Christmas sucks!

Hellooo, I’m the most disorganised, disorientated person out there so I have come onto here, without much of an idea on what to write.

previously I was wanting to rant about how Halloween is actually alright and about how trick or treaters aren’t all planning to frighten all the old ladies in their village.. However I left it a bit late didn’t I. Haha.

So instead I will rant about how I personally think Christmas is the most overrated time of the year and about how we always prep for it far too early.

So first things first, If you are reading this between now and December the first and you have a little sense, you are probably thinking why the hell is she ALREADY posting about Christmas. And yes you are spot on! It is far too early, and I need to get a bloody life.

But in actual fact there are two very good reasons why I am choosing to post about this.

Firstly because I know that if I don’t do it now, I will be sat here like a muppet in February thinking “oh shit, I wanted to post a rant about Christmas, but its a little late for that now”. And secondly, lets face it. Already lots of people are talking about Christmas, getting unnecessarily hyped up for it. And if I just walk down the street, I am going to be bombarded with gimmicy lights dazzling in my face. Not to mention the fact that pretty much all mainstream shops have been selling Christmas stuff ever since Halloween ended, which I can understand why they do that. And the fact they’ve already tarted up Bournemouth gardens, with a load of fake lit up Christmas trees (I can certainly understand why they have done that:/ ). It looks quite nice to be honest, but come December the 25th, does anyone actually feel christmasy?

So this is why I feel Christmas is overrated.

1. It’s a money making excersise

So like I said a minute ago, shops need to make money. And when does a better opportunity arise than Christmas? But I think some people, especially children these days are more excited about that than anything else. When I was younger, I remember getting all over excited gazing through shop windows at all this crappy technology, thinking how much better my life would be if I had some of this stuff. Then come Christmas day, sod the family and the dinner, all I was interested in were the presents! And i’m sure other kids are the same, in fact they’re probably worse now. Whereas in previous generations even middle class kids would only get like… an orange. Now sadly even though I am older and i recognise this is shit, I haven’t changed. Despite the fact now i’m not greeted with a sack full of presents on Christmas day ( too old for that, being almost 17 ugh), if i look in a shop window and see like a pretty dress which I may look half acceptable in automatically I am drawn to it. As well as if I see makeup, stationary, chocolate or even the kitchen sink. There’s no doubt about it, I’m a materialistic person and I love money. But least I recognise there’s more than that to life. but that’s what its encouraging nowadays , materialism…

2. More importantly unfairness and inequality

So One thing that I can’t really imagine as fortunately I have never bee through it, is being in the situation where you literally cannot afford to celebrate at all. No turkey (ha fine with me i’m veggie anyways), no cute lil gifts, no Christmas pudding. But no food, no warmth possibly, no where nice to sleep. It is tragic. And I don’t know but for people in these situations, the thought of everyone celebrating may lead them to feel worse about themselves and their own lives. I know that lots of people do help these people at these times of years though, which is very positive. But what is questionable is tthat, should we all be making more of a considerable effort to help these people in need, before indulging ourselves. Myself included…

3. Broken families

So everyone’s situation is different, but there’s nothing more frustrating for a young child than having to worry about what is going to happen with their family over Christmas time. The fuss made over Christmas likewise is especially unhelpful, and maybe slightly leess fuss over Christmas would be nice to make things run more smoothly. as whatever happens matters less. So less stress on the poor kid. Problem sorted! Well sort of not really. But it may help. Also lots of people may not have families to go to, or may have to pretend to like everyone that they have to see, whereas in reality by the end of the day they want to kick everyone out of the room, and just stay in with the cat! Yeah it sucks.

So now hopefully you can see why I personally see a lot of reasons why Christmas may not be as good as its often hyped up to be. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s positives which come out of some of these too. Christmas doesn’t have to be all bad. No, its all chocolate and sparkles or whatever.

In fact I think I will try to produce a list of positive aspects about Christmas. But that will HAVE to be after December the first!

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