Little Update

“Oh wow, she is doing another of these annoying update posts, even though there is literally nothing to say!”

Yeah, probably true. But if you know the school timetable then you will know that this week is half term, meaning that I have more time to spend focusing on this blog (especially considering that because of lockdown there isn’t really much else to do, apart from do schoolwork which I am not to keen on atm).

But let’s start off with what’s going on in this world. Firstly I am so happy that Trump has been banned from twitter, just because ew Trump! But covid has been even worse than I had expected it to be so fat. I mean of course it is good that people are getting vaccinated now etc, but hearing about all of these variants is really concerning. I am guessing they will just have to keep on changing up the vaccine, a bit like the flu one.

Now I am ok in myself, although motivation for 6th form is at a bit of a low (please tell me I am not the only one๐Ÿคฃ). The next step would be to confirm the university I want to go to, and I think I know which one I’d like to go to. But confirming it, especially having not been to any open days, is actually really scary! Also I have found this lockdown harder, just because last year (although the situation was bad), A) This time it has actually been worse and B) last year it was throughout spring mainly, not winter.

Now with blogging, I have decided to upgrade my blog to “personal”, which is really cheap but I am not sure how effective it would be. Because it is a really hard decision, because in some respects I was tempted to go for the ยฃ7 a month option instead, but then I thought against it. Anyway, do you guys pay at all for your blog/get anything back, or do you just go for the free one. And if you do pay, how effective would you say it is.

Also I have now got a youtube channel, as well as a podcast thingy. However I am not too sure how often I will post there, because while at the moment I probably do have the time to do so, it is likely I will have more school work in the next few weeks (and I am hoping that the covid situation will improve as well).

Oh and I have just dyed my hair (again), and it actually looks terrible๐Ÿคก

Anyways thank you for reading, I know this has been a rather uneventful update.

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13 thoughts on “Little Update

  1. ๐Ÿ’œ Free, because I AM a Lazy Writer and can’t be arsed writing a book with ALL the Attendant Creative Shackles and Chains; to Simply Blog Snippets without having My Artistic Licence and Creative Integrity Compromised by Money Grubbing Commerce works for Me EveryOne


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  2. The biggest differences between the personal and premium plans is that premium has larger storage capacity for images/videos and allows design customization with CSS. If those things aren’t something you need or want at this point, personal gets you your own domain name and that’s probably a good place to stay for right now

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  3. I had the free plan to start with, but I went to personal, mainly because I wanted a website name that was uniquely mine (“” for example). I don’t try to make money off of my blog, so they plan works fine.
    I thought once about doing a podcast of some kind, but I hate hearing myself, to edit audio. So, I stick to writing

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  4. Even I’m thinking of upgrading my blog but I’m not sure how helpful that would be.. Anyways, It was nice reading your blog ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿปโ˜บ

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    1. Personally it is up to you. I know that upgrading it is supposed to improve SEO (not that I completely understand that one), and there’s more autonomy regarding blog design. Personal one is pretty cheap, so I’d recommend doing that first.


      1. I have noticed that occasionally, when I look at post stats, I’ll see that someone find my blog via Google search. It didn’t happen often for me, but it does once in a while

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