Personal Update

Hello! So here is another personal update, on the grounds that they are easier to write than the other kinds of posts which I do, and because I actually do have something relevant to say.

So in recent weeks I haven’t been my best (at the time of writing this) but as I am writing this it is very near the end of 2020, therefore this year I really want to work on myself. Yes I know that not every day is going to be perfect, but I feel that to some degree if you are successful in changing your mindset, then it can make a good difference. Which of course is currently a work in progress, as it stands, but this too is perfectly ok.

Anyway on a lighter note, next year I really want to experiment with my style a bit more. Because in the past I have always been restricted by money (and still am but aren’t we all), but as well as that I have always been worried about what people are going to think about me. In that I fear, and sort of know that there will always be a few who will think that I am not “good” enough to be dressing in a nice way, or that what I am wearing is going to be drawing too much attention to myself. But like mentioned before, life is too short to wear boring clothing, and while there will be some people judging, there will also be people admiring. And as long as you are happy, then it doesn’t matter.

Alright so I am finishing this off mid January, and I would say things have changed a little. On a positive note I have received 4 university offers, and one offering much lower grades. Although things generally have changed so much again, with the current sorta strict lockdown the UK is in, and having to resort to online education, not working etc; I am just trying to stay positive while not ignoring any negative feelings if that makes sense.

On a not so positive note however, I am having to self isolate for 5 days. I know that we are in a lockdown as it stands, but it means that I cannot go for walks or go to ASDA (which is extremely sad, don’t judge but of course it is for the greater good).

Finally I am feeling pretty optimistic about this year ahead of us, although of course there are likely to be difficulties and hardships faced too. And while Jan and Feb may be really difficult, we don’t have too long left, so just hang on in there then it should be ok 🙂

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Hello! This is a mainly a blog containing posts concerning social, political and economic issues, although the commentary is mainly based on opinion. My name is Victoria, and I am the creator and currently the only contributor to this blog, and I am 19 years old and studying PPE at Swansea. Also, I am currently looking for writers for here, content creators on Instagram and designers. However the role would be very flexible according to what you would like to do. Therefore, if you or anyone you know would be interested in getting involved, then please don't hesitate to contact me at

23 thoughts on “Personal Update

  1. Chin up, reach for the stars. Even in desperate times great things can happen to you. Go for it, give it your best shot. Oops I just ran out of cliches. Good luck, best wishes, etc, etc. Did I say the sky’s the limit yet?

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  2. Congratulations on the offers! Have you decided which one is your first choice yet? I totally understand trying to stay optimistic while not suppressing the negative feelings. I’ve been forced to do that for almost a year now. Although I’m also optimistic about this year.

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    1. Thankyou! I think I will go for Swansea, but I am not sure yet because 1 offers a work placement (and is offering me lower grades which I may need lol). I think it is probably the best way of thinking, and I mean there are things about this year to look forward to. Have you applied for university?

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      1. I have a friend who has applied to Swansea (although I’m not sure it’s their first choice). Work placements are definitely a bonus, as being able to get a job at the end of the course is important, although enjoying the course is probably the most important factor. I’m sure you won’t need the lower grades. What did you want to study? At the moment, I’ve applied to Cambridge for Human, Social and Political Sciences and am still waiting to hear to hear back, and I also got an offer from UCL.

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      2. Congrats on your offer for UCL, and good luck with the Cambridge application 🙂 The course your choosing sounds really interesting as well, and I agree with your point about work placements. I am applying for politics, philosophy and economics, so I guess it is sort of similar to your course.

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      3. Thanks! What do you think of the economics element of PPE? I like it as a discipline, but am not too fond of the way it is taught at uni, which was part of the reason I didn’t apply for PPE.

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      4. To be honest i haven’t really looked into how it is taught at uni, but I know that some offer a course that is either more focused on politics and philosophy or more focused on economics. What does political science offer, is that similar to plain politics or are there other things involved in it?

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      5. It is mostly similar to other politics element I think. I study 2 modules in the first year, one of which focuses on the modern state and is more political philosophy, and the other is more similar to international relations. I also study a sociology module and an anthropology one in the course. Then there are loads of choices in the second and third years as to how to specialize. I’m quite excited to learn more about sociology, as I’m very interested in social justice and reducing inequality. Is there anything you are specifically looking forward to?

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      6. That sounds really interesting, I had actually considered doing something which included sociology. My course structure depends on the university, although in the first year generally it is an introduction into philosophy, politics and economics, then in the next 2 years there is a wide range of choices. One is relating to aesthetics, which sounds pretty cool.

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      7. Thankyou and I’m sure you enjoy your course. It is definitely good that there are a lot of options of what to study within the coursse. I am hoping to go into journalism, although (if I am able to), I may travel a bit first. How about you?

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      8. Thanks. Travelling sounds nice; I wanted to take a gap year before uni, but the uncertainty around COVID ruined that plan. I’m hoping I might get to see the world yet though. I’m honestly not sure what I want to do; all I know is I want to help make the world a better place, and hopefully do something that challenges me. I’ve considered something like investigative journalism, but also working for a think tank/the civil service, directly impacting policy; trying to be an elected official; going into law. I think I’ll get a better idea of what I really enjoy once I’m on the course.

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      9. I’m sure you will, and it is perfectly normal to be unsure at this stage. I am still unsure tbh, and there will definitely be an opportunity to travel in the future. I was also considering a gap year but then because of covid, and finances I decided against it.

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      10. I’m sorry to hear that, although I can’t say I’m surprised. Although, as you said, there will be time in the future – although I do wonder if it’ll be harder, as we might have other commitments at that point.

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      11. I mean it may be harder for those reasons, but I think that many universities do offer things where we can go abroad either to volunteer or to do work experience, then afterwards if we go before getting a “proper job”, then at least there won’t be that burden.

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      12. I do think it will still be possible, maybe even easy, but I think the opportunity cost will potentially be higher than if we were to take a gap year now unfortunately. That being said, it might be more rewarding when we have more life experience.

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