Are the Teenage Years really the Best Years of your life?

“You are the Dancing Queen, feel the beat of the tambourine, Dancing Queen, young and sweet- Only Seventeen Oh ohhh”
Strutting down the streets on a Friday and Saturday night, with your group of thirty friends, to arrive at either at one of your local nightclubs (probably with a fake ID) or in more recent cases at a pub. Only to get smashed off your faces, to meet new amazing people and of course to have a wonderful time. Then once the weekend is over, you are back at college again, hanging about in the common room. You suddenly realise there is yet another test which you haven’t revised for, however you manage to somehow effortlessly pick up your pen and produce yet another essay worthy of an A. You head to netball practice later on in the evening, where of course you compete on a regional basis in the team you also spend your weekend nights out with! Then at the end of the day when you finally get a bit of time to yourself, you automatically open your Instagram account, which has at least 3000 followers, to check up on everybody else…

Why I am not stressing about A-level mocks (and why you shouldn’t be either)

Hi, well I will be honest with you and say that my title is a bit of an overstatement. Meaning that naturally the idea of having mocks and the idea that the grade which I obtain will partly determine my “UCAS” predicted grade, does cause a little anxiety. However at the same time I amContinue reading “Why I am not stressing about A-level mocks (and why you shouldn’t be either)”