Is Britain Really a Dog Loving Nation?

are we taking this love for dogs a little too far, to the point where we are letting ourselves to be provoked into fueling an industry that does more damage than anything else to dogs? Because do dogs really enjoy being used as dolls to put clothing onto, is it fair that we pose a huge risk to the health of dogs in making them look “more desirable”, and can we really all call ourselves a “dog loving nation” or dog lovers when we always have been and still are using dogs and other animals for our own benefit?

Opinion: Are signing petitions a waste of time?

Hiya, well I was pondering on what to say next really. In the last few days and weeks, there has been so much news everywhere, from international affairs, tragedies of what has been happening in other countries aswell as stuff which has been going on in the bloody UK. Now then, with all these issuesContinue reading “Opinion: Are signing petitions a waste of time?”