Small things in life which we can appreciate at all times

Hi, so decided to put up a little list of small things in life that you can apprecriate at anytime. Now it is partly a coincidence that I happen to be writing this considering the time period that we are in. However knowing that this is somewhat-very difficult for anybody, regardless of your situation, I thought it would be an appropriate time to do this. I think that we have all been at/or will be at a point in life where we feel that our lives are rather dry, for whatever reason. Nevertheless there are always things- which may seem so small- but are actually incredibly important in making s happy every day. And I think often we have the tendency to under estimate these things, meanwhile we put what we think we want “the bigger things”, in front of us. Then we realise we haven’t even got the time for the things which matter the most. Come on, we have all done it…

So anyway! Here are the important things…

1. Sunsets:

I am actually so obsessed sometimes, it is ridiculous. Now whenever I come across these, I cannot resist taking a snapshot of it, even if this is simply outside the window! Just the colours are so magnificent! It is just- wow… It reminds me of how much beauty our planet does have, in-spite of anything else which may be happening.

As well, I feel they are kind of symbolic, firstly showing us how much beauty the sun really attains, by it’s compelling show of colours, but also that the sun will fall (hence sunset) nonetheless we know the sun will rise yet again!

2. Baby birds (and really any other baby animals, or just animals)

This is something I have only begun to appreciate recently, as the world has quietened down, and enabled many lives of birds to begin. Seeing them all lined up together behind its parent, is one of the most beautiful things. And believe it or not, before this I wasn’t even sure if I ever remembered sighting baby geese before.

This is something I have only begun to appreciate recently, as the world has quietened down, and enabled many lives of birds to begin. Seeing them all lined up together behind its parent, is one of the most beautiful things. And believe it or not, before this I wasn’t even sure if I ever remembered sighting baby geese before… Or maybe we are just noticing small things more now- because of lockdown.

It upsets me how blurry this is, and it certainly didn’t come out like this when I took this on my phone. But I promise there were goslings!

3. Music

Like so many of us, I have had a massive appreciation of music long before any experienced pandemics, during both rough and promising times. Turning to artists expressing similar emotions, experiences or opinions to my own. While in the midst of lockdown, I find simply listening to music can really uplift your mood, but also can be incredibly inspiring.

I know many artists have been making and releasing music during this period, including Charli xcx who has made and released another album, in the midst of all this, and I have promised to myself that I will listen to this… Now I have also listened to Hayley William’s new album, Petals for Armour which I love, as well as many throwbacks. But unfortunatly I am a person of habit and I tend to listen to the same things which I connect with, rather than widening my horizons, therefore in the next few weeks I am hoping to actually listen to more. As well as learning to play a few songs on the guitar.

See the source image
The talented creator of Petals of Armour, and the lead singer from Paramore, Hayley Williams

4. Art

Ok, you may not necessarily realise it, but it is kind of everywhere. Unlike before, when you could only really come across it in an art gallery, there is a huge range which is accessible to us in a click. Or even without, as we can come across it without even wanting to, or even on the streets. Now if I am honest, art is something I happen to stumble across rather than search for, however I never regret seeing what I see.

So throughout this, there have been many releases of art due to the Coronavirus pandemic, including from Damien Hurst who produced the digital “rainbow heart design” where all purchases go toward helping “felix project, London’s largest food redistributor.” Whilst a new “banksy” has appeared outside an NSH hospital. But it is not only professional artists who are powerful during this or any other time, anything done by anybody is. I have recently seen so much “stone art” gathering in certain areas, mainly in tribute of the NHS, but created by mainly children. Whilst I think that many have turned to art as a means to stay sane during these times, however I have also begun thinking of it as being a bit like a time capsule. As some will obviously be stored in art galleries, while others will be as simple photographs on a phone. And artwork can convey strong messages, and these don’t need to be at all negative, in-fact much of this is telling us to be strong during these tough times; with the message that “everything is going to be ok.”

So at any time, art can be so calming, reassuring and simply pleasant to look at- or even create!

5. Food

Now this almost seems too simple, considering we need this anyway. But I feel to those who are lucky enough to be able to stay at home now do have more time to be spending on “home cooking” eg, and probably for the best, considering there is now a more limited choice for alternatives. I feel when we have the time, home cooking can actually be enjoyable, and really the options are unlimited. Baking has too been proven to be a favourable pass time explaining why there have been shortages in flour!

