Do Grades Really Matter?

Hellooo, so I am going to give you a bit of background information before I begin with the post. So currently I am in year 13, and recently we have received our predicted grades, which has led to many people, predicted higher than myself, being rather stressed and upset over theirs. And while they canContinue reading “Do Grades Really Matter?”

Are the Teenage Years really the Best Years of your life?

“You are the Dancing Queen, feel the beat of the tambourine, Dancing Queen, young and sweet- Only Seventeen Oh ohhh”
Strutting down the streets on a Friday and Saturday night, with your group of thirty friends, to arrive at either at one of your local nightclubs (probably with a fake ID) or in more recent cases at a pub. Only to get smashed off your faces, to meet new amazing people and of course to have a wonderful time. Then once the weekend is over, you are back at college again, hanging about in the common room. You suddenly realise there is yet another test which you haven’t revised for, however you manage to somehow effortlessly pick up your pen and produce yet another essay worthy of an A. You head to netball practice later on in the evening, where of course you compete on a regional basis in the team you also spend your weekend nights out with! Then at the end of the day when you finally get a bit of time to yourself, you automatically open your Instagram account, which has at least 3000 followers, to check up on everybody else…

Little Update

Hi hope that you are all ok. Now as I am writing this at the beginning of the “summer holidays”, I decided it would be a good time to do another off my updatey posts, where I basically ramble on about my life and probably moan about a few things, and not do very muchContinue reading “Little Update”

Small things in life which we can appreciate at all times

Hi, so decided to put up a little list of small things in life that you can apprecriate at anytime. Now it is partly a coincidence that I happen to be writing this considering the time period that we are in. However knowing that this is somewhat-very difficult for anybody, regardless of your situation, IContinue reading “Small things in life which we can appreciate at all times”

Lets remain creative, positive and hopeful- Just like the children of the world!

Reflecting on the talent and creativity oneself had during childhood, may cause one to laugh at themselves! I know I remember creating dance routines, when I was much younger, and I was absolutely horrific! Growing up, I also thought it would be a smart idea to make a business out of loom bands, make myContinue reading “Lets remain creative, positive and hopeful- Just like the children of the world!”

If you follow me, I will deliver a free cup of Positiv-TEA to your doorstep during lockdown!

So, what productive but fun activities have we been engaging in during the lockdown, in order to occupy ourselves and remain as positive as we can? I know that for sure my life-style has changed compleatly. Instead of aimlessly rushing off from place A to place B about 110 times each day, I am actuallyContinue reading “If you follow me, I will deliver a free cup of Positiv-TEA to your doorstep during lockdown!”