Hustle Culture

What should I do with my life? This is a question that I expect you have asked yourself enough times, yet most of us have either already or will in the future may be asked this exact question by others. But how would we be expected to answer this? Work, work work. As the moreContinue reading “Hustle Culture”

I Still Don’t Know What to Make of the Pandemic:

Most of us have an opinion one way or another. Some still believing that a lockdown is the only viable option, while others now strongly opposing it. Some have thought that strong lessons are to be learned from the pandemic, which could spark significant and hopefully positive change in the future. At this point, to admit you are not sure what to think is going to be slightly embarrassing, but surely I am not the only person who still doesn’t really know…

Things we all should have learned from LOCKDOWN

Read about what I feel I have learned personally from the prolonged experience of being in lockdown, and the crisis wholly. Meanwhile I feel many others may have a similar kind of perspective.

Is Boris right to begin opening the UK economy yet; and if he does, then what might happen?

So it has now been over two months since the UK lockdown was imposed, whereby any “non-essential” shops weren’t allowed to open, as well as entertainment facilities, cafes and resteraunts. Now many Brits are quite eager for things to reopen, because apart from anything else, we are bored. However we know that the country isContinue reading “Is Boris right to begin opening the UK economy yet; and if he does, then what might happen?”