Monthly Moans

Monthly moans (intro) Hello, so welcome to monthly moans. The exclusive page where at the end of each month I find something new and exquisite to grumble about. Now I cannot wait to transfer what I would wish to moan about verbally down onto paper (or more like on a computer) partly because I feel like some cat has stolen my tongue (though I don’t even have a cat) and partly as i feel it is important to be open about these issues.  However I am thinking that to begin with this section will be quite dry so please bear with, but hopefully after a few months, this series will be bubbling. 
I will aim to share these on all forms of social media. As in these next few weeks I aim to set myself up all the firms that they say we should have including things like Pinterest and linden rather than just on instergram and Facebook (thank goodness Snapchat is no help for this though, as I actually hate it) Now I could easily begin about people who take ages to get onto the bus, and then bus drivers who have a little natter whenever it’s in their convenience and of course the bloody weather. As this seems to be affecting me to hell and back, but I am sure most of you probably don’t want to hear about all this, especially considering what’s going on in the world… Therefore this month I have chosen a more serious subject though these will range in seriousness depending on whatever.

June: Black Lives matter hostility

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