Personal Update- February 2022

Hello, So I know I did commit to doing a personal update on the first day of each month, and I know that technically it is now the second of February, but I haven’t gone to sleep yet so to me, really it is still a Tuesday, or the first of February, so here we go.

Now, what exciting things have happened? I mean nothing exceptional really, if I am honest. I have had exams and I honestly have no clue how they went because most of them were essays! Apart from the one in economics which I have now had to apply for extenuating circumstances for because my laptop wasn’t connecting to the wifi, so I consequently sent an email attaching all of the work, before the deadline. Only to find that the email had not sent until a week later. So I will keep you all updated on this issue.

Apart from that, I have started going to the gym, which I am really enjoying, it is just that it is so time consuming haha, and I don’t go there any where ear as often as I should. But I will start going there more often, at least that is what I keep telling myself. I have been working a bit, and I also went clubbing on the Friday, which if I am to be brutally honest with you, it wasn’t exactly the best night out. In all fairness, clubbing is a little overrated, unless you are super drunk. We now have more in person lectures which has been nice, and I have made a few more friends on my course. I have also joined the debating society, which has been interesting. Literally, just live life by waffling then you will be fine, trust me πŸ™‚

In myself, I have been quite a bit better since the last time I updated you, I will thank the slightly longer evenings for that. And I am hoping that this month will be better still, because apart from anything else, it is the last month of winter!

So that is all for the time being, I know I haven’t exactly written some novel here, but this is all the non personal stuff which I have for now, and even if I did share more personal stuff, quite honestly I don’t have much of that to share at the moment either. No romance still 😦 Wonder if any of that will change for the 14th. I highly doubt it. Well, that is that for now then I guess.

I hope that you all have a good rest of week, and a good month ahead!

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