March Update

Hello, hope everyone has been OK. For a little bit of time I was thinking of doing an update every 2 months or so, like I used to. However my personal posts do tend to be among my more popular ones. So I thought why not just stick to doing a personal update each month, especially considering that things are changing so rapidly at the moment!

If you are in the UK, you will be aware that schools are returning this week (as I’m writing this, it is the 8th). The first day in my case just being for testing (for covid, not academic testing😂). But as pathetic as this may sound, I was actually quite nervous about returning, firstly because of the testing. And no, I am not against testing at all, it would be even more of a potential disaster otherwise. But it is just the though of having to do it, but I am sure we will all get used to it. Going back to it now, the testing is literally fine. Apart from that, general feelings around returning are a bit of a mixed bag. I am of course looking forward to seeing friends and being with people again, and I think I generally get more work done when I am at school, compared to when I am working at home. And while it will be different to “normal”, things have been for over a year now. And as bad as things are, least we don’t have to go to assembly, and in my case, I probably will never have to again!😉

While regarding grades, I have kind of accepted that I may not quite get the grades that I want, although of course it will depend on how well I do in the exams, and on how nice the teachers will choose to be. But on the same token, at least I can be confident in that I should be able to get the grades I need for the university I’m most likely going to go to later this year. Really it is just the annoyance of not knowing what is going to happen!😡

In myself I have actually been pretty good, better than I felt back in late autumn/winter. Perhaps it is because of the weather, but who knows. Lets just hope it lasts! Like many young people I am pretty excited for summer, and I feel things by then should be better than they are now as a result of the vaccine. Although from saying this, I honestly dread to think of the more long term consequences of all of this. I mean I want to say it will be fine, but so many people will be affected by this.

I have been practicing driving, and I think it is slowly going in the right direction, although not to rant or anything, but there are so many bloody lunatics on the road🙄 As you can guess, I am still on furlough. Although I am quite worried that the pub may not want me back when they re-open, probably a rather irrational thought, but it has been a while (since the most recent lockdown).

From editing this now, I can see that a few things have already changed a little, although at the same time things are pretty much the same. I don’t know.

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9 thoughts on “March Update

    1. It’s not the going back, but it’s more the fact that we go back, have no clue about what’s happening with exams, get issued with exams, have a 2 week “break”, then we are back. And we don’t even know when we are leaving. Bit of a rant, but there’s still so much uncertainty.

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  1. Hey! Good luck with school! I get how crazy it must feel to go back after a WHOLE year!
    Don’t worry too much about grades – it is what you learn that matters in life not how well you score. 🙂 ❤

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    1. It has been less than a year, but at the same time I have definitely spent more time at home than at sixth form throughout my two years! And thankyou, I do agree, but then there is a lot of pressure relating to how well you score in exams.

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