Rainbow Capitalism

Each month seems to resemble something doesn’t it. It is no longer just Christmas that gets spoken about, often more than three months leading up to december, while now it is not even enough that mothers day, Halloween and Valentines day are hugely celebrated, or rather commercialized. Instead, as many of you are aware, thereContinue reading “Rainbow Capitalism”

Can you Be Gay if Ya Look Straight?

Often being part of the LGBT+ community can be associated with looking a certain way, acting a certain way. Or really being part of a particular culture.
But what is it about gay culture, including its history, which makes it so special and relevant today?

Pride Month: What pride means to me and why it SHOULD be celebrated.

We are in Pride month, a month to well…celebrate “gay pride”. Usually this would be the time when many “pride marches” take place up and down the country, with streets filled with glitter, rainbows and partying… What is there not to love about that? However this year is going to be rather different. It isContinue reading “Pride Month: What pride means to me and why it SHOULD be celebrated.”

Views on pride and LGBT+ rights

Hii, so I haven’t been on here for a LONG time; so much for saying that I would update this every week from some time in January? Well unfortunately that was mainly because I was so caught up with GCSEs (sigh), which looking back on them now, I feel that they were almost consuming me.Continue reading “Views on pride and LGBT+ rights”