6. Books:

So I know often when I am reading a book, what can be happening in a book there are more bad things happening within it, than there are currently. So you may think, oh well why would I want to read about something bad? For me, it is still a distraction, and I know that none of it is true, although it can often be based on some of the sort. I have recently been reading some crime stuff as well as a Jane Austen book (where I am not too sure how far I will get with, because put it this way, it is quite hard going (I am actually so thick haha). But there are many other kinds of books which can be read for pleasure, which are not as depressing, and I am still trying to find what I am most into. So keep reading, and eventually you will find what you like!

While even if at now, or any point, you struggle with the time it takes to read something; it isn’t necessarily a reason to put yourself off! Even if it is for 15 minutes for each night before bed, instead of that amount of time on the phone, it definitly does add up- and before you know it, it is a book read. As well, it can help with sleeping so much.

So reading, believe it or not, is something which can be enjoyed by everybody!

7. Helping others

So I know this sounds like work apart from anything else, but as well as it doing the person you’re helping a lot of good, it is also very good for you and your wellbeing. It can feel so rewarding, even just the smallest of acts.

Now you may wonder how you can actually help others when you may have limited time or opportunity; but it doesn’t always necessarily mean spending two hours each day volunteering somewhere. Instead it can be as simple as checking up on a friend, offering to do the shopping or some other chore or even as simple as picking something off the shelf for somebody less able to reach. Now this can be done at any time, though I know that during lockdown, many have been helping more.

8. The rain

What on earth is she on? Yeah if you know me well, you know I don’t usually like the rain or cold weather, like at all. However strangely enough, I have begun to appreciate it more. Especially when I am indoors! Now I enjoy listening to the rain as I go to sleep and also watching the water droplets falling further and further down the windows.

9. Exercise

Right I am getting crazier. But once you get into it, it IS actually enjoyable.. There is definitely something for everyone and the feeling during and after is something we can definitely appreciate.

10. Coffee

Yup, due to not being “in” sixth form, it is now almost compulsory for me to have a coffee at around 11am regardless. It is a great energy boost, smells great and tastes great and who needs costa when you can make it better yourself?

11. TEA!

Everybody should like tea, and there’s just something so refreshing about calmly drinking with tea. Also there is such a range of types and flavours of these, which is incredible considering that tea is made up of a few crushed leaves, of , well tea plant.

See the source image
Different types of tea leaf

12. Plants

So recently I have had a little more time to spend attending to my plants, and not long after the garden centre opened, I couldn’t resist not buying a few more. It is just so rewarding to watch them grow, while watering them makes you feel like you are enabling this growth. While they are known to purify the air, reduce risks of long term and short term illness, while boosting your mood.

13. Rainbows!

I find the rainbow so beautiful and compelling for more than just one reason! But there is something just so momentous about looking up to the sky and sighting a rainbow. The way it is just there, and really changes the way the sky looks. And though really it is a kind of optical illusion. Ironically the rainbow is now very symbolic during this virus, because “after a storm, becomes a rainbow.” And it is so true, and there is something beautiful about when a really touch period ends and there is light. Plus it is light which is so clear, colourful and unique to see; as we all begin to appreciate the positive times more so than before.

Therefore although life can definitely feel overwhelming and pretty depressing at times, it is crucial to remember what really matters. Although it is important to know the big picture, very often this isn’t in sighting. Therefore all we can do is try our best to play our part however the small details are so important and are so easily forgotten. And while many don’t have time for these for one reason or another, I think it is important to make the time when we can. Even if it is only at the weekend, or 15 minutes before bed. As if we don’t, we are missing a large chunk from the enjoyment of life. And I am not going to plainly state that life is beautiful, even though I think it is. There are numerous ugly elements too contained in life, which we are all too aware of- nevertheless there is genuinely so much beauty too to be discovered!

See the source image
It will all be ok!

Personal side note: While I am adding in the photographs, I am feeling pretty overwhelmed about everything. Having looked at a couple of photos from almost a year ago (school prom), it reminds me how different things were then. While although I grumbled enough at the time, I wouldn’t mind going back to then. Or even GCSEs.

But I feel now we are (or were) definitely in a period of time that we will never forget. As we look back on it, almost oblivious to it having ever happened.

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8 thoughts on “Small things in life which we can appreciate at all times

  1. Consciously appreciating the nice things in life is a wonderful attitude. Lovely reading that you do this! I am sure it will motivate others.

    My top of the list are family, music, sunshine, interesting reading, alone time and CHAI 🙂

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    1. Thankyou, it is crucial to do this, in good and more difficult times.
      Because they really do add up, and sometimes it is about the enjoyment rather than “the bigger picture”.
      These all sound like good ones too 🙂

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