Personal update: 1st June 2020

Hiya, I am currently writing this, while stood in a quew for a shop. And no not to go in but to pay.
It has become the reality now, that going to a supermarket is one of the most stressful and time Consuming things ever. Literally been here for over an hour and now have been in the queue for nearly 20 minutes, with only about 8 things in the basket. Would be much easier if we could go less often, buy hey.

So I feel I am at a bit of a strange point (once again) and really it is a massive, uncertain dilemma as to what will happen next. Because we are all moving onto our next phase of lockdown, and goodness knows how this will pan out.
I also cannot believe it is June already, as the  weeks just seem to have been shooting past me during this period nonetheless saying this, it seems like a crazy long time ago now since anything was anything like normal. Or even since the beginning of the lockdown period, when I was almost overwhelmed because of the sudden changes.

Most days I am fine and just kind of pushing through it. I have been getting outside a little more than I ws a few weeks ago, with the relaxation and I have been able to see one or two friends (one at a time for now!). However really, like all of us, I am quite worried and downhearted about what is going on, however I am just trying my best to focus on the little things and the positives which may come out of this. Generally speaking I haven’t been that stressed and generally I am sleeping OK, but there are always occasional times when I find all of this extremely difficult. Plus I’m sure we are all in this together!

I have had to limit myself to how much news I read though, because I know reading too much of it can be bad for us mentally, feeling really overwhelming. Therefore I aim to just catch up with it on the radio each morning, and limit myself to how much I look at online.

Now sixth form is likely to return in a couple of weeks time, where we will be in for 2 mornings a week. However this will be for a  4 weeks or so, while we are also going to have to study for our mocks. Therefore I am rather concerned about returning, knowing I have done very little over this break regarding school work, but there again, it is called a break for a reason.

I am also hoping to be able to get another part time job over the summer holidays because for the time being I haven’t been working, and I really want, and need to be saving! And although I am spending less on average to what I would be doing if it weren’t lockdown, it all adds up.  However this depends on the reopening of many places, and I’m quite certain that this will be a be difficult period for anyone under 18 to find work.

I am hoping to find work as a lifeguard considering that I did do a course back in gosh, October now, but I would literally be happy doing anything. I have in fact already applied for a few places, but really I know how unlikely it is to get a job by applying to only a few places . Therefore I really need to set aside a good few hours to this, before I stand any possible chance. While realistically, I am not going to get a job before summer am I?

It is also possible driving lessons could begin soon, but I’m not too confident as it is physically I possible to be 2 metres apart from the instructor. Though saying that, by allowing groups to met and shops to reopen, reopening driving lessons doesn’t seem to make much difference… Obviously for myself I want them to restart again, before I literally forget everything that I have learned, but at the same time I just hope they restart when it is right to do so. I have begun learning theory again on this app that I actually love, as it is only a fiver, but includes literally everything you need, and has many many questions which you can repeat. Plus it tracks your progress. Hopefully too, by doing a little theory, I may be less likely to forget the practical side. Always accelerate after changing gear!

I have also been spending much more time doing blogging (rather obviously) and I am actually so glad. Even looking at a post from a couple of months ago kind of takes me back. While I feel I am finally beginning to scratch the surface of it all, if that makes sense. Though I regret not uploading as many updates as I had hoped, so I will start dedicating myself to uploading an update every couple of months or so.
So during this part of the lockdown period I have also been doing more guitar practise and I have actually began to find a love for cycling. However for the time being I have been using these “beryl bikes” which are great as you can leave them in places then scrounge a lift back, but you never know how far you will have to walk before you are able to get onto one. So that is never as great. Therefore I am hoping to purchase a second hand bike, which may be slightly difficult to do considering the current demand there is for them! And that practising  social distancing while trying to get a bike is actually pretty difficult. There are places that I long to travel to on bike, and I am finding that it is easier to go  early in the morning rather than In the afternoon/evening where there’s more people about. Though I am sorry to say it, but some cyclists act like total nonce’s. I mean mate, you are meant to slow down for walkers, let alone the two metre rule oh and there is a little puppy right in front of you!

I also want to try and go for a ride while the sun is setting, so really I need to get something sorted regarding a bike. I think I got into cycling partly due to the situation with public transport, and otherwise not being to get around independently. Therefore it is nice to just be able to travel somewhere by bike.
If I’m honest I haven’t really “taken up a new skill” or anything, as I’d personally choose to work on what I wanted to do more of previously, and sometimes we just need a little time to sit back and not worry so much and trying to juggle this, school work, and other hobbies would currently be a bit much. Although at some point I want to learn a little French, or rather refresh my memory from what I learned from year 8 lessons! Because I cannot actually speak any other language, but feel like I ought to, even if it is just to say good morning and ask for a coffee.

This last week I have been taking a break from school work generally and have been doing different things, including taking more time to focus on this blog. This weekend I aim to squeeze in a bit of revision in time for the final half term and mocks, though I didn’t get much done this morning due to that shopping trip.
Finally for some reason there definitely feels like something is going to change quite soon. I’m not really sure why that is- probably just the turning of the season or relaxation if the lockdown. But thinking about this and writing I do feel rather on edge…

(Side note) I am also going to be taking a kind of “quasi break” from social media. Therefore I aim to limit my time spend on social media all throughout this month, by only allowing myself a dedicated amount of time to my Instagram @vicsonlineblog while totally forbidding Facebook and only checking any personal accounts for school purposes. Otherwise I often get quite carried away by it, and In a way i find it very addicting. As well as being a major distraction, as a few 20 minutes here and there throughout the day can easily add up…
Now I hope that anyone reading this is alright, and I shall be posting again quite soon.

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