested in, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.  

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Hello! This is a mainly a blog containing posts concerning social, political and economic issues, although the commentary is mainly based on opinion. My name is Victoria, and I am the creator and currently the only contributor to this blog, and I am 19 years old and studying PPE at Swansea. Also, I am currently looking for writers for here, content creators on Instagram and designers. However the role would be very flexible according to what you would like to do. Therefore, if you or anyone you know would be interested in getting involved, then please don't hesitate to contact me at

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  1. πŸ’œ Please Feel Free to Lift AnyThing I Spout SupaSoulSis if YOU!!! THINK!!! YOU!!! Can “Monetise” My Random Ramblings, I Promise I Won’t call The Copyright Police; because Money πŸ’° πŸ€‘ πŸ’Έ is No Longer of Interest (pun intended) To Me EveryOne beyond Day-To-Day Existence in a Money Obessed Western and Eastern ‘First’ World that has Contaminated ‘The Second’ and ‘Third’ Southern and Northern Worlds’ EveryBody…a Perfect Example is Recently Gifting a Few Grand to My Brother to Continue Running His Expensive BMW; because He has Run Out of Cash πŸ’Έ and doesn’t want to buy and run a cheaper car


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