Views on pride and LGBT+ rights

Hii, so I haven’t been on here for a LONG time; so much for saying that I would update this every week from some time in January?

Well unfortunately that was mainly because I was so caught up with GCSEs (sigh), which looking back on them now, I feel that they were almost consuming me. But I will get onto that in another entry.

Anyway, I thought that for this entry, I would express some of my views on pride, since my local one just happened this previous weekend.

So first of all, i am supportive of LGBT+ rights. Ok, I just thought i would clear that.

But i shall start on pride. I sadly didn’t actually attend this year but I went last year. So last year (and I’m pretty sure it was the same this year), there was meant to be entertainment from Friday onto Sunday. So on the Friday night it was basically the evening entertainment and live music that under 18 were allowed to attend ass well as everyone else. And it was alright… Then on the Saturday it was the standard parade, followed by everyone just hanging out afterwards. Now crazily enough i got to be in the parade, only because I was (and still am….) a member of a LGBT+ youth group. Now at the time I really really enjoyed it because it was the first pride I had been to. The colours were beautiful: there was plenty of multicolour balloons, face paint and glitter. Not to mention the flags which were pretty much in every pub, or bar window. What more could you want? Well, if it was just down to the atmosphere at pride, i would have certainly come again. But my personal experience wasn’t the best, not going to lie.

So nothing actually happened, but I just felt like an outsider there, as i was surrounded by all these people from this group, but none of my actual friends were in it.. Plus none of my other so called friends at the time invited me to go. I mean fair enough 😥

Hence why i didn’t choose to go this year. However if that is still the case in two years on from now, when im old enough to go during the Saturday evening, ill just turn up anyway. Who cares lol.

So another thing that everyone went through was the anti gay protesters there. So I didn’t hear anything about them this year; perhaps they didn’t go or just that no one noticed them. However they were basically holding up bible quotes, which imply that us gays don’t have rights. So they were just stood, hanging around. so I guess they had every right to be there… But why cant people just accept others for who they are. Plus I wouldn’t be at all surprised if half of them were secretly gay, aha. In my opinion, if they were true Christians they would be 100 percent accepting; as aren’t they supposed to love everyone. Also why interfere, we weren’t doing any harm to anyone, and many people have been through so much having to worry about whether they’ll be accepted by others (and often that isn’t the case) and having to have been working on accepting them selves, which will probably be life long challenge. So please just let us enjoy the few days we get a year to celebrate how far our rights have come, without bombarding us with pointless opposition. We are harmless beings!

So I am aware arguably that having a whole “pride month” in June is a bit over the top, whilst the veterans in the USA only get one day. And like here in the UK, it is just remembrance day. But with pride month, there is historical relevance to it, which can be googled! But sometimes one day is more powerful than a whole month. Like each year with remembrance, there’s a whole tv show which lasts a number of hours, as well as a two minute silence. And I believe this is extremely important, and needs to go on for ever. Meanwhile, I have never heard about pride month being mentioned on the tv. Therefore one day is more significant, as its peoples only opportunity to commemorate it, whilst when its a month, no one really pays attention as a month lasts between 28 and 31 days. Usually nearer the latter. So i think and hope that most people (discluding the extremely ignorant)always aknowledge the 11th, whilst pride month itself is a time for people to reflect, maybe more in their own times. Whilst the festivle pride is detached from that, as its more of a festival/celebration which anyone can enjoy.

So I appreciate i probably sound like some typical 14 year old ranting on (i’m 16 lol). If there’s any questions anyone wants to ask or if anyone has their own experiences they would like to share then please do so.

Thankyou, V x

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