Is Woke Culture as bad as we think it is?

Right, so I am going to begin this post in a slightly different way by apologising for the fact that some of the research for this post has come from sources with, shall I say, views of a slightly different political slant to my own. And I would think different to a lot of you who frequently read my posts.

For someone like me, it is slightly annoying when there are people out there whom once they have finished expressing their own personal views (which they are in every right to do so), they have the tendency to destroy the views of others. And to add the cherry on top, I reckon that many of them would like to destroy us! Absolutely f*cking wonderful. But it still leaves a space for us to ask ourselves, what is it that they seem to despise about our approach. As part of it, is seen as being “woke”, and whether one would actually want to identify as being “woke” or not, it is true that a lot of people seem to highly oppose to the idea of being “woke”, for one reason or another…

What is Woke?

Most of us have heard the term thrown around enough times, often in a derogatory way. One source states that it is “being plugged in and being actively aware of the world around you”. While the origins of the term actually stem from the “black community and its fight for equality”, mainly relating to the civil rights movement. In recent decades the term has become more common, while has evolved in meaning often used to describe (or poke fun at) people’s political views on the liberal left. An example would include when burger king used the term to describe their new Vegan burger, or better still, when one of their recent commercials was described as woke. Yet as well as just in a jokey way, “woke” has been used as an insulting term, therefore what is it that makes people sneer at the term?

Where it’s most hated

As you can guess, “woke” has received more backlash from the social right as opposed to the liberal left. These groups tend to express their concerns that woke people are inferior, for being “self righteous”, “judgmental”, “moralistic” and overly sensitive. Part of this could be down to how “woke” people are perceived to judge people who are less “woke” than themselves, or have contrasting political views. As well as due to the extent of political correctness on society today. As a consequence it can lead to those with diffferent political views feeling as if they’re prohibited from expressing their own beliefs. The impact of this has probably been enhanced, as a result off the recent phenonom, “cancel culture”, which often results in particular views (and people”, being “cancelled” on social media. This way, it can be understood why there is such a strong dislike of woke culture among many groups who may claim to feel surpressed. Which in turn, has led to a movement in which some refer to as “anti cancel culture”, whereby key figureheads include Pierce Morgan and Laurence Fox.

So What’s Actually Wrong with Woke Culture

So whilst it can be understood why people are against woke culture, surely at the end of the day it has got to be a positive movement considering how it basically encourages people to be “woke”, or “awake” of what is happening around them. Nonetheless while the meaning of woke can be interpreted in many ways, and while people have claimed that it can be used to describe a range of political views providing they have a good understanding of the issues, we all know it is mainly used to describe the standpoints of those on the lib left. This kind of culture means that often (although by no means not always), people who hold very different political opinions would feel prevented from speaking about them openly, which can result in them feeling as if their views are being suppressed. Because of this, rather than certain issues being up for discussion, “unwoke” views are just held within these people, preventing the chances of these people from being educated. This results in more people feeling as if they are unable to put their views forward, resulting in more feeling disengaged preventing people from becoming more educated. Furthermore, it can result in complaints among those who identify with being “woke”, or hold similar values due to feeling that they’re views are always going to be correct rather than being willing to further develop their political values.

So while the emergence of “woke culture” is likely to be a reflection of the growing number of young people politically engaged, it is also true that a large number of young people would probably turn their noses up at being referred to as woke, for a range of reasons. Therefore, while it is important or us to be as politically engaged as we can be, it is important not to close off some of the views which others may hold, and allow a platform for open and honest discussion.

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5 thoughts on “Is Woke Culture as bad as we think it is?

  1. 💜 As Ever, an Awesome Post SupaSoulSis; just read a Quote from Maggie T may SHE!!! R.I.P…apparently standing in the middle of a road guarantees We Get Run Over; when, In Fact it’s all about whether We ARE on The Left or Right Side of The Road…the Logic, Being, Stand on The White Dividing Strip and The Cars WILL!!! just Pass Right or Left with Little or No Conflict and Won’t Run YOU!!! Over if The Driver is PAYING FUCKING ATTENTION!!! to Their Driving and NOT!!! Veering to The Central Divide; then Turn Around and SEE (Soulful Emotional Energy) Left Become Right and Vicé Vèrsá…this a Bit of a Very Surreal MindFuck EveryOne; from Experience, “This I KNOW!!! TO Be True” ~ Starring Mark Ruffalo


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  2. I’m very selective in where I spend my time online, so I’ve never been able to fully grasp all the connotations of the term woke. The impression I’ve gotten is that, outside of its original use in the Black community, woke has come to refer to the subsegment of the social justice-oriented part of the population whose actions are more performative than substantive (like Burger King), who are quick to find offence where none was intended, who. tend to moralize personal choices (like eating meat), and who are quick to judge past actions that didn’t cause direct harm by today’s social standards (like with the Canadian prime minister having worn brownface makeup as part of an Aladdin costume 20 years ago). I think that things like this make it easy for people who are more Right-leaning to dismiss all social justice activists as unreasonable.

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    1. It is definitely true that a lot of woke culture is performative, which is a shame as it makes genuine social justice activism look bad, meaning it is easier for more right leaning people to dismiss these sorts of important movements. Although I think it is also a reflection of how especially the young generation have become more interested in politics and social justice which is obviously a positive thing, however again this can sometimes be performative.

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  3. 💜 Stand in a Lane and Be Guaranteed to be Run Over EveryOne; infighting is much more fierce than outfighting


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