Can a Boob Job Ever Be Justified?

Should we embrace our “natural beauty”, or to change to something which yourself and others may prefer. Some of this hot debate revolves around the idea of getting plastic surgery, and as a prime example; boob jobs… Of course there are people who feel very strongly on either side, but in case you are very much against it; then should we really be as judgmental?

“But it’s Bloody Expensive”

Yes, it is true that if you come from a normal, working background; then unless you save up for a number of years, then chances are you won’t be able to afford it. Because costing between $3,500 and $7,000, they are sort of exclusive to very wealthy people. However surely if one chooses to save up for a long period of time, then they really do have a good reason for wanting it done, and this should be respected.

Superficial Competition

We would all love a world where all women, all people, and all bodies are seen to be equal of worth, and we can all appreciate the diversity. However this currently isn’t possible, and all the time we see people putting themselves down when comparing themselves to others. Hence breast implants may make some feel slightly better, but in the long run is it not just going to make the unhealthy state of competitions worse? Leading to some feeling they have something in advantage of others? However we can be truly supportive and accepting of what each person chooses.

Should we Now try to Feel More Confident Within Ourselves

Leading on, it’s unlikely to make someone feel truly confident within themselves, as changing who you are superficially isn’t going to fix any deep insecurities. This way people may feel confident externally for a few months or so, but is this really going to make people feel better internally? The only way to go above that would be by actually putting the work in to accept ourselves. However it is true that some feel they want a change for a long period, which could enable them to become more confident within themselves.

It is too Risky

So there are a lot of dangers which come with boob jobs such as scarring and infection, therefore it could be contested that because the job isn’t healthy, it isn’t natural for people to have them. Furthermore it is even possible that boob jobs in the long term could make the person’s breasts look “worse” rather than “better.” However if someone decides to go along with it knowing of the risks, then usually it is going to be something the person really wants, and perhaps more can be done to ensure they are conducted as safely as possible.

A big BUT…. (no it’s not what you think it is…)

If someone is uncomfortable with their appearance, and they want to change it, then why should we judge? Being overly critical about this is only going to create a more toxic culture, therefore is it not best to appreciate all shapes and sizes, be it natural or not? Because at the end of the day they are OUR bodies, and just like dying hair, having tattoos or piercings; it is our choice on how we should express our bodies! Therefore why is there such a problem when a boob job is something which would make us feel better about ourselves? And while it could be argued that it seems like giving in, we are not going to be able to get rid of mainstream beauty standards overnight, therefore for the time being we should allow anyone to do what they choose to make themselves feel more confident.

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6 thoughts on “Can a Boob Job Ever Be Justified?

  1. ♡ As a Hunchback of Notrë Dame I Know Esmeralda Loves Me No Matter what I Look Like, as a Beast I Know Beauty Loves Me regardless of My Appearance; the Only Time My Mother Hates Me is when I Correct Her and Hate is NOT!!! The Opposite of Love, Hate is The Opposite of Like


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  2. I think people should go ahead and do whatever they want if it makes them feel better. The problem comes in if they’re chasing the idea that it will make others see them more positively, as that’s totally out of their control.

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